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Our Basics section encompasses all common information a professional website should have. We strive for professionalism and as a result you have found yourself at our Basics Index. Below is a list of all pages located in the Basics section of this website; many, but not all, of these pages are also found in the footer of every page found on PLDH.net. Most titles are self explanitory but short descriptions are provided for additional clarity.

History of PLDH
The history of the PLDH.net website as well as the social community that created it.
Join, or Enter.
An explanation on the PLDH.net splash page which features a satire of the Benjamin Franklin 'Join, or Die.' snake.
A functional sitemap for PLDH.net
View Pokémon sprites specifically made for this website.
Site Styles
Information on the various site styles/apperances offered at PLDH.net.
About Us
A short explanation on what the PLDH.net website and its community represent.
Some words on affiliating your website with PLDH.net.
The Banners of PLDH
The stories behind PLDH.net's banners.
Contact Us
Contact form to send an email to the PLDH.net Administration.
Help contribute to the PLDH cause be it through content, financial, or developmental assistance.
Credits & Thanks
Credits for PLDH.net content including copyright information, trademarks, and deserved thank yous!
Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to frequently asked questions regarding this website.
Terms of Service
The ToS or Terms of Service regarding membership and posting on the PLDH.net website.
Basics Home
The Basics section includes such things as a sitemap, site history, about us, explanations for our artwork, contact and copyright info, etc.
Change the settings for this website, including JavaScript behavior.
Allows for the review of recently reported bugs that have been reported by visitors, users and administrators of PLDH.net. Tracking of the issues is available as well.
The PLDH.net Linker tool allows for members with their own websites and/or forums to generate shortened, easy to remember, URLs. These URLs can be used to link to their communities more effectively! (Similar to tinyurl).