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Below is a collection of media related to Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 that we have assembled. The screenshots are of gameplay; the artwork, drawn by Ken Sugimori for the games; the videos, released by various outlets and recorded by us. As we approach the games' release this gallery will be updated.

Video Links


Click these screens to make them larger.

Added May 19th.

alder1 alder2 bianca_encounter1 bianca_encounter2 bianca_starters plasma_house homika_dad brycen_Pokéwood Pokéwood1 Pokéwood2 Pokéwood3 Pokéwood4 pwt1 pwt2 pwt3

Added April 14th.

character-pick hiougicity-1 hiougicity-2 hiougicity-3 underwatertunnel marketplace Pokéwood shizui-1 shizui-2 battle-screen psyduck-b2w2 riolu-b2w2

These are the screens you can't make any larger.

Added May 19th.

cheren_battle.jpg cheren_encounter.jpg cheren_gym.jpg

Added April 14th.

rival-1.jpg rival-2.jpg rival-3.jpg prof-1.jpg prof-2.jpg prof-3.jpg Homika-1.jpg Homika-2.jpg Homika-3.jpg Shizui-3.jpg battle-screen-2.jpg arcanine-b2w2.jpg metagross-b2w2.jpg

CoroCoro Leaks

CoroCoro-June-1 CoroCoro-June-2 CoroCoro-June-3
CoroCoro-June-5 CoroCoro-June-6 CoroCoro-June-8

meloetta forme

corocorob2w2 1 corocorob2w2 2 corocorob2w2 3

april corocoro 1 april corocoro 2