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We take pride in working to offer our visitors a unique and simplistic browsing experience. At the same time we try take advantage of the latest technologies the Internet has to offer in a way that is beneficial to you. Part of that approach involves, or should involve, incorporating various browser functionalities into our site, or incorporating our site into a web browser. Below we explain how you can take advantage of these offerings. Click a browser name to see more.



Being biased is generally a bad thing but we believe that Opera is simply the best, most innovative browser out there, end shameless plug for an under-rated bit of software. Anyway, what have we done to best incorporate Opera? For one, Opera 11.1 gives web-masters the ability to customize how their sites appear in Speed Dial. So, whenever you add us to your Speed Dial you will see something unique which depends entirely upon what section of the site you have saved. It does not matter which exact page you have saved within a section, only the section matters. Below is a list of the various sections that have unique output for Speed Dial as well as a few examples.

  • /dex/
  • /tracker/
  • /forums/ **
  • /guides/
  • /tools/
  • /gallery/
  • Any section not mentioned defaults to a short description of our most recent news article **

** Denotes dynamic content which is also determined by which theme you are using at the site; if you have an account with us.

speed_dial_shadykrook_forums speed_dial_galleries speed_dial_tools speed_dial_pokedex

Click here to see a complete listing of all of the different possible outputs for Speed Dial. As well, you may find some help for customizing your own site in this way.

Opera Custom Search

Opera allows for its users to create custom searches. Unfortunately this is one of Opera's weak points as it is not as customizable, from a web-master's perspective, as FireFox. Here we will briefly explain how to set this up for use with PLDH.net. Following are steps and graphics to assist.

1 - Right click within our search box and scroll down to Create Search.

2 - Fill out the form that appears as follows (falling back to what Opera fills in on its own will not work)...

3 - Happy searching! Simply enter p into Opera's address bar followed by your search term. The following examples show a basic search. As well, PLDH Search Hacks also work here, for instance searching for a Pokémon's art. As previously noted, Opera's functionality here is limited, there is no autosuggest that you would find when using the search box while at our site or when using the FireFox plug-in featured below. Hopefully soon though...

Opera Skins

We will have skins available for use with Opera shortly...



FireFox is easy enough to get things setup between us and it, which is one of the reasons it is so popular. We don't disagree with the public consensus, hence we have done the following: search with autosuggest and forthcoming Personas.

Getting search to work with FireFox is simple. While browsing any page at PLDH.net, likely this one... Click on your search box (its probably got the Google G there right now) and scroll down to Add PLDHnet DexSearch. The image below illustrates.

Once you have done this, or Favicon (the abstract red/white/black Poké Ball) will appear. You can select a different search engine by clicking on our graphic. As well, if you want to come back to our custom search just hit whatever graphic is up there and scroll down to ours. The great thing about this plug-in? It does autosuggest! Either arrow-down with your keyboard or use the mouse to select the corresponding suggestion and you will be taken straight to the page. An image, to follow, demonstrates how it looks and also shows our very first...

FireFox Personas


FireFox has launched a Personas initiative which makes customizing the appearance of the browser very easy. As such we jumped right in and submitted a test skin. Its subject to approval so a link to our Personas page is forthcoming. Expect that collection to grow over time and feel free to Contact Us with suggest. Keep in mind there is absolutely no intention of creating a theme for every Pokémon... You can see what it will look like to the right. FireFox autosuggest using our search engine is also depicted.



Admittedly, we have not done anything with Chrome yet though we'll look into it soon enough. Still, an individual was nice enough to ask our permission in designing an extension that used our wallpapers. Download it here. See a preview of it below...

What about Internet Explorer?

Honestly, we're still reeling from all of the issues that older versions (anything older than version 9) have put us through in terms of cross-browser incompatibility issues... That said, some day, we will look into what IE9 can do and if we can tie into it somehow. Microsoft deserves credit for making huge strides with IE9 but, on the same token, those congratulations should not be necessary.