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PokéTracker is an online Pokémon resource with two goals. First, the idea was to allow sharing of movesets and ideas for Pokémon by members. Second, the idea evolved into allowing members to keep track of their Pokémon online. Keeping track of your PokéDex here only seemed natural.

Select which type of Tracking you would like to do, below.

>  Public Pokémon Library
The Public Pokémon Library allows for registered members to share Pokémon movesets and ideas. Unregistered members can still view the suggestions that are made by our members. Click the title above to go there now!

>  Private Pokémon Collection
The Private Pokémon Collection allows for registered memebers to store, online, all info and data (IVs, EVs, ETC.) about the Pokémon that they have captured ingame. Its a convenient way to keep track of your valuable Pokémon.
You can also track your PokéDex online! Click above to begin working on your Private Collection or you can head to MyDex to view your Dex completion stats and various captured lists..

Future goals for PokéTracker include in-depth analysis of Pokémon for the Public Library and the ability for members to trade from their Private Collections