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Bug Catching Contest

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sport ball

The National Park Bug Catching Contest was, at least for the writer, one of the most memorable parts of Gold and Silver. In discussions leading up to the release of HGSS, though, it became pretty evident that many people had missed this contest and were looking forward to being able to play it again.

The idea of the Bug Catching Contest is simple, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, you can head out into the park, with one Pokémon, and catch the rarest and highest-leveled Bug Pokémon that you can in under 20 minutes time, or when you have run out of Sport Balls.

If you have more the 6 Pokémon on you when entering the contest you will be asked to use your lead Pokémon. You can change your lineup, if you want, and come back when you are ready if you do not want to use your lead Pokémon.

Once the contest has started you will be searching for the rarest and highest leveled Pokémon you can. I suggest bringing something of a high-level (capable of enduring numerous battles without being able to restore HP via Items) and that has False Swipe. Scyther (coincidentally one of the Pokémon that can be found in the contest) or Scizor are great candidates for this. Scizor especially, whose Steel typing will prevent any Poison status from wreaking your HP. As well these Pokémon can learn Roost to restore HP and Swords Dance, to quickly bring opponents' HP down to 1.

If your Pokémon is KO'd you will white-out and lose some money in the process. After you white-out the contest will conclude and the last Pokémon that you caught will be graded.

If you are satisfied with Pokémon you have and the contest is not over, you can simply exit the Park and the contest will go to grading immediately. Just be sure the Pokémon you have is high in level and as rare as you can find. Note that rarity alone does not win. A level 36 Caterpie will, in-fact, beat a level 28 Scyther.

When the contest has concluded the Pokémon that you have will be compared against your five competitors' and the best Pokémon will be chosen. There are three top prizes given and a consolation prize for all competitors.

I've provided the best Pokémon that you could find for each day of the week. Finding exact matches, or the closest to, should seal victory for you.

  • Tuesday - Level 36 Kakuna
  • Thursday - Level 36 Volbeat
  • Saturday - Level 36 Illumise


Available Prizes
1st Place dusk stone fire stone moon stone oval stone shiny stone sun stone thunderstone water stone (only one)
2nd Place everstone
3rd Place sitrus berry
Consolation Prize shed shell

Bugs Found

Pokémon pre-NatDex
Min Lvl
Max Lvl
Min Lvl
Max Lvl
Rarity Tues. Thurs. Sat. National Dex?
caterpie 7 18 24 36 20% y n n n
metapod 9 18 26 36 10% y n n n
butterfree 12 15 27 30 5% y n n n
weedle 7 18 26 36 20% y n n n
kakuna 9 18 26 36 10% y n n n
beedrill 12 15 27 30 5% y n n n
paras 10 17 27 34 10% y n n n
venonat 10 16 25 32 10% y n n n
scyther 13 14 27 28 5% y y y n
pinsir 13 14 27 28 5% y y y n
wurmple - - 24 36 20% n y y y
silcoon - - 24 32 10% n y n y
beautifly - - 25 32 5% n y n y
cascoon - - 25 32 10% n n y y
dustox - - 25 32 5% n n y y
nincada - - 26 36 20% n y y y
volbeat - - 26 36 10% n y n y
illumise - - 26 36 10% n n y y
kricketot - - 27 30 10% n n y y
kricketune - - 27 30 10% n y n y
combee - - 27 34 5% n y y y