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March 6, 2011

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The day has finally come, the first two fifth generation titles, Pokémon Black and White, have hit US shores! Our friends in Australia are unfortunately stuck waiting another 4 days while Europeans have had the games for 48 hours now. Regardless of when you start your experience with the games its sure to be a good one. IGN has given the games a solid 9.0, better than Platinum with an 8.8 and Diamond/Pearl and HeartGold/SoulSilver both tied with an 8.5. Its safe to say that the experience will be both memorable and enjoyable.


Notice anything different about the site today? You should! To celebrate the release of the games we took a poll on our forums where our users suggested and voted on a Pokémon to use as a new theme for the site. Krookodile obviously got the win, we've dubbed the theme CarboniteShadyKrook, and we did our best to make it stellar. Do you think so? Let us know on the forums. Of course, if you're registered and aren't fan, we've got a variety of themes to choose from, change it using the User Control Panel.

Our database was completely localized for English names on Thursday evening, so you can use search with the confidence that the official names will take you straight to your desired pages. The Stat Calculator has also been updated and has been tested to work with Alt formes of new Pokémon. We promise that we will start on writing articles pertaining to the various aspects of the games as-soon-as-possible. Unfortunately the games come during mid-terms week... Of course, it isn't as if we haven't been able to write articles previously but all of the editing for future localizations was just a huge turn-off. Sorry. The Black/White section will rival our coverage of HeartGold/SoulSilver come the end of this coming week though, that's a promise. In the meantime, we have a complete FAQ at GameFAQs.com for you to check out.


As well, our Black/White Prerelease gallery concludes its countdown today with two more wallpapers. The UnovaCollection will be updated later in the week to include all wallpapers. We'd have done that today but we have a special event planned for that, so stay tuned! Keep in-mind that three Unova Pokémon still do not have official art, and thus no wallpaper made for them yet: Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect. Click the image to get the new wallpapers.


Fans in New York got a nice surprise today when Ken Sugimori showed up at a pre-release event. He fits in pretty nicely, doesn't he? If you didn't who he was you wouldn't think he was the art director for one of the biggest video game franchises in history... Speaking of Ken Sugimori, we've uploaded higher quality Unova Pokémon artwork by Ken Sugimori to our SpriteDex where possible. Alts, and unreleased art will either be low quality still or non-existant until such time as we can come by better images.

BulbaNews reports that the Global Link website won't be open for public use by players outside of Japan until March 30th... Too bad.


If you do happen to pick up the games today, remember to boot up Mystery Gift to get your Liberty Pass off the Nintendo WFC. You'll be able to pick up your Victini once you make it to Castelia City!

Our new YouTube channel will be updated frequently with playthrough videos for those interested. Above is the map of contents, which has annotations added as links to new videos per their location on the map as we progress. At time of posting there's already 13 videos to watch.

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article by nza  on Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:49 am utc -0600
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2011-03-06 00:32:01
I knew it; I'm sticking with Carbonite. >_>
2011-03-06 00:53:58

First member comment is negative...

Cue sadface. I take you voted for something else them, RDS?
2011-03-06 00:57:38
Ooh, shiny new theme....

iLiek. I'll use it for a while, see if I miss Reuniclus.
Now for the agonising four day wait until Aus releasee date. At least it's only four days though. Kudos GameFreak or whoever for FINALLY getting this right.
2011-03-06 00:59:32
No, I voted for it.
I just wasn't expecting the bright azure borders on the sides.

And I was expecting more red, but whatever. >__>
2011-03-06 01:02:04
Azure borders? I see none sir.
2011-03-06 01:05:15

Huh. Weird, I distinctly remember getting turned off by them...

Edit: Typo. And it's been quoted, anyway, so it doesn't really matter. <_<
2011-03-06 01:09:45
"RDS1" said...


Huh. Weird, I distinctly remember getting turned of by them...

Yea, I couldn't actually edit the phpBB body background colour until the theme went up... If you caught it early enough that would've happened since it was initially a copy of the Rigray CSS file.

At any rate, if anyone still has that issue simply refresh on any page on the forum to get it to fix. You might've cached the bad CSS.
2011-03-06 01:48:43
I'm okay with the new theme
I still wish Chandelure won though...

Darn it New York

Anywho, time to finally get around to getting wifi to work...
2011-03-06 01:58:04
I think I'm gonna stick with reuniclus. It's sorta hard to tell that the icon is even krookodile. I mean if I look at it, yeah, but out of the corner of my eye it doesn't really look like anything. The reuniclus theme is sexy though =D
Ze Colonel
2011-03-06 02:24:32
guys, guys


the last wall here is awesome and I demand you comment on it

@ER lol, it's got a gigantic pair of shades on it, how can it be anything OTHER than Krook?
2011-03-06 17:15:53
I'll honestly say I don't like the last wallpaper.
At all.

But that's just me.
Ze Colonel
2011-03-06 17:22:35



2011-03-06 17:34:16
I guess I should explain why.
To me, it seems a bit too geometric and unrefined
As if someone just went into paint and drew shapes.
It just has a general kind odd feeling to it.
Like somethings off

But that's just me.

The rest are awesome as usual, however.
2011-03-06 23:52:26
@col Well, out of all the pokemon, it's obviously krook. I dunno, I'd just rather have the entirety of reuniclus up there. It's awesomer.
2011-03-07 02:07:21
On my laptop the menu bar is on two lines instead of one. Don't know the resolution from the top of my head, I'll get back to you on that when I'm home.

Other than that, awesome.
2011-03-07 16:56:38
Colors are good, but i agree with superflous. Geometric-y it is, and it looks like a finish line. BUT...overall it is the coolest you have done. (that i have seen) once again, great job!
2011-03-07 17:06:37