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Below is a collection of thumbnails and slideshows that we have assembled for Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver. These screenshots are of gameplay and will also include scans from the CoroCoro magazine depicting information from the games as we approach the release in Japan this fall.

Please click the thumbnails, or slideshow links, to enlarge/view the images.


  1. Pokémon Sunday Reveals the games (May 9, 2009)


jothomap battlefrontier art partner Pokémon beast trio notched ear in ilex forest yellow forest Pokéthlon art arceus creation art chikorita art cyndaquil art totodile art beast trio and elements hooh art lugia art arceus art mareep sentret and wooper art bug contest trio art safari zone trio art sinnoh trio art Pokédex art Pokégear art gold art rocket art rowan art silver art eusine art kurt art professor oak art rocket admin lance art gym leader falkner art gym leader bugsy art gym leader whitney art gym leader morty art Pokéwalker art apricorn basket art black apricorn art blue apricorn art green apricorn art pink apricorn art red apricorn art white apricorn art yellow apricorn art fastball art friendball art heavyball art levelball art loveball art lureball art moonball art berry planter art


in newbark town partner following revealing the starters new chikorita new cyndaquil new totodile autumn colouring chikorita in battle choose chikorita choose cyndaquil choosetotodile select one of the starters entei in battle entering the Pokéthlon building first battle with silver hooh approaches lugia approaches overworld of hooh overworld of lugia hooh in battle lugia in battle shinto ruins entrance cynthia meets with arceus you meet arceus arceus begins to create life another arceus creation screen an egg of a legend cracks dialga uses metal burst palkia uses hydro pump giratina uses shadow sneak challenging groudon battling with groudon challenging kyogre battling with kyogre challenging rayquaza battling with rayquaza in goldenrod city in azalea town in ecruteak city inside of goldenrods gym kimono girl meets a rocket kimono girl in ecruteak you meet a kimono girl kurts house lake of rage pursuit gyarados in the lake of rage main menu shot meeting with eusine burnt tower trio meeting in newbark town meeting some rockets meeting professor rowan chikorita in newbark cyndaquil in newbark totodile in newbark notched ear pichu in battle notched ear pichu follows new dex navigation new pack menu navigating pc boxes navigating team menu new Pokégear map new Pokégear phone new Pokégear radio item registration outside the Pokéthlon meeting Pokéthlon director choosing your Pokéthlon team entering the event area bounce menu bouncefield in action hurdle menu starting dash hurdle race dash hurdle in action ring out menu ring out in action snow shoot menu snow shoot in action break block menu break block push circle menu push circle charge relay menu charge relay pokethlon catch saucer menu pokethlon catch saucer pokethlon steel flag menu pokethlon steel flag pokethlon smash goal menu pokethlon smash goal get your picture taken, the goldenrod underground the Pokéwalker Pokéwalker flatview Pokéwalker sideview transfer a Pokémon choose an area Pokéwalker diary Pokéwalker menu encountering a monster battling a monster capturing a monster looking for an item finding an item trading an item pc pichu follows you talking to hoothoot talking to larvitar conversation with steelix wobbuffet is happy finding out how partner feels saying hi to mom meeting with professor oak picking an apricorn meeting with kurt kurt gives an item managing apricorns ordering an aprishake apricorn goes into the shaker apricorn converts to juice using aprishake stats after an aprishake squirbottle in action berry planter menu boarding the magnet train ss aqua port entrance starting a bug catching contest bug contest lineup cave to new safari zone safari zone moving machine moving safari zone areas running in safari zone safari zone area safari zone sandshrew frontier entrance frontier exchange frontier walkabout