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There are a few ways (Content, Developmental, and Financial) to help contribute to the continued success and future of this website. If you are interested in Content or Developmental help, and are not registered, please feel free to contact us, or if you are registered PM one of the site administrators for more. First, we recommend that you read the respective informational notes below regarding each of hte contribution methods.

For Financial contributions simply click the link below! We are very greatful to any and all help!

Content Contribution

Content contributions encompass any and all materials submitted that relate to the Pokémon games themselves (for instance a Walkthrough), to mechanics related guides, tools, and even related trivia. These contributions can be made by registered members in our Projects and Suggestions forum or, if the submission is a tool/related script fodder, contact one or both of the site administrators.

Developmental Contribution

Developmental contributions refer to provided assistance by anyone with knowledge in the following web-based languages: X/HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript (primarily AJAX), PHP, and/or SQL(we use MySQL databases). Advanced knowledge in these fields is sort of a necessity if you want to help, unfortunately, because people not very familiar/experienced with these languages can, and have, required more instructional time by the administrators than they had to give. Meaning they spent more time helping the help than working. Again, if you would like to contribute to the development of this website please contact one or both of the administrators.

Financial Contribution

We only accept financial contribs through Paypal; if you would like to donate financially you do not need to set up an account with them, if you do not have one. Use the button below to begin the short donation process. All contributors are noted as having helped here and on our Credits page.


Special Thanks

We thank the following people for making Content contributions to PLDH.net over the years (in no specific order)...

  • Ze Colonel
  • Teej/TopHat
  • MikkelDemey
  • DALE
  • ThunderHero
  • Preyheart
  • Comrade Morpheus
  • superflous
  • XlTyre13
  • Jimmy Kudo
  • Majesan

We thank the following people for making Financial contributions to PLDH.net (in no specific order)...

  • cloak
  • superflous
  • Doughnut765
  • hicup789
  • RedOblivion
  • Valter
  • XlTyre13
  • MikkelDemey
  • ThunderHero
  • Jimmy Kudo