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Site Styles

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There are currently seven different active styles for members of PLDH to use while browsing the website. They currently all revolve around Fifth generation Pokémon, which celebrates not only the release of the Pokémon Black/White games but also the fifth version of the PLDH website. Below you can see all currently active styles as well as styles that were used during the version of the website. Obviously these styles are no longer available but we will eventually take a poll to see which ones members would like to see updated.

Access to the styles is limited only to members not because of a gimmick to get registrations but rather because the style is set via a field in our members database. This works in congress with our forum and, if a cookie was used so that any visitor could select a style, would have caused inconsistency between the forum's style and the main website's. So, perhaps unfortunately, you must register to use a style different than the default (though we may periodically change the default style).

Version 5 of the site has two different base templates from which all themes are drafted from. They are referred to as pldhBase and pldhFloat. pldhBase is used in most styles at current and was added for version 5.1.x while pldhFloat was used for version 5.0.x and updated for the new site. pldhFloat was kept so that we can eventually update some of the version 4 themes for the new site as they share many qualities with pldhFloat and will make their porting over much easier.

Version 5.x.x Styles
  1. Shady Krook [features: Krookodile] (pldhBase)
  2. Knights Armor [features: Escavalier] (pldhBase)
  3. Alien Abduction [features: Elgyem] (pldhBase)
  4. Desert Death [features: Cofagrigus] (pldhBase)
  5. Wood Trainer [features: Timburr] (pldhBase)
  6. Amoeba Matters [features: Reuniclus] (pldhBase)
  7. CarboniteBlackWhite (pldhFloat)
Version 4.x.x Styles
  1. Gyarados of Kanagawa
  2. Vile Stacks
  3. Stars and Lucario
  4. Pory in Wind
  5. Son of Mew
  6. GiaChrome
  7. 100BurntBranches
  8. Blaine the Riddler
  9. 'Tu Mind Benders
  10. Grains of Zoroark
  11. Son of Mew (On Hiatus)

The following styles are all based on artwork, most are so well known that they should be very easy to recognize. The incorporation of artwork into the website, and explanations thereof, are, in a sense, the potential niché that PLDH has. It is the reason for our slogan, The Art of Pokémon.

Registered users can change the style by accessing the board preferences submenu in their User Control Panel.

Click any image to enlarge the view...

v5 - Shady Krook


CarboniteShadyKrook, or CSK, features the Pokémon Krookodile. This theme was the first to be added post-release of version 5.1.x of the site. The Pokémon chosen for theme was voted on by members of PLDH's forum in a series of community polls leading up to the release of Pokémon Black/White. It was made default at the stroke of midnight moving into March 6, 2011. We think its a pretty stellar theme, akin to the Blaine the Riddler theme. Its a fortunate event for admin Top, who had attempted to lobby, unsuccessfully, for this theme when we were constructing launch themes. The poll and resultant product proved the rest of us wrong... Though, I can see the red burning out some individuals' eyes. We went as crimson as possible to avoid that...

v5 - Knights Armor


CarboniteKnightsArmor, or CKA, features the Pokémon Escavalier. It was planned that this style would be the default at launch of version 5.1.0 on December 24th, 2010 but we found a minor issue with its stylesheet, specifically within the footer, that went unnoticed until things went live. Once discovering the error, CAA, the style below this, was made default. CKA would take its rightful place as default about five days later. Escavalier remained the default theme until March 6, 2010, when Black/White were released. To celebrate the occasion, members voted on a Pokémon to make the new theme and Escavalier was retired as default.

v5 - Alien Abduction


CarboniteAlienAbduction, or CAA, is based on the Pokémon Elgyem. The Brock Levels (aka administrative team) at the site went back and forth between using CAA or CKA as the default launch theme for version 5.1.0. We eventually decided on using the Escavalier theme for a variety of reasons but Elgyem wasn't finished quite yet. The CKA theme had a styling error that went overlooked until launch and we had to fall back to CAA for a few days. Elgyem's style may still get more extended time as a default but not anytime soon as the Brock Levels have all kinds of future plans.

v5 - Desert Death


CarboniteDesertDeath, or CDD, features the Pokémon Cofagrigus. Making this theme was sort of a guilty pleasure for us and we didn't think that it would be a very popular theme. While it currently feigns in comparison to Escavalier, it is the second most popular of the themes released for the version 5.1.0 launch. There is some debate about whether or not we will default CDD over the summer, as the theme gives off a real summertime vibe.

v5 - Wood Trainer


CarboniteWoodTrainer, or CWT, features the Pokémon Timburr. Honestly, the nickname for this theme is horrid but it was created at right about the same time the idea for theme was conceived and with the acronym cwt in use for all of the files already, changing it wouldn't have made much sense or been very easy. Despite the name, I personally love this style. Its not a favorite amongst users but its got a cool contrast to it that plays on several levels. Timburr itself trains with a wooden plank, and this gives it a sort of classic, old school feel when considering the entire family is based on elements of construction. Move up the family tree to Gurdurr and finally to Conkledurr we find elements of steel and concrete, which are used in modern construction. We could almost follow the evolution of favored materials used in construction in that order: wood, metals, concrete. At the same time the style's contrast is sort of like city versus country, or old versus new. At any rate I enjoy the perceived depth here, it gives the theme an artistic feel on a variety of levels. CWT was a version 5.1.0 release theme and probably won't ever be default, despite my odd love affair with it.

