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Search Help

The PLDH.net search engine will first search our PokéDex for the search term, which should match a drop-down suggestion made by our suggestion index. If more than one results are found, or no results are found, you will be sent to the search page. The search page will do a broader search of our database and may be able to make recommendations. As well, Google will do its own search for like terms in its index of our website and make its own recommendations.

Search Hacks

Our search engine is capable of taking the following predefined arguments with different variable parameters to look for matches on criteria that the suggestion index will not make. Examples of these paramaters follow:

Remember, these are hacks and most things can be found by entering the known name in english or by entering part of the name and selecting from the suggestions list provided.

Finding Site-wide Results

We realize that you may want a broad range of results for a search (ex. searching for Mew) where you may not want to automatically be redirected to a search's specific Dex page. Since this is the exception and not the norm, we have provided the following hack to get a more broad set of search results.

  • all: name

Finding Pokémon Sprites

  • art: name

Finding Pokémon

A Pokémon's National Dex number

  • national: xxx

A Pokémon's UnovaDex number

  • unova: xxx

A Pokémon's JohtoDex number

  • johto: xxx

A Pokémon's SinnohDex number

  • sinnoh: xxx

A Pokémon's Name in Romaji

  • romaji: name

Finding Moves and Abilities

An Abilitiy's name in Romaji OR by number

  • ability: name / xxx

A Move's name in Romaji OR by number

  • move: name / xxx

Finding Berries, Items and Machines

Machines are currently only set to work with hacks for fourth generation games.

A Berries name in Romaji OR by #

  • berry: name / xxx

An Item's name in Romaji OR by #

  • item: name / xxx

A Technical Machine

  • technical: xx

A Hidden Machine in Sinnoh

  • hidden-dp: x

A Hidden Machine in Johto

  • hidden-hs: x