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The concept of Swarming Pokémon originated in the second generation games - Gold and Silver. In those games the swarming Pokémon were: Dunsparce, Marill, Remoraid, Snubbull, Qwilfish and Yanma; who's regular appearance rates ranged from 0-1% (rounded).

Fast-forward to the fourth generation games - Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. Swarms are still occuring but the concept has been slightly modified. In these games you must first obtain the National Dex to have access to swarms. Once you have obtained the National Dex from Professor Oak in Sandgem Town head south of Professor Rowan's building to Dawn's house. There you will find her sister who is eager to give you locations of Pokémon in order to help you beat her sister in finishing your own PokéDex.


Be sure to talk to Dawn's little sister everyday as swarms are daily occurences. The list of the Pokémon that swarm in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum is given below.

You can view a list of Swarming Pokémon that you have captured by going here.

The columns in the following table can be sorted by clicking a column's title.

  • Versions?
  • D = appears in Diamond
  • P = appears in Pearl
  • Pt = appears in Platinum

Image Name Location D? P? Pt?
Doduo Doduo Route 201 y y y
Zigzagoon Zigzagoon Route 202 y y y
Cubone Cubone Route 203 y y y
Nosepass Nosepass Route 206 y y n
Larvitar Larvitar Route 206 n n y
Phanpy Phanpy Route 207 y y y
Dunsparce Dunsparce Route 208 y y y
Snubbull Snubbull Route 209 y y y
Absol Absol Route 213 y y n
Spoink Spoink Route 214 y y y
Drowzee Drowzee Route 215 y y y
Delibird Delibird Route 216 y y n
Swinub Swinub Route 217 y y n
Delibird Delibird Route 217 n n y
Voltorb Voltorb Route 218 y y y
Farfetch'd Farfetch'd Route 221 y y y
Skitty Skitty Route 222 y y y
Natu Natu Route 224 y y y
Makuhita Makuhita Route 225 y y y
Krabby Krabby Route 226 y y y
Spinda Spinda Route 227 y y y
Beldum Beldum Route 228 y y y
Pidgey Pidgey Route 229 y y n
Pinsir Pinsir Route 229 n n y
Corsola Corsola Route 230 y y y
Magnemite Magnemite Fuego Ironworks y y n
Electrike Electrike Valley Windworks y y y
Slakoth Slakoth Eterna Forest y y y
Tangela Tangela Mt Coronet Peak y y n
Lickitung Lickitung Lake Valor y y n
Smoochum Smoochum Lake Acuity y y n
Surskit Surskit Lake Verity y y n