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The SinnohDex

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This page details which Pokémon are in the SinnohDex and where to find them, given a single primary location.

The Kanto games, Green/Red/Blue/Yellow, were the first and as a result their individual Dexes were the same thing as what we now refer to as the National Dex. The National Dex, in games thereafter, refers to a PokéDex that accounts for all existing Pokémon known at that point in time.

For each region following Kanto there would be two Dexes. The first available to you is the that region's Dex (aka the Regional Dex); they are the JohtoDex, HoennDex and finally the SinnohDex. Note that I've committed the crime of generalization, as the situation with Johto's Regional Dex is a bit different given the games' relationship with Kanto.

Since the concept of the Regional Dex was introduced it has been necessary for players to complete that region's Dex to gain access to additional post-game story events and/or sidequests. The Sinnoh region is no different in having this requirement with one minor twist...

In Diamond and Pearl it became necessary only to see/encounter all the Pokémon instead of the previous requirement, which was to capture all Pokémon in that region's Dex. This makes completing both the Regional and National Pokédexes easier in theory. The adaptation introduced in Diamond and Pearl seems only logical when considering that with the introduction of those games, to complete the National Dex, one would need to capture 485 (event Pokémon are excluded from the count needed to get a completion certificate) Pokémon!

Platinum added 59 Pokémon to its Regional Dex. As the Sinnoh region has more post-game sidequests than ever before, many requiring players to have the National Dex first, we have compiled a list of the SinnohDex Pokémon and provided a primary location for each of them. We could have, concievably, listed every location but that would have made for a ridiculous list. Besides, if you want all of Pokémon's locations you can simply click its name to visit its page...

