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While confusion is not a true status, its battle effects are noteworthy and for the purpose of this guide will be referred to as a status effect, due to similarities. The confusion status effect, like attract, greatly hinders the opponent's ability to attack, reducing their chance for a successful hit to 50% before accounting for the accuracy of the move being used. When a confused Pokémon is not attacking its foe it is hurting itself. The amount of damage done is dealt as though it were being attacked by a move with a base power of 40. Type modifiers for damage are not accounted for. The afflicted Pokémon also has a 25% chance of using the selected move and a 25% of recovering from the status.

This effect will last 1 to 4 turns.

Pokémon with the ability Own Tempo cannot be afflicted by confusion. If this status is inflicted on a Pokémon with Tangled Feet their Evasion is boosted 1 stage (x.75).

Chatter, listed below, is unique in that its effectiveness is determined by the volume level you sPoké into the microphone with.

Volume-% Eff.

There are 3 moves that will last 2-3 turns and end with their user becoming afflicted with this status effect. Those moves are: Outrage, Petal Dance and Thrash.

persimberry The Persim berry will cure confusion as well as the cure-all berry lumberry the Lum berry.