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Join, or Enter.

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Join, or Enter is actually a spoof on a famous cartoon drawn by Benjamin Franklin in 1754. If you know anything about Benjamin Franklin, US History, or even saw the John Adams special on HBO, you'd probably recognize what this PLDH.net splash page is adapted from. Check the heading "JOD's History" below if you are only interested in the historical aspect of this page and not why it is in use here.


"Join, or Die," seemed a little too dark and serious for a simple splash page to a PokéSite... Aside from which I'm not too sure how well "Die" linking to this site's homepage would have played out, lol.

Join, or Die.
Join, or Die.
Join, or Enter.
Join, or Enter.

The images are displayed here for comparison. Click them to see enlarged versions, if you want.

Where did I get the awkward idea for our splash page? Well, I'd seen the image before but that was a long time ago. In early 2008 HBO did a mini-series on John Adams, which if you did not see it, it was spectacular, I suggest at least renting the DVDs. Anyway the JOD image was used in the credits of that special and it was at some point during the mini-series that, for what reason I have no idea, it occurred to me that I was being reminded of Ekans... The HBO special actually used a depiction stating, instead "Unite, or Die," which was a version used in New York in 1765, 11 years after its initial appearance; more on that later.

Now there hadn't been a splash page on this website for awhile and I knew it was actually a bad thing to be constantly redirecting to a homepage not located in the site's root directory. So, when I determined I wasn't going to be lazy anymore, I up and made the Join, or Enter splash page, an idea that had stuck with me since the John Adams mini-series. To that end it was hand-drawn and colored in, in keeping, somewhat, with the original JOD image by Ben Franklin.

JOD's History

It seems only right to pay respect to Ben Franklin and the image that inspired the JOE splash page by providing a minor explanation on what JOE was inspired by and what the real image represents.

JOD was first drawn in 1754 as Ben Franklin's way of depicting the fact that the colonies remained separated but that they needed to unite against the French and American Indians, who stood united against the colonists as the French were involved in a mildly lucrative fur trade. The French were also at peace with Native Indians and the men often married tribeswomen or the French women married tribesmen, as a show of peace. The colonists perceived the Native Americans differently as well as the French by their association, causing a constant state of unease between the parties.

The segmentation of the snake takes on greater meaning when considering the fact that at that time in America it was thought that if a snake had been severed into pieces, which were placed back together before sunset, the snake would then return to life. The snake then represented a land that was once whole, which was now separated by imaginary lines which the colonists needed to erase in order to unite against a perceived evil.

The initials in Franklin's work were representative of the eight colonies that he was appealing to, which were (from head to tail): New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

In 1765, however, the image took on different meaning. Instead of standing as an image of a united colonies against the French and Native Americans, it stood as a symbol of united-ness of the colonies against Britain, which would later become the American Revolution.

I actually considered, for a moment, using initials on the snake to represent the major Pokémon communities but quickly determined that that would have been a mistake... At any rate, I hope you enjoy it :D