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January 13, 2011

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Sorry on the delay in this article- everyone with article privileges seem to have all been busy. That being said, a huge chunk of news, noted quickly so that the pros who normally handle this kind of thing can flesh out the article with more information as we get it.

First of all, we have 100% confirmed names, courtesy of IGN (see this article's source for the article). A list of ability, character, item and move translations follows, and after that a table depicting the changes to Pokémon names. Our PokéDex has been updated to reflect the confirmed changes.

  • Ability: Dust Proof is now Overcoat.
  • Ability: Sand Power is now Sand Force.
  • Ability: Sand Scatter is now Sand Rush.
  • Character: Belle is now Bianca.
  • Character: Mokomo Fennel.
  • Character: Cheren remains unchanged.
  • Item: Live Caster is now Xtransceiver.
  • Move: Double Chop is now Dual Chop.
  • Move: Freefall is now Sky Drop.
  • Move: You First is now After You.
  • Move: Heart Stamp remains unchanged.
  • Pokémon: Musharna remains unchanged.

patrat_sprite woobat_sprite drilbur_sprite cofagrigus_sprite gothitelle_sprite reuniclus_sprite axew_sprite braviary_sprite
From: Minezumi
To: Patrat
From: Koromori
To: Woobat
From: Moguryuu
To: Drilbur
From: Deathkan
To: Cofagrigus
From: Gothilselle
To: Gothitelle
From: Ranculus
To: Reuniclus
From: Kibago
To: Axew
From: Wargle
To: Braviary

Now here comes the as of now, unconfirmed bit. Along with this list came another set of names, this time covering every 5th gen Pokémon sans the three events. Popular fan sites such as Pokéjungle and Pokébeach among others have posted this list, as the names in this list match up with those revealed by IGN. There's still room for doubt with this list, but there's also enough reason to consider it legitimate.

For now, the full list can be seen here, courtesy of our friends at PokéJungle. We'll continue to research this and work on getting everything updated should this list turn out to be trusted.

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article by TopHat  on Thu Jan 13, 2011 1:43 am utc -0600
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2011-01-13 17:43:47
Well, this is new and exciting.
Can't wait to see if this is confirmed.
Also, Cofagrigus= Sarcophagus+ Grim?????
2011-01-13 21:31:53
So is the rest of the list still being seen as "unconfirmed"? Just wanna make sure. ** EDIT** Nevermind. I should read the article before I post...

As for the confirmed stuff I like all the names. Cofagrigus is incredibly hard to pronounce. Will take me some time to get used to it.

I like how Braviary is both Brave and Aviary. The brave in its name could also be related to the sports team The Braves, who's Mascot is a Native American. Braviary seems to have a native American headdress on, so that's awesome.

Cool info today.
2011-01-13 21:33:09
Couldn't it just be an ordinary Native American brave? >_>
2011-01-13 23:37:54
A lot of these name changes seem unnecessary. Wargle and Deathkan seem to make just as much english sense as their japanese counterparts, and they sound better. Oh well. That is the fun in nicknames!
2011-01-13 23:53:05
BTW, I think the link fails due to the accent
Can browsers even process accents?
IDK, but that's what's killing it.
Ze Colonel
2011-01-13 23:57:46
Back home now. Fixed the link.
2011-01-14 03:31:44
"RDS1" said...

Couldn't it just be an ordinary Native American brave? >_>

Yes. Yes it could, and probably is.
2011-01-14 11:02:10
There are a lot of names that are a clever play on words. Foongus and Amoongus, for one, are very clever takes on the phrase 'there's a fungus among us,' as was pointed out in the comments.

2011-01-14 15:43:51
I did not catch that
I thought it was a play on humongus
Because that's a huge fungus.
2011-01-14 18:24:06
Hmm, if they were going for combining Brave and the root word Avi for Wargle, why not call it Braviator? It fits the name limit and it sounds slightly better than Braviary. Oh well, guess now I have a cool nickname for it. "Braviator"

Galvantula, Serperior, Vanilluxe, Scrafty, and Haxorus are the best names to me.
2011-01-14 18:57:39
553 Krookodile Warubiaru – Nixon

That made me lol. :4w35um:
Ze Colonel
2011-01-14 23:52:20
So anyways, a quick comment on what I think of the names, given they are real.

