Vetus Partum Libri is latin and literally translates to 'Old Creation Book.'

VPL is a project that was started in October of 2006 which had the goal of attempting to discover, organize, and, eventually would lead to, sharing the mythology behind Pokémon. I am still in the process of writing it and organizing things so check back periodically for new entries.

Right now the intention for VPL is to first tell how the world began, and I do this three ways. First I emulate Wu Cheng-En's Monkey where the character is born from a stone egg, though I do not write the egg of Arceus as being made of stone. Second I emulated, to some extent, a Bible's introduction to life on earth in that it was done in 7 days. Finally I borrow many motif's from various mythologies. If you know any of the mythologies used you will probably recognize them quickly.

Following the creation events, which lead to life on earth for all Pokémon, I will tell an elongated version of the creation event of each day, divided into separate 'books,' and dive deeper into the mythologies, be them short or long, associated with the Legendary Pokémon being created on that day. The basis for this is, at this point, not with relation to the day but actually, rather, the grouping of a day's Legends.

Finally I intend to write different books through the eyes of the various Professors. The content of each book will be in relation to the Pokémon and their mythologies(among other things) found in each Professors' respective region in Japan.

The world of Pokémon is an interesting, for lack of a better word, place and there is just so much going on that certain things may go unseen. Most interestingly, at least to me, is the mix between evolution and creationism. With respect to recent events in the real world the concept behind this seems to be becoming less and less Farfetch'd. For me this ideology of the game developers makes the mythology that much more awesome to think about. They don't stop there, they continue, whether it is intentional or not, to mesh various religious ideologies together. Be it Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, etc., they've seemingly thrown everything into the blender and turned it on. Of course I don't intend to blow this out of proportion but because of what the games appear to insist, and my infatuation with it, I am not going to shy away from any of these issues during the course of writing VPL.

The creation event is written somewhat poetically, if not at least mechanically. I will use that style only for the Book of Birth and none of the other parts. In-fact I intend to change the style with each various portion of VPL. An example would be a different style being used for the entries Professor Oak will make in his book versus those of Professor Rowan. So if you find you aren't a huge fan of the BoB's style please don't shy away too quickly, it is primarily for effect.

I will also be publishing, this will probably be the next addition, a study which explains how we got to the conclusions we did, bio's on the players(aka the story's characters), and more.

It should be noted that the Anime or Manga will play absolutely NO role in where I am getting my information for these mythologies from. This is because of major discontinuity and to be honest nobody involved in putting together the creation event believed the Anime or Manga had much relevance to the in-game myths, which is what we believe to be the truest form of these games and the story they collectively tell.

That said this effort will, hopefully, be the truest to form it possibly can be. Keep in mind there are many holes and little to draw from when considering that I want this to be something of a major work and certainly interesting. It is a story, one we know little of, and I hope this gets close to the one the creators know a lot better than us, the fans. Enjoy Vetus Partum Libri.

If you wish to discuss, insight knowledge, or make corrections to VPL please do so here.

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