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Swarming Pokémon

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Swarms, or Mass Outbreaks, have been a staple since the original Gold and Silver games were released and we find this game mechanic returning with HeartGold and SoulSilver. Unlike the originals, however, HGSS see a lot more swarms and as a result, many more Pokémon. There are a total of 21 possible swarms.

You may be pleased to know that all of Gold and Silvers swarm Pokémon have returned, though the version exclusiveness of Qwilfish and Remoraid has been foregone in exchange for some rarities from Hoenn. A comprehensive list, organized by route and then location, follows...

Location Pokémon Version Location Pokémon Version
Rt. 1 poochyena HGSS Rt. 3 gulpin SS
Rt. 3 baltoy HG Rt. 9 sableye HG
Rt. 9 mawile SS Rt. 12 relicanth HGSS
Rt. 13 chansey HGSS Rt. 25 buneary HGSS
Rt. 27 luvdisc HGSS Rt. 32 qwilfish HGSS
Rt. 34 ralts HGSS Rt. 35 yanma HGSS
Rt. 38 snubbull HGSS Rt. 44 remoraid HGSS
Rt. 45 swablu HGSS Rt. 47 ditto HGSS
Violet City whiscash HGSS Dark Cave dunsparce HGSS
Mt. Mortar marill HGSS Vermillion City wingull HGSS
Viridian Forest kricketot HGSS