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How To: Global Link Arceus

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On September 13th, 2010 (see their announcement), a poll started at the official site's Global Link special page. The winner of the poll would be offered for download via the Global Link's official site. The poll concluded on November 5th, where the winner was Arceus. This page will briefly detail how to obtain this Arceus. Keep in mind, it can only be downloaded by those who have a Black/White game from Japan. Whether or not other countries will be able to participate in similar events when the games are officially released in their home country remains to be seen.

Instructions. The first image, above, demonstrates that you can view the input by clicking on the orange box on the bottom left of the screen. Once open you will see image two from the above collection of thumbnails. Near the bottom of this window you will need to input a password, which could be obtained by visiting the poll site, where the password to unlock the download was initially distributed. No need to go there now, though, as here it is: さばきのつぶて.

Having entered the password you will see the next two images show above, which indicate that you have unlocked this Arceus. Now that this is complete you will need to connect using Game Sync to download the Arceus to your game. This should only occur if you are downloading a Pokémon from the Dream World (no worries, if there are other Pokémon you are downloading, the Arceus will join them). Once the Arceus, and any other downloads, are complete, simply visit High Link to meet your Arceus to capture it. The last image in the above group of interactive thumbnails simply shows the details given in the Global Link's news update they day that the Arceus was made available. The specifics of this Arceus follow, please note though that it could be captured in any PokéBall, not just the Dream Ball.

Info On アルセウス (Global Link 2010)
dreamball ball sprite arceus Genderless
Level 100
Item None
Ability Multitype
Nature Varies
Catch Rate 3
Known Moves
~ Recover (10PP)
~ Hyper Beam (5PP)
~ Perish Song (5PP)
~ Judgment (10PP)

30 Total PP
Stat Min Max
HP 350 381
Atk 220 303
Def 220 303
Sp.Atk 220 303
Sp.Def 220 303
Spd 220 303