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The Hailstorm weather condition was introduced in the third generation of Pokémon games (RuSaEmFRLG). It can be brought about by use of the move Hail (TM07) or by the ability Snow Warning.

Any Pokémon with Ice as its type (or part of its typing) will not recieve damage from the storm (it will also be protected from the storm's affect if it has the ability Snow Cloak). If the Pokémon does not have that type (or the aforementioned ability) it will lose 6.25% (1/16) of it's health at the end of every turn.

icy rock A Pokémon holding the item Icy Rock will prolong the duration of a Hailstorm for three more turns than normal (from five turns to eight turns).

Hail's affect on Abilities

Ability Weather Effect
Snow Warning This ability will summon a Hailstorm which will last the entirety of the battle, unless another weather condition is introduced to the battlefield or its effect is nullified by Cloud Nine or the Air Lock abilities.
Ice Body 6.25% (1/16) of this Pokémon's maximum HP is restored at the end of every turn when it is hailing.
Snow Cloak In battle a Pokémon with Snow Cloak will get a 120% boost in Evasion.
In the wild, if in the first position with this ability in a Hailstorm, the wild encounter rate drops by 50%.

Hail's affect on Moves

Move Weather Effect
Hail This move will summon (or prolong) a Hailstorm for 5 turns.
Morning Sun 25% of the user's HP is restored, when Morning Sun used.
Moonlight 25% of the user's HP is restored, when Moonlight used.
Synthesis 25% of the user's HP is restored, when Synthesis used.
Solarbeam Solarbeam's base power drops 50% (from 120 to 60).
Blizzard Blizzard's accuracy is boosted to 100% (for a gain of 30% it's initial accuracy of 70%) . It has the potential to break through Detect and Protect barriers at a rate of about 1 in 3 (30% of the time).

Hail's affect on Castform

The ability Forecast will affect Castform based on what weather condition is active, if any. In this case...

#351 - Castform (Snow-Cloud Forme) castform sprite Typing Becomes: ice