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Terms of Service

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Following are the Terms of Service corresponding to and written expressly for PLDH.net. Failure to follow these standards will get you into trouble. Please pay attention and remember the following when participating with this community!

Be aware of who your PLDH.net Staff is comprised of!

Administrators generally handle design and functionality aspects of the webforum and website. They generally do not deal with social or basic community issues.
Over the years being a member of the Moderation team became something of a status position and actually caused more problems than any other faction of regulars... So we created an account called ModBot that handles moderative activities and is managed by several different members anonymously. Since then the need to moderate has dropped to being almost null. What a great community!

An Intro to Forums

I'm going to start by saying some pretty obvious things. Why? Its evident that even the most obvious is capable of getting lost in life's daily conundrum, at least that's what I hope happens, otherwise it means there's a lot of idiots out there and that is sad. Of course, I'm not addressing you as you are here, reading this.

Forums are communities on the internet where people come and hopefully join to contribute to the community and participate in discussion and community events. There is no limit to the amount of people that can be part of a forum's community and that means there is going to be a lot of diversity. Yes, diversity exists even when a group of people have a common interest. Having diversity means there is a good chance that conflict between some members is inevitable.

As conflict is common on a forum there is generally a heirarchy of power on each and every forum, consisting of moderators, administrators, and sometimes rats. The job of the staff (moderators and administrators) is to keep the forum running smoothly. Moderators are selected by administrators, who are also capable of general moderation tasks but are usually more involved in forum upkeep. Moderators and administrators (in some cases and most certainly our case) will set rules for the community to follow, to keep the community behaving respectably. Moderators uphold those rules. It is then the job of each and every member to follow the rules established, or outlined and forewarned action will be taken.

Rats are generally normal members who, out of spite, jealousy, or some other unknown motive, will taddle-tale on another member to a moderator in the hopes that action will be taken against the singled out individual. GameFAQs loves rats. We don't. Rats will probably get the raw end of the deal here, so don't be a taddle-tale. If you are a rat... Well I'm sorry but if you intend on acting on rat-like impulses just leave. It will save everyone time.

And that sums this part up, onto the things I shouldn't need to outline but am doing so because insolence is so common...

The Rules

Language and Posting
We have a very lenient staff. Cursing is permitted to a reasonable extent. Don't get that confused though, some things have zero tolerance;
  1. Excessive cursing and/or continuing to curse after you have been asked to stop by a moderator or administrator.
  2. Racial slurs, they are not nice, do not use them for any reason.
  3. Sexual slurs, these aren't nice either. Don't be mean to girls, and vice versa I guess >_>;;, didn't you learn this when you were little?
  4. Excessive trolling and/or continuous creation of useless and/or misplaced threads. We don't like bs, as I hope you don't. Let's keep the crap to a minimum.
  5. Excessive flaming, you may think you are being really cool when you flame, some might laugh too, but it is at someone's expense, and that isn't cool in any way.
Addressing Spam
Spam is ONLY PERMITTED IN The Lounge! Why do we permit spam? We feel that spam is an unavoidable disease that most all forums have to deal with. Rather than increase the workload of our staff and make members angry we deal with spam by concentrating it in a single area.
Spam is also permitted to form in a thread located ONLY IN Social AFTER that thread is considered to have run its course. Realize that this is considered hijacking and you may face consequences, depending on which moderator catches the hijack. A hijacked thread may be split, moved to Purgatory, or simply dumped in The Lounge.
Defining Spam - Any post, or series of posts, which does not directly relate to a topic and is generally an irrelevant contribution to sensible, organized, discussion.
Warnings may be issued for violating any of the above. You will recieve a PM on the forums regarding the Warning which states the reason you are recieveing it. It is advised that pay serious attention to the warning or you may find yourself getting suspended depending on if/when you recieve another warning.
Suspension Ranks
Suspensions work differently than Warnings. You will carry the rank for the duration of the suspension as well as 7 days after. We have 0 tolerance for issuing warnings while you are on Parole (the 7, 14, 21, or 31 days you carry the rank). You will enter directly into the next Quarantine Level if you are warned during Parole. Realize that each Quarantine Level is one step closer to being permanently banned and also that records of Quarantines are kept.
Quarantine 1 -
This user has consistently disobeyed ToS and/or demands made by the moderating staff to change from their current course of action. Quarantine 1 is a 24 hour suspension. Moving to this level costs the user 20 rep. It is used for first time suspension. Quarantine 1 users are on parole for 7 days.
Quarantine 2 -
This user has consistently disobeyed ToS and/or demands made by the moderating staff to change from their current course of action. Quarantine 2 is a 72 hour suspension. Moving to this level costs the user 30 rep. It used for second time suspension. Quarantine 2 users are on parole for 14 days.
Quarantine 3 -
This user has consistently disobeyed ToS and/or demands made by the moderating staff to change from their current course of action. Quarantine 3 is a 120 hour suspension. Moving to this level costs the user 50 rep. It used for a third time suspension. Quarantine 3 users are on parole for 21 days.
Solitary -
This user has been suspended 3 times and as such is considered a threat to the general community. Suspension will last 14 days and after the user is permitted to post again any infraction of any level leads to a KoS. Moving to this level costs the user 75 rep. It is used as the last suspension level. Solitary users are on parole for 31 days.
You can start individual battles here. Note that clauses and rules only apply to individual battles if the battlers agree. We (the staff) honestly don't care about the outcome or what happens in the battle so we don't want to hear about it if things go badly... As for tournaments: First off, follow the rules and don't whine. Secondly, note the following before starting a tournament or competing in one...

Starting a tourny - To start a tournament you must first make a request here and have that request approved. You are in charge of establishing the used clauses, rules, and identifying the competitors. You will also be required to keep up-to-date with info regarding winners and losers of each round. Starting a tournament thread without it being approved will get you a warning as will failing to establish a ruleset.

Competing in a tourny - Competing in a tournament is a privilege. If you fail to show up for a match you willingly signed up for you may be warned and disqualified from the tournament... This will affect your record in the PLDH.net standings. BE AWARE of the clauses and established rules before signing up or beginning your battle. Failure to comply with the tournament's standards will get you disqualified and possibly warned.

Hacking in a tourny - You may be able to get away with it but if you are caught you will be disqualified from the tournament and will no longer to be eligible to enter future tournaments. Be forewarned that a ban may be handed out depending on the severity of the hack and weight of the tournament in question.
Need we say honesty is a necessity here? We sure hope not but just because the world isn't picture perfect we're going to do it anyways. Be honest. If you've hacked let your prospective trade partner know. Don't screw up their cartridge with your dishonest BS. If you are caught lieing KoS. 'Kay? Kay.

Concluding Words

That covers the scope of our current rules. Hopefully we won't need to have a discussion on establishing more because idiots insist on attempting to spread the disease...

We'd also like to take a moment to thank our awesome members! You guys have been absolutely outstanding, so far >_>;; !