Image SD# Name Location? Image SD# Name Location?
turtwig 1 Turtwig Battle Gardenia grotle 2 Grotle Trainer, Rt. 210, Celestic side
torterra 3 Torterra Trainer, Victory Road chimchar 4 Chimchar Trainer, Rt. 207
monferno 5 Monferno Trainer, Rt. 212 infernape 6 Infernape Battle Flint
piplup 7 Piplup Trainer, Rt. 205 prinplup 8 Prinplup Trainer, Rt. 212
empoleon 9 Empoleon Trainer, Victory Road starly 10 Starly Wild, Rt. 201
staravia 11 Staravia Wild, Rt. 206 staraptor 12 Staraptor Trainer, Victory Road
bidoof 13 Bidoof Wild, Rt. 201 bibarel 14 Bibarel Wild, Rt. 208
kricketot 15 Kricketot Trainer, Rt. 203 kricketune 16 Kricketune Trainer, Rt. 218
shinx 17 Shinx Wild, Rt. 202 luxio 18 Luxio Wild, Rt. 222
luxray 19 Luxray Trainer, Rt. 222 abra 20 Abra Rt. 203
kadabra 21 Kadabra Rt. 215 alakazam 22 Alakazam Battle, Lucian
magikarp 23 Magikarp Old Rod, Anywhere gyarados 24 Gyarados Battle, Crasher Wake
budew 25 Budew Wild, Rt. 204 roselia 25 Roselia Wild, Rt. 208
roserade 27 Roserade Battle, Gardenia zubat 28 Zubat Trainer, Rt. 203
golbat 29 Golbat Trainer, Rt. 210, Celestic side crobat 30 Crobat Battle Cyrus in Veilstone
geodude 31 Geodude Oreburgh Gate 1F graveler 33 Graveler Wild, Rt. 214
golem 33 Golem Battle, Bertha onix 34 Onix Trainer, Rt. 205
steelix 35 Steelix Trainer, Iron Island, B2F cranidos 36 Cranidos Battle, Roark
rampardos 37 Rampardos Trainer, Victory Road shieldon 38 Shieldon Trainer, Rt. 215
bastiodon 39 Bastiodon Battle, Byron machop 40 Machop Wild, Rt. 207
machoke 41 Machoke Wild, Rt. 210, Celestic side machamp 42 Machamp Trainer, Victory Road
psyduck 43 Psyduck Oreburgh Gate, 1F golduck 44 Golduck Surf, Celestic Town
burmy 45 Burmy (Plant Cloak) Trainer, Rt. 202 wormadam 46 Wormadam (Plant Cloak) Trainer, Rt. 214
mothim 47 Mothim Trainer, 2F, Lost Tower wurmple 48 Wurmple Trainer, Rt. 204
silcoon 49 Silcoon Trainer, Eterna Forest beautifly 50 Beautifly Eterna Forest
cascoon 51 Cascoon Trainer, Eterna Forest dustox 52 Dustox Eterna Forest
combee 53 Combee Trainer, Rt. 208 vespiquen 54 Vespiquen Battle, Aaron
pachirisu 55 Pachirisu Wild, Valley Windworks buizel 56 Buizel Wild, Valley Windworks
floatzel 57 Floatzel Battle, Crasher Wake cherubi 58 Cherubi Trainer, Rt. 204
cherrim 59 Cherrim Battle, Gardenia shellos 60 Shellos Wild, Valley Windworks
gastrodon 61 Gastrodon Wild, Rt. 218 heracross 62 Heracross Trainer, Rt. 210North
aipom 63 Aipom Trainer, Rt. 205 ambipom 64 Ambipom Trainer, Rt. 216
drifloon 65 Drifloon Trainer, Rt. 214 drifblim 66 Drifblim Trainer, Rt. 215
buneary 67 Buneary Wild, Eterna Forest lopunny 68 Trainer, Rt. 221 Lopunny
gastly 69 Gastly Trainer, Hearthome Gym haunter 70 Haunter Battle, Fantina
gengar 71 Gengar Trainer, Victory Road misdreavus 72 Misdreavus Trainer, Lost Tower, 4F
mismagius 73 Mismagius Battle, Fantina murkrow 74 Murkrow Trainer, Lost Tower, 4F
glameow 76 Glameow Battle Cyrus in Veilstone purugly 77 Purugly Battle Mars at Lake Verity
goldeen 78 Goldeen Good Rod, Rt. 209 seaking 79 Seaking Trainer, Rt. 220
barboach 80 Barboach Trainer, Lost Tower, 2F whiscash 81 Whiscash Battle, Bertha
chingling 82 Chingling Wild, Rt. 211 chimecho 83 Chimecho Trainer, Victory Road
stunky 84 Stunky Galactic Grunt, Jubilife skuntank 85 Skuntank Battle Jupiter in Eterna
meditite 86 Meditite Wild, Rt. 210, Celestic side medicham 87 Medicham Trainer, Rt. 220
bronzor 88 Bronzor Wild, Wayward Cave bronzong 89 Bronzong Battle, Lucian
ponyta 90 Ponyta Wild, Rt. 206 rapidash 91 Rapidash Trainer, Rt. 210, Solaceon side
bonsly 92 Bonsly Trainer, Rt. 209 sudowoodo 93 Sudowoodo Wild, Rt. 221
mimejr 94 Mime Jr. Trainer, Rt. 209 mrmime 95 Mr. Mime Wild, Rt. 218
happiny 96 Happiny Trainer, Rt. 210, or Gift chansey 97 Chansey Partner Cheryl
blissey 98 Blissey Trainer, Victory Road cleffa 99 Cleffa Trainer, Rt. 209
clefairy 100 Clefairy Trainer, Rt. 210, Solaceon side clefable 101 Clefable Trainer, Victory Road
chatot 102 Chatot Trainer, Lost Tower, 2F pichu 103 Pichu Wild, Rt. 212
pikachu 104 Pikachu Wild, Rt. 212 raichu 105 Raichu Trainer, Rt. 210
hoothoot 106 Hoothoot Wild, Eterna Forest, Night noctowl 107 Noctowl Wild, Rt. 210, Night
