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Damage Calculator

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This damage calculator will determine how much damage a move can be expected to do against an opponent when provided a simple amount of input. If you aren't sure what the base power of a move is, for instance, consider using our PokéDex to find that information.

This calculator was designed to operate based on the mechanics of the damage formula as it is presented by the research done at Smogon. The article explaining damage calculation in-depth can be found here. We thank Smogon and its researchers for that article.

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Data Input

Attacker Data

Level: Special / Attack:
Base Power: STAB:
Ability: Item:

Miscellaneous Effects
Critical Hit
Me First
Weather (+)
Weather (-)
Defender Data

HP: Special / Defense:
Type 1: Type 2:
Ability: Item:

Miscellaneous Effects
Reflect/Light Screen
Sandstorm Boost