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 > PokéDex

Our PokéDex is on-track for Generation 6. Use the Search box at the top-right to begin searching the site, with suggestions provided to you on-the-fly, or navigate to one of the indexes listed below.

The PLDH.net PokéDex is the most pliable PokéDex on the internet. To customize it, visit the settings page to begin setting up your browsing options.

Also consider using PokéTracker to save your Pokémon online, view the public library, track your PokéDex and more to come!

For help with this PokéDex, visit the help me page.


Want to complete your 3D PokéDex on your Nintendo 3DS? Click the image to the left to view and scan our complete collection of AR Stickers!

    >  PokéDex
    The monsters themselves and everything you need to know about them.
    >  AbilityDex
    Who may have an ability, in-battle and overworld effects, as well as who may obtain them from the DreamWorld.
    >  BerryDex
    Plant yields, growth rates, Natural Gift effects and so much more for each of the 64 Berries.
    >  FamilyDex
    A PLDH exclusive Dex: Locate information for a group of related Pokémon.
    >  Egg GroupDex
    Sensibly displayed information for each Egg Group and its members, grouped by family.
    >  ItemDex
    Every Item from Diamond/Pearl to Black/White.
    >  ListDex
    Based on the single list class used across all Dexes we provide, the ListDex offers a variety of ways to look at things. From Pokémon color classifications, to their Habits, Items by type and beyond.
    >  LocationDex
    New! Our LocationDex finally went live November 14th, 2012. It currently features complete encounter data for Pokémon ranging from Red/Blue all the way up to Black2/White2. We will be continuously updating and improving our LocationDex in the coming months.
    >  MoveDex
    In-depth coverage on each move, who can learn it, and via what methods complete this comprehensive MoveDex.
    >  SpriteDex
    Sprites, Sugimori art, DreamWorld art, icons and more can be found by searching the SpriteDex. This includes TopHat's wallpapers from The493 and UnovaCollection. Complete, downloadable, archives are available here as well.
    >  TypeDex
    The most comprehensive statistical analysis of Pokémon Types you will find anywhere. We've got the basics covered too: All Pokémon, moves, strengths and weaknesses that pertain to a type.
    >  WeightDex
    A PLDH exclusive Dex: Six weight-classes are used to group all Pokémon: it has a trainer to Pokémon size comparison tool and also gives information about the effects of weight-based moves on that group.
    >  HeightDex
    A PLDH exclusive Dex: Five height-classes are used to group all Pokémon and has a trainer to Pokémon size comparison tool.
    >  PokéSort
    A PLDH exclusive Tool: All final stage monsters listed together in a table that can be sorted on a variety of the most relevant data.
    >  iTypeChart
    A PLDH exclusive Tool: The iTypeChart is an interactive TypeChart akin to the more standardized charts you can find one most Pokémon websites, for instance our old one. The difference is that this chart allows you to select the type you wish to see information for and it lists all final stage Pokémon with that typing, something unique even to our old TypeChart (now without pop-ups!).