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NOTICE! This is not a historical document. If you would like to read our history go here. This page will briefly explain who and what PLDHnet is.


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PLDH.net is a Pokémon community and website featuring up-to-date news coverage of the main-installment video games, a massive PokéDex, tools, guides and information regarding the games, play-through, mechanics and even a fanfic.

PLDH is an acronym which was created when two native GameFAQs groups came together. It stood for Pokémon League and DarkHunters. We have not had a functioning League since early 2008 and the clan mentality didn't make it to the spring of 2007. However, we already had an established website and have stuck with it. Nowadays the most broadly accepted application of PLDH as an acronym is instead, Pokémon Lovers Die Here as coined by user Comrade Morpheus.

Our aim is to provide the broader Pokémon community with efficient news and information in a format that takes into consideration the demands of the visitors, that's you!, and not solely the demands of the designers and administrators. We believe our website reflects this approach to the best of our ability.


This is a large website, larger than many may imagine, with what is approaching 3,000 pages in the Google page index. Our pages are written using valid X/HTML.


Our roots go back to 2006 when Pokémon Diamond/Pearl were in the pre-release phase of their life-cycle. We were primarily located on an InvisionFree forum from late-May to mid-July of 2006 during our transition from GameFAQs to our official website.

  • Community founded: April of 2006 at the GameFAQs Pokémon Diamond message board
  • Website Created: July 8th, 2006

The community took a vote to decide which birthday we would celebrate (as in the past we celebrated both) and it was determined that we commemorate PLDHnet's change in age on the definitive date of the site's creation.

We have established a strong presence around the Internet since our foundation, including a YouTube channel that has millions of video views and a list of subscribers that always seems to be growing. Of course we are elsewhere, please check out all of accounts and subscription services:

  • Our YouTube reports news, and has playthroughs of many of the main-franchise. Playthroughs of Pokémon games are done as soon as they are released.
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • We stream playthroughs and have special events hosted over LiveStream/Mogulus
  • Subscribe to our RSS feed for news updates


Since conception the community has been relatively small and close. In the past the owner of a more prominent site in the Pokécommunity took a look at our stats and said they were pathetic (at a time when we had 200,000+ posts and more than twice as many members as now; before our epic SQL crash). When that was said I took it personally but now, looking back, I don't think it could be any better any other way. I suppose if our goal was to be massive, like Marriland then this site would be an outright failure...

PLDHnet is not a failure because it does not aspire to being the biggest, most known, blah, blah, blah. Those of us dedicated to providing the best Pokémon related content will continue to do so. As we continue to build and move forward here we would only ever dream of having some small degree of respect from our peers; though other large sites may never be aware of us or even care that we're here, carving out our little niche. Oh well.

We're really just your everyday forum bound together by a group of people that have developed friendships with each other spanning years. Some refer to this place as their second home, where also lives their second family. That said, you really can't hope for more than that because so many communities out there fail to establish anything remotely resembling this ours.

None of us envisioned that that would be the case, I certainly hadn't fathomed that I would know the people that I collaborated with on GameFAQs this long. And, all things considered, there doesn't appear to be a change in the near future that will break all of the ties made here.

Whether PLDHnet has an affect on the broader Pokécommunity is still unknown but what the veterans could tell you is that one thing is for sure, they'll remember this small community for the rest of their lives.


We continue to exist, despite our primary objectives no longer being of as much concern, because we love what we do and we love the Pokémon franchise. What we do is write guides and make videos to help others, report news in a timely manner, discuss and speculate, battle and more.

If you haven't already please consider joining this growing community!