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Our Guides section is one of our major focuses. We have many guides being reworked for improved efficiency. The guides currently found here are top-caliber and aren't anything to sniff at. Check them out even if you think you've already got the basics covered!

Games sections

Click a title to visit a games' mini-section, where we cover various details about the game, offer advice and more.

Pokémon XY
All relevant details on the upcoming Generation 6 Pokémon games, X & Y.
Black 2/White 2
The homepage for our Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 coverage.
The homepage for our Pokémon Black and White coverage...
PokéDex 3DS
Visit PLDH.net for all information you need regarding the Nintendo 3DS's PokéDex 3D application! Including availability of all AR Stickers.
The homepage for our Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver coverage. Find everything from information on the games up to photo galleries and videos.
Get all the data you can find here on the fourth generation Pokémon games: Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, set in Sinnoh, Japan.
The index page for PLDH's My Pokémon Ranch section. The most informative MPR resource on the internet guarenteed or your money back.

Mechanics sections

Click a title to visit a mechanical mini-section, where we discuss the details behind them, offer advice and more.

Evolution and Formes
How Pokémon evolve and change forms. A cross-generation guide to everything you need to know about the evolution and form changing of Pokémon.
Get all the info you need on the various status effects that occur in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum's battle based environment.
Details on items, moves, abilities and Pokémon affected by or affecting the various weather conditions. The most comprehensive source on the net!

General Guides

Individual pages detailing the many mechanics behind Pokémon and help in training them properly.

Effort Values
Effort Values are a part of the trifecta of winning battles competitively. Learn how EVs work and how to prepare for training and use them effectively!
Individual Values
Individual Values are also a part of the trifecta of winning battles competitively. Learn how IVs work and see the phrases that can be used to quickly to determine a Pokémon's best IV!
Stat Formulae
List of Formulae which can be used or applied to the stat or the calculation of stats.
This is the internet's best Natures chart. Displaying types in more than one language, favored berries, etc. Best of all its easy to follow!
Type Weakness Chart
The best Pokémon typechart on the internet. Period.
High EV-Yield Trainers
A handy list compiled of trainers that are useful in EV-training. Use of VS Seeker is advised. Credit goes to Slowflake, TPX and several others of the Pokémon Diamond board.
The Pickup Ability
Listings and percentages for what items Pokémon with the ability Pickup can find on the ground in the games Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and the remakes HeartGold/SoulSilver.
Guides & Games Home
Guides for games such as: HGSS, DPPt and Racnh and for things such as: status effects, weather effects, natures, a typechart, etc.