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Trainer Red

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Pokémon trainer red sprite

Pokémon Trainer Red, to this day, is the toughest trainer in any Pokémon game. He was shortly dethroned by the rival in Platinum, but the levels that some of you may remember from the original Gold and Silver games have actually increased slightly and there is also the added weather effect to consider now, Hail.

After having successfully secured the sixteen badges of the Johto and Kanto region, you'll receive a phone call from Professor Oak, asking you to come to his lab in Pallet Town to receive a gift. The gift he spoke of is HM08; Rock Climb! Amazed by your excellent performance, he'll grant you permission to visit Mt. Silver. Mt. Silver is your final destination in HeartGold and SoulSilver, and holds many secrets. However, there is one single one, that outshines all of the others just by a lift of a cap. Yes, Pokémon Trainer Red is quite the trainer, especially to be more of a focus than the presence of a legendary Pokémon.

You need just a single hidden machine move to locate Red. That move is of course Rock Climb. To make your climb to the powerful personage easier, below are step by step instructions to reach Mt. Silver's peak.

  1. Upon entering Mt. Silver, you'll see to your left is water crashing down from a colossal waterfall, and to your right a wall you can use Rock Climb on. You're going to want to use the Rock Climb path.
  2. You should now be outside. From that exit, head down and then all the way up the two sets of steps. On this new level, continue heading forward until you reach more stairs. Take them up, then move forward again to another pair of stairs. Run down both of those, ignoring the entrance. On the lower level, move downwards towards new steps leading up to a new entrance.
  3. Follow the path to the left until you can move forward. From there, make your way up the staircase into the entrance.
  4. You're now more or less in the central area of Mt. Silver. Go up, take a left, then up again. Move to the left and around the circular area until you find a new set of stairs. This time, move to the right and around the circle, leaving it with stairs again. From those stairs, move right to the cave exit.
  5. Outside again, and this time there's snow! Here, there's no way to go but to the right, then down. Skip the first entrance and use the second.
  6. Honestly not much you can do here either. Just move down to the exit.
  7. Out once more, move down then to the left and enter the cave. Feel free to ignore the Rock Climb path.
  8. And again there's only way thing to do here. Move to the left to exit the central area.
  9. It's time to put Rock Climb to use again. After the first path, take the center one of the three new ones and then up once again right after, into the cave one last time.
  10. Follow the path down to the left, then use Rock Climb and exit the cave once and for all.
  11. You are now at Mt. Silver's peak, and you're presented with the game's final true challenge. March on down the snow covered path and confront the young legend himself.

An interesting thing about this fight is that Red has changed his team up by one Pokémon. In exchange of his previous Pokémon, Espeon, Pokémon Trainer Red has substituted a Lapras. It is the only member of his team that does not take damage from the Hail weather effect. Speaking of which, while the rest of his Pokémon take damage from the Hail, it is beneficial to the former protagonist due to the fact many of his Pokémon, as you can see in the table below, use the move Blizzard. When Hail is active Blizzard never misses.

Defeating Red will unlock new legendary battles and allow you to receive a Hoenn and Kanto starter from Steven Stone and Professor Oak respectively.

In order to face Red again, you must go through the entire Elite Four. Every time this is done, Red will appear at the summit of Mt. Silver once more.

Pokémon #1 Pokémon #2 Pokémon #3 Pokémon #4 Pokémon #5 Pokémon #6
Level 88
(electric type)
Pikachu's sprite
Moves: Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, Quick Attack and Thunderbolt
Level 84
(grass / poison type)
Venusaur's sprite
Moves: Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain, Sleep Powder and Frenzy Plant
Level 84
(fire type / flying type)
Moves: Flare Blitz, Air Slash, Blast Burn and Dragon Pulse
Level 84
(water type)
Blastoise's sprite
Moves: Focus Blast, Hydro Cannon, Blizzard and Flash Cannon
Level 80
(water type / ice type)
Lapras's sprite
Moves: Blizzard, Brine, Psychic and Body Slam
Level 82

(normal type)
Moves: Shadow Ball, Crunch, Blizzard and Giga Impact