spiritomb 108 Spiritomb Battle, Cynthia gible 109 Gible Trainer, Wayward Cave
gabite 110 Gabite Trainer, Victory Road garchomp 111 Garchomp Battle, Cynthia
munchlax 112 Munchlax Trainer, Rt. 210North snorlax 113 Snorlax Battle, Rival
unown 114 Unown Solaceon Ruins riolu 115 Riolu Trainer, Rt. 217, or Gift
lucario 116 Lucario Battle, Maylene wooper 117 Wooper Trainer, Rt. 212
quagsire 118 Quagsire Battle, Crasher Wake wingull 119 Wingull Wild, Rt. 213
pelipper 120 Pelipper Surf, Rt. 223 girafarig 121 Girafarig Wild, Valor Lakefront
hippopotas 122 Hippopotas Trainer, Iron Island, B2F hippowdon 123 Hippowdon Battle, Bertha
azurill 124 Azurill Trainer, Pastoria Gym marill 125 Marill Wild, Rt. 215
azumarill 126 Azumarill Trainer, Pastoria Gym skorupi 127 Skorupi Trainer, Rt. 210, Solaceon side
drapion 128 Drapion Battle, Aaron croagunk 129 Croagunk Wild, Rt. 212, Pastoria side
toxicroak 130 Toxicroak Trainer, Iron Island, B2F carnivine 131 Carnivine Trainer, Rt. 214
remoraid 132 Remoraid God Rod, Rt. 222 octillery 133 Octillery Good Rod, Rt. 223
finneon 134 Finneon Good Rod, Rt. 218 lumineon 135 Lumineon Good Rod, Rt. 219
tentacool 136 Tentacool Surf, Rt. 218 tentacruel 137 Tentacruel Trainer, Rt. 220
feebas 138 Trainer, Rt. 222 Feebas milotic 139 Milotic Battle, Cynthia
mantyke 140 Mantyke Surf, Rt. 223 mantine 141 Mantine Trainer, Rt. 223
snover 142 Snover Wild, Rt. 216 abomasnow 143 Abomasnow Battle, Candice
sneasel 144 Sneasel Wild, Rt. 216 weavile 145 Weavile Battle Cyrus in Distortion World
uxie 146 Uxie Lake Acuity mesprit 147 Mesprit Lake Verity
azelf 148 Azelf Lake Valor dialga 149 Dialga Storyline, Celestic
palkia 150 Palkia Storyline, Celestic manaphy 151 Manaphy Visit, Mr. Backlot's
Diamond/Pearl's SinnohDex Ends Here; Platinum's SinnohDex Adds the Following
rotom 152 Rotom TV, Old Chateau, Night gligar 153 Gligar Wild, Rt. 206
gliscor 154 Gliscor Battle, Bertha nosepass 155 Nosepass Trainer, Rt. 207
probopass 156 Probopass Trainer, Rt. 210, Celestic side ralts 157 Ralts Wild, Rt. 208
kirlia 158 Kirlia Trainer, Rt. 214 gardevoir 159 Gardevoir Trainer, Victory Road
gallade 160 Gallade Battle, Lucian lickitung 161 Lickitung Wild, Rt. 215
lickilicky 162 Lickilicky Trainer, Victory Road eevee 163 Eevee Trainer, Rt. 209, or Gift
vaporeon 164 Vaporeon Trainer, Rt. 214 jolteon 165 Jolteon Trainer, Rt. 214
flareon 166 Flareon Trainer, Rt. 214 espeon 167 Espeon Trainer, Rt. 212
umbreon 168 Umbreon Trainer, Rt. 212 leafeon 169 Leafeon Trainer, Rt. 212
glaceon 170 Glaceon Trainer, Rt. 217 swablu 171 Swablu Trainer, Victory Road
altaria 172 Altaria Trainer, Victory Road togepi 173 Togepi Trainer, Rt. 210, Solaceon side or Gift
togetic 174 Togetic Trainer, Rt. 221 togekiss 175 Togekiss Battle, Cynthia
houndour 176 Houndour Wild, Rt. 214 houndoom 177 Houndoom Battle, Flint
magnemite 178 Magnemite Trainer, Rt. 218 magneton 179 Magneton Battle, Byron
magnezone 180 Magnezone Trainer, Victory Road tangela 181 Tangela Trainer, Rt. 214
tangrowth 182 Tangrowth Trainer, Victory Road yanma 183 Yanma Trainer, Rt. 214
yanmega 184 Yanmega Battle, Aaron tropius 185 Tropius Trainer, Rt. 214
rhyhorn 186 Rhyhorn Wild, Rt. 214 rhydon 187 Rhydon Victory Road, 1F
rhyperior 188 Rhyperior Battle, Bertha duskull 189 Duskull Battle, Fantina
dusclops 190 Dusclops Trainer, Rt. 216 dusknoir 191 Dusknoir Trainer, Victory Road
porygon 192 Porygon Trainer, Rt. 214, or Gift porygon2 193 Porygon2 Trainer, Rt. 216
porygonz 194 Porygon-Z Trainer, Victory Road scyther 195 Scyther Wild, Rt. 210
scizor 196 Scizor Battle, Aaron elekid 197 Elekid Trainer, Rt. 210, Solaceon side
electabuzz 198 Electabuzz Wild, Rt. 222 electivire 199 Electivire Battle, Volkner
magby 200 Magby Trainer, Rt. 210, Solaceon side magmar 201 Magmar Wild, Fuego Ironworks
magmortar 202 Magmortar Battle, Flint swinub 203 Swinub Wild, Rt. 217
piloswine 204 Piloswine Trainer, Rt. 217 mamoswine 205 Mamoswine Trainer, Victory Road
snorunt 206 Snorunt Wild, Rt. 216, Night glalie 207 Glalie Trainer, Snowpoint Gym
froslass 208 Froslass Battle, Candice absol 209 Absol Trainer, Victory Road
giratina 210 Giratina (Origin Forme) Distortion World