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ORAS Mega-Recap and Site Functionality Restored

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we are back

Did... Did you guys die? Nope! But we did have a lot of work to do... And we're still doing quite a bit of it. The good news is that we can at least get back to posting again and creating new content for you guys. Agh, its been frustrating.

What happened? I'll give a tl;dr since the whole thing is quite boring: Our host (we'll spare them from the misery, not entirely their fault) switched up some versions of engines that our old software relied on: Namely phpBB. And phpBB carried user sessions site-wide. With those out, everything was in trouble... To fix this, we've switched to new software (Vanilla forums) and a new database model. Which means EVERYTHING had to change... We're still working the PokeDex but everything else is moved to the new system.

The new forum is cool, the old forum is temporarily online (we need it for now), but please check out the new forum! Its modern, shiny, and awesome, I guess.


Note: All pages under the /dex/ section of the site are still using the old system, your user session will not be active there. We are working on that.

On to the good stuff! (Which you probably already know but we're covering out of necessity to get back on track and hey, there may be something new in there after all...)

The Massive OmegaRuby / AlphaSapphire Recap!

Okay, so we've been away for nearly two months... Time flies, where to begin? I know... (Even though we've covered this, its a recap)

Release Dates: Europe on November 28th and everywhere else on November 21st, 2014... Sorry EU =/

Details of the North American demo have been made available just today, and its expected release is tomorrow, so let's get the actual, legitimate, new news covered.

Ways to get the code for the demo, in order of known availability... (These codes are limited quantities supposedly, so, I guess, act fast)

  • Pokemon Trainer Club promotional email (must have subscribed for promotional emails by today!)
  • Game purchase (eShop only): Pokemon Art Academy (beginning Oct. 24th), or one of two games being released for the Virtual Console: Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (Nov. 6th) or Pokemon Trading Card Game (Nov. 13th)
  • Nintendo Network members (must opt-in for emails prior to start date as with the Trainer Club promo): Oct. 31st (Stated as "week of", may be prior to then...)
  • Select theatres: November 7th - 13th
  • Mall tour: Nov. 24th - Dec. 21st
  • Retailers: No dates (except to say during the holidays, so likely similar to the mall tour), this is vague (try a well known game retailer if available)...

New Mega Evolutions

New Megas! Garble, garble, drool? We all knew these were coming, so the shock and awe campaign is more a matter of what and was it needed? For instance: Audino. No, nobody saw that coming, least predictable of all Mega evolution reveals ever. The shock remains with me, actually.

In the end 19 of the now 47 in total, have been introduced via ORAS. I guess you can add two to those figures if you count Primal Reversion, but I guess more on that in a minute. Below is all you really care to know about these things (click to go to their Dex entries for height/weight).

Random thoughts? Lack of Flygon (we're lead to believe via code analysis that we have seen them all as of today's official North American reveal of Steelix and Glalie [only Japan gets Mega Steelix, so sad]) is upsetting. Slowbro has already reached epidemic derp-fame levels, Lopunny was almost as random as Audino, and while Pidgeot and Beedrill are awesome, Salamence is a potential uber, and Metagross is surprisingly not. I'm, I'm out of breath, here's the data.

Not all menu sprites are available yet, apologies. Also check out the Complete List of Mega Evolutions.

