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Shiny Leaves

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shiny leaf dance

A Shiny Leaf is a rare thing that can be discovered by your partner Pokémon when walking around in grassy routes. To check if your partner has found it, simply turn around and talk to them. This is not something that will be found easily and there are factors to consider if you intend to set out to look for one.

Your Pokémon's nature will determine which routes a Shiny Leaf can be found on. There is a table below which tells which routes are useful for which natures. Before we get to the table let's first cover what the purpose of the Shiny Leaf is and how to read the table.

A Pokémon can find a total of five leaves. You can see them in your Pokémon's status screen. Visit your friend, Lyra/Ethan, in New Bark Town and they will explain the leaves and tell your to bring your Pokémon back when it has five of them. When you have five visit your friend and you will receive a Leaf Crown in-place of the leaves. You will also receive a special certificate which commemorates the special bond with your Pokémon. The Leaf Crown is purely decorative and serves no other purpose in, or out of battle.

The table itself has routes grouped by which natures can find leaves in them. As well, notice that the routes are sometimes listed on each row as a pair, or three, and that routes are also listed horizontally. As mentioned previously, each Pokémon can only find five leaves, and each leaf must be found in a different location. The order of locations is not relevant but you will not be able to find more than one in any single location for that Pokémon. As well, where locations are listed in pairs or trios, a leaf may be found in only one of those locations, for that specific leaf.

Special Notes: Flying type Pokémon cannot find a leaf on Rt. 47. Fire, Ground, Rock and Water type Pokémon cannot find a leaf on Rt. 33.

Nature Effect Locations
Impish +Defense / -Sp. Attack Rt. 1
Rts. 3, 18
Rts. 5, 12
Rt. 31
Rts. 34, 37
Jolly +Speed / -Sp. Attack
Naive +Speed / -Sp. Defense
Naughty +Attack / -Sp. Defense
Sassy +Sp. Defense / -Speed
Lax +Defense / -Sp. Defense Rt. 2, 48
Rt. 4
Rt. 6
Rt. 32
Rts. 35, 38
Relaxed +Defense / -Speed
Calm +Sp. Defense / -Attack
Gentle +Sp. Defense / -Defense
Careful +Sp. Defense / -Sp. Attack Rt. 7
Rts. 8, 13, 14
Rt. 33
Rt. 36
Rt. 45
Docile Neutral
Modest +Sp. Attack / -Attack
Quiet +Sp. Attack / -Speed
Serious Neutral
Adamant +Attack / -Sp. Attack Rts. 9, 24
Rt. 15
Rts. 22, 46
Rt. 37
Rt. 42
Brave +Attack / -Speed
Bold +Defense / -Attack
Hardy Neutral
Bashful Neutral Rts. 10, 25
Rt. 16
Rt. 27
Rt. 38
Rt. 43
Lonely +Attack / -Defense
Timid +Speed / -Attack
Hasty +Speed / -Defense Rt. 11
Rt. 18
Rt. 26
Rt. 39
Rt. 44
Mild +Sp. Attack / -Defense
Quirky Neutral
Rash +Sp. Attack / -Sp. Defense
leaf in profile leaf crown certificate