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People truely love this community and over the years they've made art for it! Here we pay tribute to the sprites that have been made for PLDH.net and that have been, in the past, featured on the website. These days the sprites aren't used but we still pay tribute to their creators and put them up for show here!

The Cereals

The Cereals sprites were featured in iteration 3 and served as its theme.

Sprite Cereal Personality Actual Pokémon Spriter Work Done
Capt'n Crunch Cap'n Crunch of Quaker Oats Co.© Probopass Teej Nose, mustache, hat recolour. Added the 'C.'
Buzz Buzz of General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios© Beedrill nza Drills became hands, added shoes, changed eyes, added shirt.
ChocoBear ChocoBear of Nestle Chocos© Ursaring nza Recoloured for overalls and white shirt, added 'Chocos' label.
Cornelius Cornelius of Kellogg's Corn Flakes© Combusken superflous Complete recolour.
Dig'em Dig'em Frog of Kellogg's Honey Smacks© Politoed nza Complete recolour, added hat.
Crazy Craving Crazy Craving of Post Honey Comb© Primeape nza Complete recolour, added large eyes, new nose, borrowed mouth from Glalie.
Lucky Lucky of General Mills Lucky Charms© Illumise nza Complete recolour, added hat, removed 'antennae.'
Tony the Tiger Tony the Tiger of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes© Aggron nza Complete recolour, removed head and then added a new one from scratch.
Toucan Sam Toucan Sam of Kellogg's Fruit Loops© Farfeth'd superflousComplete recolour, stick removed.
Silly Rabbit Silly Rabbit of General Mills Trix©Lopunny nza Complete recolour. Removed the... small ears, altered eyes, added eyebrows.
Wendall Wendall of General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch© Mr. Mime nza Complete recolour, added chef's hat.

Trainer Sprites

ThunderHero made these splices for iteration 1. They were featured in their respective sections' title images. Given that PLDH.net no longer associates itself with the mentality that spurred the creation of these sprites, it is unlikely they will ever be used outside of this page, or perhaps as avatars...

Sprite Name Spriter Work Done
Gardevoir/Female Trainer Sprite DarkHunters, Female Trainer Sprite superflous Spliced Gardevoir and female trainer sprite.
Haunter/Male Trainer Sprite DarkHunters, Male Trainer Sprite superflous Spliced Haunter and male trainer sprite.
Lucario/Female Trainer Sprite PokéLeague Female Trainer Sprite ThunderHero Spliced Lucario and female trainer sprite.
Lucario/Male Trainer Sprite PokéLeague Male Trainer Sprite ThunderHero Spliced Lucario and male trainer sprite.

Cole's Holiday Recolours

Cole made these to be used during the 2007 Holiday Season in the place of the Cereals theme. Unfortunately iteration 3 was on it's last legs and these sprites didn't make it onto the website.

Sprite Name Spriter Work Done
Abomasnow/XMas Tree AbomaTree Cole Jordan Complete recolour, added a star.
Abomasnow/Santa SantaSnow Cole Jordan Complete recolour, added brown bag.
Snorlax/Santa SantaLax Cole Jordan Complete recolour, added brown bag.
Delibird/Elf ElfBird Cole Jordan Complete recolour.
Empoleon/Penguin EmPenguin Cole Jordan Complete recolour.
Delibird/Penguin DeliPenguin Cole Jordan Complete recolour.

Staff Sprites

For the Holiday season of 2006 ThunderHero made some splices as avatar gifts for the residing staff of the forums, at the time. Below are those splices, which, even today, still find use on the forums. ThunderHero used each staffer's favorite Pokémon for the splices.

Sprite Name Spriter Work Done
BlazeGod BlazeGod ThunderHero Spliced Blaziken with a trainer sprite for DH founder, God of Blaze.
Dembat Dembat ThunderHero Spliced Crobat with a trainer sprite for Administrator, Mikkel.
JtPluff JtPluff ThunderHero Spliced Jumpluff with a trainer sprite for Lead Moderator, Jth.
MNYDon MNYDon ThunderHero Spliced Rhyperior with a trainer sprite for General Moderator, MNY.
nizzPert nizzPert ThunderHero Spliced Swampert with a trainer sprite for Administrator, nza.
KudosGar KudosGar ThunderHero Spliced Gengar with a trainer sprite for General Moderator, Jimmy Kudo.
SIaanMew SIaanMew ThunderHero Spliced Mew with a trainer sprite for Moderator, SIaanme.
VenuHero VenuHero ThunderHero Spliced Venusaur with a trainer sprite for Moderator, ThunderHero.
DaleCario DaleCario ThunderHero The PokéLeague Male Trainer Sprite was for Dale, which, again, was a splice of Lucario and a trainer sprite.

REMINDER: All sprites found on this page are subject to the © of their respective creators and PLDH.net! They are not open for use or redistrubution anywhere else without permission! See our notes on image theft for more.