ImgPokemonTypingAbilityBase HPBase AtkBase DefBase SpAtkBase SpDefBase SpdTotal
beedrill #015 - Mega Beedrill bug/poison / poison Adaptability 65 150 40 15 80 145 495
pidgeot #018 - Mega Pidgeot normal/flying / flying No Guard 83 80 80 135 80 121 579
slowbro #080 - Mega Slowbro water/psychic / psychic Shell Armor 95 75 180 130 80 30 590
steelix #208 - Mega Steelix steel/ground / ground Sand Force 75 125 230 55 95 30 610
sceptile #254 - Mega Sceptile grass/dragon / dragon Lightningrod 70 110 75 145 85 145 630
swampert #260 - Mega Swampert water/ground / ground Swift Swim 100 150 110 95 110 70 635
sableye #302 - Mega Sableye dark/ghost / ghost Magic Bounce 50 85 125 85 115 20 480
sharpedo #319 - Mega Sharpedo water/dark / dark Strong Jaw 70 140 70 110 65 105 560
camerupt #323 - Mega Camerupt fire/ground / ground Sheer Force 70 120 100 145 105 20 560
altaria #334 - Mega Altaria dragon/fairy / fairy Pixilate 75 110 110 110 105 80 590
glalie #362 - Mega Glalie ice Refrigerate 80 120 80 120 80 100 580
salamence #373 - Mega Salamence dragon/flying / flying Aerilate 95 145 130 120 90 120 700
metagross #376 - Mega Metagross steel/psychic / psychic Tough Claws 80 145 150 105 110 110 700
rayquaza #384 - Mega Rayquaza dragon/flying / flying Delta Stream 105 180 100 180 100 115 780
lopunny #428 - Mega Lopunny normal/fighting / fighting Scrappy 65 136 94 54 96 135 580
gallade #475 - Mega Gallade psychic/fighting / fighting Inner Focus 68 165 95 65 115 110 618
audino #531 - Mega Audino normal/fairy / fairy Healer 103 60 126 80 126 50 545
diancie #719 - Mega Diancie rock/fairy / fairy Magic Bounce 50 160 110 160 110 110 700

Primes? Primal

Since the introduction of Mega evolution has only made battles a bit more dramatic, what better way to revisit the epic battle Kyogre and Groudon than with a new take on Mega evolution? Ugh, I suppose Mega evolution wasn't enough for these two as we meet with a separate (but in many respects similar) way to change forme in battle: Primal Reversion.


With Primal Reversion we get more of the same that Mega evolution has to offer: +100 base stat points dispersed amongst meaningful stats, and as in most cases new abilities. In the case of these two, the only way to improve their weather altering abilities is to make them more intense? Yep. As well, at least in the case of Groudon, a type addition... Fire...

So we've got Primordial Sea and Desolate Land for Kyogre and Groudon respectively (obviously). These abilities are still nullified the same way (Air Lock, Cloud Nine, and now also Delta Force) but also nullify other attempts to change the weather while they are on the field. Bonus, Fire attacks are useless when Kyogre is out (oh dear, how devastating...) and to Groudon's benefit (given that new and questionable type addition) water attacks do nil while it is out.

Each of the ORAS legends also get a new move. Here goes...

  • Kyogre: Origin Pulse - Water, Special, 110 power, 85% acc, and 10 PP. Hits multiple targets.
  • Groudon: Precipice Blades - Ground, Physical, 120 power, 85% acc, and 10 PP. Hits multiple targets.
  • Rayquaza: Dragon Ascent - Flying, Physical, 120 power, 85% acc, and 5 PP. Effect code seems to confirm stat reduction that has been said to reduce both Defense stats.

The Project Pokemon RAM dump indicates another move, Hyperspace Fury, is also in the game code as a special Dark type move with 100 power, 101% accuracy, and 5 PP. Its data indicates it never misses.

As with Hoopa (and also the alt forme recently found), and Volcanion, we'll be keeping these Pokemon and Hyperspace Fury out of the database as unconfirmed until they're official. Why? The existance of something in the code, while an indicator of likely forthcoming events, is not guaranteed yet. Perhaps a ridiculous stance but then Mega Lati@s were in XY and will not be available until ORAS... What do we do without official art anyway?

If you're missing Rayquaza below, its in the above table, since it is a Mega evolution. That said, current reports suggest Mega evolving Rayquaza will not be as simple as obtaining its Mega stone.

kyogre #382 - Primal Kyogre water Primordial Sea 100 150 90 180 160 90 770
groudon #383 - Primal Groudon ground/fire / fire Desolate Land 100 180 160 150 90 90 770

Please check back! We're actively posting again and continuing edits of this article will also be occurring!

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