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Headbutting Trees

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Headbutting trees was a unique way of finding Pokémon in Gold and Silver. It is arguably more entertaining and generally better than the Honey Tree concept from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

Headbutt makes a welcome return in HeartGold/SoulSilver. There 27 total Pokémon that can be encountered when using Headbutt. All of the Pokémon that could be found in this way in GSC are still found in trees in HGSS and some from Hoenn and Sinnoh to boot.

It is said, however, that it has had a minor mechanic tweak. That being that a failed headbutting, one which produces no Pokémon, will render that tree forever bearen. Whether this is true, and whether or not it applies to the specific trees which only yield certain Pokémon is still being investigated.

There is a mass amount of routes and locations shared by the Pokémon listed in the table below. As such, grouping them based on location makes a lot of sense to reduce redundancy. As such, the two major groups' locations are being provided prior to the table. Use the location provided with a Pokémon to determine where it can be found.

Some Pokémon, namely a few those available only after recieving the National Dex, require being bumped out of a specific tree. A specific location has been provided for those Pokémon and below the table in-game screenshots of the specific trees will be provided.

Lowland - Routes: 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 43 and 39. Azalea Town, Ilex Forest and Lake of Rage.

Highland - Routes: 33, 42, 44, 45 and 46.

Pokémon Levels Location National Dex? Version
caterpie ? Lowland n HG
metapod ? Lowland n HG
butterfree ? Lowland n HG
weedle ? Lowland n SS
kakuna ? Lowland n SS
beedrill ? Lowland n SS
spearow ? Highland n HGSS
venonat ? Lowland n HGSS
exeggcute ? Lowland n HGSS
hoothoot ? Lowland n HGSS
noctowl ? Lowland n HGSS
ledyba ? Lowland n SS
ledian ? Lowland n SS
spinarak ? Lowland n HG
ariados ? Lowland n HG
aipom ? Highland n HGSS
pineco ? Lowland n HGSS
heracross ? Highland n HGSS
wurmple 19-25 Lowland y HGSS
seedot 19-25 Lowland y HGSS
taillow 19-25 Cherrygrove City y HGSS
shroomish 19-25 Lowland y HGSS
slakoth 19-25 Rt. 25 y HGSS
starly 19-25 Pewter City y HGSS
burmy 19-25 Rt. 38 y HGSS
combee 19-25 Lowland y HGSS
cherubi 19-25 National Park y HGSS

Specific Headbutt Locations

Five Pokémon in particular are located only in specific trees throughout Johto and Kanto. These specific locations, and how to get to them are depicted in screenshots, with directions below.

headbutt for swellow headbutt for slakoth headbutt for starly

headbutt for burmy headbutt for cherubi