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Stat Formulae

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This page contains a list of formulae that the game uses or that we can use to calculate several stat-related factors.

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  1. Stat Formulae

But before we begin we need to set out some rules concerning abbreviations and the likes. If we don't then writing 'base stat' and 'nature effect' in every formula would get tiresome.

Name Abbreviation Name Abbreviation
Base Stat bst Effort Value ev
Individual Value iv Level lev
Nature Effect nat

With that out of the way, let's continue to the basic stat formulae.

Name Formula
Stat Formula (non-HP) Stat Formula
HP Formula HP Formula

The quick learner has already noticed the similarities between the two formulae. But for those who need an example:

Let's say I have a level 99 Pikachu, Adamant, 30 Attack IVs and 0 HP IVs, 252 Attack EVs and 6 HP EVs. If we fill in the formulae we get:

Pikachu Stat Formula
Pikachu HP Formula

Which gives us these results: 229 Attack and 180 HP. Remember to round down. If you don't round down and use the standard rounding rules, you will get faulty data.

Of course from these formulae you can deduct how to calculate IVs and EVs. Don't start doing that, we already have. Behold!

Name Formula
EV/IV Formula IV/EV Formula
EV/IV Formula (HP version) EV/IV HP Formula

If you want to calculate the EVs (and you happen to know the IVs) you just change "ev" with "iv" adn it's an ev formula.

Got questions? Ask them here.