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Below is a collection of thumbnails that we have assembled for Pokémon Black/White. These screenshots are of gameplay and artwork from the games and by Ken Sugimori. As we approach the release in Japan this fall more will be added.



Sprites cannot be enlarged. These are not official sprites, though some may appear to be close to the real thing. They have been ripped from screenshots and video stills purely for conventional use around the site (and yours if you so see fit) until official sprites are ripped.

female female running male back male running rival_n female_trainer1.png professor_araragi.png american_footballer.png business_woman.png hiker.png white_sprite.png pokabu back
tsutaja pokabu mijumaru chiramii munma musharna gochiruzeru rankurusu miruhoggu_sprite.png moguryuu_sprite.png swana.png kirumiru.png shikijika gigaiasu mamanbo
mamepato zorua zoroark reshiram zekrom hihidaruma shimama minezumi wargle kibago koromori vikutini yanappu.png


Non-enlargeable Pictures

character_select hiun_building hiun_alley isshu_forest bridge2
desert molten_building belle_spontaneous.png meetingup_cheren.png meetingup_cheren2.png

Animated Images