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While flinch is not a true status, its battle effects are noteworthy and for the purpose of this guide will be referred to as a status effect, due to similarities. If a Pokémon is Flinched it will be unable to attack for the rest of the turn. Flinch will only be inflicted on a Pokémon that is slower than another or when a move that would inflict Flinch has speed priority over the other move.

Pokémon that have the ability Inner Focus are immune to this effect. Pokémon with the ability Steadfast will have their Speed stat boosted 1 stage (x1.5) when Flinched.

The hold items kingsrock King's Rock and razorfang Razor Fang have the added effect of giving many attacks the possibility of inflicting Flinch on the opponent, at a rate of 10% (1/10) with the constraint that the attack being boosted by the hold item went first. If thrown using the move Fling, assuming Fling went first, these items will Flinch the opponent.