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The 493

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These wallpapers are made by administrator Teej/TopHat to pay homage to the first 493 Pokémon as the Pokémon of the Unova region have now been introduced. Every single Pokémon up to Arceus, including alternate formes, can be found here.

Rather than browse through all of the images below to find just one Pokémon, you can now use our Search to see an individual Pokémon's wallpaper(s). In the search box, above, enter art: name. Give it a try!

Downloadable Archives

A complete listing of all downloadable archives can be viewed in our changelog. Go here to see them as they date back to July 15th, 2010. All Pokémon saved in these archives are listed with a download link, click the link above to see the full list. Full archives are listed below and have been grouped into single massive archives (with alphabetical or numerical naming conventions); as well Pokémon are grouped by region (also with alphabetical or numerical naming conventions).

Click a title below to view Pokémon from that region. Clicking the title again will hide those Pokémon. Right-click and select Save Image/Save As to save the background. All wallpapers here are 1920x1080. All images distributed here-in are available only for personal use and are subject to the Copyright established here.

Kanto Pokémon (001-151)
Johto Pokémon (152-251)
Hoenn Pokémon (252-386)
Sinnoh Pokémon (387-493)