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The PLDH.net LinkedForward program allows for members to create short URLs based off of this website's domain. Those addresses will redirect to a defined, desired, webpage located outside of this website. This forwarding is restricted to Pokémon sites only... Redirecting to non-Pokémon related websites is prohibited.

An example of this in action...


Question: Why do this?
Answer: Honestly, because we can. Seriously though, because we want to support the larger Pokémon community as best we can. We know what it is like to start out on a hosted webforum, like Invisionfree, where your board's URL is horrid and impossible to remember. Though this extends to free hosting websites too, like freewebs, whose URLs also suck.
Smart-alick: Bookmarks...
Reply: Sure, they work perfectly. Though, services like tinyurl wouldn't exist if bookmarking was the end-all be-all answer here. As a matter of fact, tinyurl is the inspiration for this program. Thing is, with this program, our URLs allow for you to have some control over your link and we only forward URLs that relate to Pokémon.
I have more questions for you...
Please feel free to Contact Us with further questions, concerns, or problems.

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