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Battle Frontier

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The Battle Frontier facilities first introduced in Pokémon Platinum have been completely replicated and copied over to an area just west of Olivine City in Johto. These facilities replace the Battle Tower that was originally located there and that was first introduced in Pokémon Crystal.

Below all five of the Frontier Brains are listed with brief explanations on each of their facilites.

Please note that the pages for each of these facilities are located in the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum section of this website. Use the back button on your browser (or alternatively alt + < on your keyboard) to return to this page and the HGSS section. This was done for two reasons: the facilities have not changed and as a byproduct of that the pages would be no different and thus duplication of them would be redundant.

The following list is comprised of Pokémon that are not permitted for use in any of the Battle Frontier facilities. A majority of these Pokémon are the staple Pokémon of each generation of games. Also banned are those base 100 Pokémon from each generation, for instance Mew.

Image Name Image Name Image Name Image Name
mewtwo Mewtwo mew Mew lugia Luigia hooh Ho-Oh
celebi Celebi kyogre Kyogre groudon Groudon rayquaza Rayquaza
jirachi Jirachi deoxys Deoxys dialga Dialga palkia Palkia
giratine Giratina phione Phione manaphy Manaphy darkrai Darkrai
shaymin Shaymin arceus Arceus giratina-origin Giratina Origin shaymin-sky Shaymin Sky

Battle Tower
View info on Tower Tycoon Palmer's Facility.
The Battle Tower focuses on your use of a team of three to keep progressing to the tower's top without defeat.
Battle Factory
View info on Factory Head Thorton's facility.
The Battle Factory forces players to select three Pokémon from a random group of six to progress.
Battle Aracde
View info on Arcade Star Dahlia's facility.
The Battle Arcade uses a roulette board which will determine what events will occur during your matches.
darach and caitlin
Battle Castle
View info on Castle Valet Darach & Caitlin's facility.
The Battle Castle focuses on your earning and conserving Castle Points to continue progressing.
Battle Hall
View info on Hall Matron Argenta's facility.
The Battle Hall focuses on use of one on one Pokémon matches where you control which type of Pokémon you face.