v5 - Amoeba Matters


CarboniteAmoebaMatters, or CAM, features the Pokémon Reuniclus. Again, with the bad theme names. I'd apologize but whatever, a theme name shouldn't bother you that much and if it really does have yourself a walk and get out of the house already. At any rate, this style was kind of forced. It took several tries to get right, still not a huge fan of the pallet, but its up and running now, not much to do. We could technically go back to it, again, but I've not the energy and we've really tried everything. Its seen a surprising amount of use by our members so I guess that is all that really matters. CAM was one of the version 5.1.0 release styles and will likely never see the light of default-ness.

v5 - CarboniteBlackWhite


CarboniteBlackWhite, or CBW, is the first and only style we have which is not based on a Pokémon or even a character (see Blaine below). The CBW style was created, in-part, per the suggestion of a member which thought a safe-for-work style would be beneficial to those who may not want to be seen browsing a Pokémon site in public (really now?). In the end this style was adapted from the the previous site version, v4, and was the only style available during version 5.0.x. That said, it was the default style from June 2nd, 2010 to December 24th, 2010, when version 5.1.0 went live. The theme and site during that time were widely regarded as being in beta. CBW maintains its version 4 influence as a pldhFloat template user. In the future it will be used to bring back version 4 styles.

v4 - Gyarados of Kanagawa

gok preview

Gyarados of Kanagawa (or GoK) was the default style as well as the first of site iteration 4.1's styles. This particular style holds a great deal of nostalgia for many members as it marked the beginning of major advancements for the website all the way back on September 23rd, 2008. It is based on Gyarados and a famous work of art by Katsushika Hokusai. For more about the art (entitled: The Great Wave off Kanagawa), and banner itself, visit GoK's section of the banners page.

v4 - Vile Stacks

vim preview

Vile Stacks (or ViM) is based on the Pokémon Weavile and one of Monet's pieces of art entitled Grain Stacks. Weavile has been a PLDH mascot since the inception of this community in 2006. It is representative of the DH (DarkHunters) in the acronym PLDH. It seemed necessary, then, to base a style on this mascot. That is despite the fact that we no longer subscribe to the publication that founded the community originally. For more about Monet's work visit the ViM section of the banners page.

v4 - Stars and Lucario

sal preview

Stars and Lucario (or SaL) is based on the Pokémon Lucario and a piece of art named Starry Night by artist Vincent van Gogh. Lucario has, like Weavile, been a mascot of the PLDH community since it was formed in 2006. Lucario is representative of the PL (PokéLeague) in the acronym PLDH. As a result, when making styles for the website, it was impossible for me to leave out Lucario! While we no longer sponsor a League challenge here we are still PLDH, so there you go. For more about the banner based on Starry Night visit the SaL section of the banners page.

v4 - Pory in Wind

piw preview

Pory in Wind (or PiW) is based on the Pokémon Porygon-Z and a piece of art by Jules Cozine entitled Nimbus. Porygon-Z was not originally a mascot of PLDH but inherited the title as it is used on our YouTube channel, which is managed by users: Teej, Ze Colonel and Jimmy Kudo. It then felt only right to base a theme around Porygon-Z. For more about what is likely our most unknown artist based banner visit the PiW section of the banners page.

v4 - GiaChrome

gic preview

GiaChrome (or GiC) is based on the Pokémon Lugia and two different pieces of art. The background of the style is The Tama River in Musashi Province by artist Katsushika Hokusai. The art for Lugia is based on SilverWing (of Lugia's Island)'s custom rendering of Lugia. This style was created in the spirit of the Gold/Silver remakes, HeartGold/SoulSilver. For more about it visit GiC's section of the banners page.

v4 - 100BurntBranches

1bb preview

100BurntBranches (or 1BB) is based on the Pokémon Ho-oh and, surprise, surprise, a painting by Hokusai. The background of this banner is called 100 Poems by Katsushika Hokusai. The art for Ho-oh comes from the pre-release art for the monster that was original posted on the official Japanese Pokémon site. This style was possibly the most difficult style to create and is also created in the spirit of the Gold/Silver remakes, HeartGold/SoulSilver. For more about it visit 1BB's section of the banners page.

v4 - Blaine the Riddler

btr preview

Blaine the Riddler (or BtR) is based on the Gym Leader Blaine. The style was inplace as the default style for seven days (February 13th - February 20th) during the Blaine Game which was a joint effort between our YouTube Channel and this website. For more about it visit BtR's section of the banners page.

v4 - 'Tu Mind Benders

tmb preview

'Tu Mind Binders (or TMB) is based on the Pokémon Natu and Xatu family of Pokémon. It was designed, as was decided by a general community concensus, to replace the Son of Mew style. That theme's color pallete never matched the Pokémon it was designed. Why? The forum theme, which was dark green, was paired with Son of Mew and ultimately drew the style down. Natu and Xatu are far more suitable for the style. As well, many issues with the colors were fixed, including the tables in the PokéDex. For more about it visit TMB's section of the banners page.

v4 - Grains of Zoroark

goz preview

Grains of Zoroark (or GoZ) is based on the fifth generation Pokémon Zoroark. It was made the default style on February 20th, 2008, after Blaine the Riddler's short run. It was initially intended to replace VileStacks, but couldn't overcome the same problems that have plagued that style and so it was released independently. It celebrates the upcoming fifth generation games. For more about it visit GoZ's section of the banners page.

v4 - Son of Mew

som preview

Son of Mew (or SoM) is based on the Pokémon Mewtwo and two different pieces of art. The background of the style is Elephants by artist Salvadore Dali. The concept for Mewtwo, as well as the hat and apple used, are based on Rene Magritte's Son of Man. The entire concept, and consequent image assembly, is credited to user MikkelDemey who concieved the style when The Great Art Search was done on the forum in an effort to begin developing the various styles for the website. It is perhaps the deepest in meaning of all styles. For more about it visit SoM's section of the banners page.