Some of them I feel could be better and I'm having difficulty pronouncing in my head, but others are just absolutely great. Extra large tire's examples being one, and others like Escavalier (that one's my favourite), Litwick and Samurott.

And Cubchoo is just adorable.

Most of these aren't bad names per say, just things we need to get used to. Which would've happened regardless what the names are.
2011-01-16 22:42:03
Given these are real, the one I despise most would be Deerling.
I mean, really?

I like Hydreigon, Fraxure, and Haxorus quite a lot. And I am very dissapoint that there is no Arrogator. Oh well, nicknames are always fun.
2011-01-19 02:00:07
I've seriously got to look over this list at some point in the near future >___________>;;
2011-01-22 19:49:45
Having just gone over the list for the first time I did a little exercise to familiarize myself with the names that may end up being the official ones by creating an array and then having a script rewrite the page that currently lists all Unova Pokemon.

Seeing as the list isn't official, the actual page was not overwritten. So, for now, you can access the list as a separate page by going here: https://pldh.net/guides/blackwhite/english_names

Thoughts and such in an edit of this post, tomorrow.
Ze Colonel
2011-01-22 21:12:33
^Page was missing Woobat. Added it. Edit: Reuniclus too.
2011-01-22 22:55:14
After looking through the entire list, I have deduced that gamefreak america doesn't speak english as I am unsure of how to pronounce the vast majority of those names. And how 10 year olds are supposed to figure that out is beyond me.
2011-01-22 23:21:46
The list is missing pretty much all of them that was already confirmed.
Cofragrigus, Gothitelle, the leaf bug, the new dragon, Wargle, i think that's it...
Ze Colonel
2011-01-22 23:37:22
Thanks. <3

Think I got 'em all. Had to add all the ones you mentioned, along with Excadrill, Sewaddle, Alomomola and Drilbur. Also had to change Watchog's name. It's not Watchdog, lol.
2011-01-23 01:11:43
"ElefantRider" said...

After looking through the entire list, I have deduced that gamefreak america doesn't speak english as I am unsure of how to pronounce the vast majority of those names. And how 10 year olds are supposed to figure that out is beyond me.

That's been the case since the series was brought here and localized. As a Kid I could never pronounce Gyarados properly and would always say GHar-Ah-Dose. Others like Misdreavus, Forretress, Masquerain, Shedinja, Hariyama, Regice, Rayquaza, Bastiodon, Hippopotas, ETC have caused trouble for people as well. I think its the fact that people aren't used to hearing the names yet that is causing the toungetiedness. Once the anime is saying them and if we get a PBR like game with an announcer they will come as easily as past gens names do now. I do agree that NOA and the Pokemon Localizers took alot more risks as far as pronunciation goes, but I'm sure it will come with practice.

Really the only ones I have problems with this generation are Zebstrika (ZEB-STRY-KAH, The b to s is tough, have to separate them), Cofagrigus (COUGH-AH-GRI-GUS, is how I've been saying it), Reuniclus (REE-OO-NY-CLUS?) the others I don't have a problem with.

PS- The debate is still out on how to say Pidgeot. I say PID-JIT, I have friends who say PID-GEE-OT. No idea whats correct.
2011-01-23 01:41:59
Duosion and Ferroseed are spelled wrong.

I always did have trouble pronouncing Gliscor until the anime. I thought the s and c were combined so it sounded like scissor.
2011-01-23 10:59:51
"PID-JIT" sounds kind of disrespectful, IMO.
2011-01-23 12:45:35
"RDS1" said...

"PID-JIT" sounds kind of disrespectful, IMO.

Yeah, All the Pokeraps fault.
The Anime and PBR say PID-GEE-OT however, so I assume that's the correct way.

EDIT- Fixed, thanks Ze Colonel.
Ze Colonel
2011-01-23 15:33:06
Duosion and Ferroseed fixed.

I always pronounced it as Pidj-ee-ot.

[code][url=(link goes here)](text goes here)[/url][/code]

Here is an example.