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Site Settings

PLDHnet has settings that give you options to select from to make the site appear in a number of ways to accomodate your taste. Below you can change the primary settings

NOTE: The PokéDex has its own settings; see: Change PokéDex settings.

Keep it simple

We considered every aspect we could think of in terms of producing a highly complex Pokémon website and community-friendly tool. While we think the experience gives trainers a lot of utility in a compact, easy to use format, you may want even more simplicity!

You can choose to not see the banner, not see the current events bar, have an all white background, or a combination of those options. Make your selections below and hit Go at the bottom of the page to save them...

> Hide the banner by default:  

> Hide the current events menu by default:  

> Make the site's background all white by default:
Q: PLDHnet changes its theme daily: Can I choose my own?
A (tl;dr): Unfortunately we do not have plans for individual styles. The new format allows for a lot of flexibility and keeps the appearance of the site fresh and while simple still interesting as opposed to the older, constant themes of yore. Besides, we have plans of enhancing this daily rotation feature that will make things even more interesting...
A (long): The Internet has changed dramatically over even just the couple of years since PLDHnet launched version 5 of the site. That said, the prevelance of devices accessing the site has increased and truly changed the way we think about and use the web. Whether you're using a browser on a computer, your phone, or a laptop, the size and appearance of PLDHnet is key and more relevant to the access method than ever before. With that in mind, we may one day bring back user styles tied into your user account (while managing to keep our new and current approach). For now, we believe it is important to keep the format of PLDHnet appealing and dynamic (themes change daily) while allowing our visitors the ability to customize the site in a way that works on each and every device that PLDHnet is accessed upon!

JavaScript Display

If you have deliberately disabled JavaScript and don't want to see the message reminding you of this and want all non-Dex related JavaScript dependent menus to display their listings be default, use the form below. This form can also be used to hide the contents of those menus as they do display their contents by default.

Hide the menus' contents by default:
Save your changes!