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Version Exclusives

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Version exclusives are a mainstay in all Pokémon games and have always been one of the catalysts for getting players into trading or perhaps even going so far as to purchase both paired games.

It should be noted that the Japanese versions of Gold and Silver had the Teddiursa/Phanpy families in the opposite game as they appeared in American versions of the games. At this point we know that those family's appearance stay true to the original Japanese G/S games but we do not know if those families of Pokémon will remain the same (stay as they are currently) or change (and continue to remain in the same games as they were in the American G/S games).

Some may believe that Teddiursa/Phanpy have moved, when actuality they just remain in their true version as far as the Japanese games are concerned. It is possible these positions will remain the same as, when Red/Blue were remade for America, Blue was changed to Green with respect to Japan's naming of the first paired games.

HeartGold SoulSilver
Image Name Image Name
mankey Mankey vulpix Vulpix
primeape Primeape ninetales Ninetales
growlithe Growlithe meowth Meowth
arcanine Arcanine persian Persian
spinarak Spinarak ledyba Ledyba
ariados Ariados ledian Ledian
gligar Gligar delibird Delibird
gliscor Gliscor skarmory Skarmory
mantyke Mantyke teddiursa Teddiursa
mantine Mantine ursaring Ursaring
phanpy Phanpy mawile Mawile
donphan Donphan gulpin Gulpin
sableye Sableye swalot Swalot
baltoy Baltoy latios Latios
claydol Claydol groudon Groudon
latias Latias
kyogre Kyogre