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If your question is not found here you may contact PLDH Administration for an answer. Of course if your question relates to our forums perhaps you should first check that FAQ for an answer.

I can't login after I make an account, can you help?
There are many reasons for this. First you should try clicking the link found on the forum homepage titled, "Delete all board cookies." If that does not work you should attempt to clear your browser cache. This is generally done via Tools>Options in your browser menu. Of course if you are using Internet Explorer we recommend using the Opera or FireFox web browsers.
I keep getting logged out!
See the above resolution. If all else fails please contact the support team! We don't want to lose you as a member!
Why can't I post after registering?
You registered as being under the age of 13. Your account will need to approved by an Administrator before you can post... I guess this wasn't clear when registering? (Or did you just not read anything!? HMM?)
When is the Platinum update for My Pokémon Ranch coming out?
I. Don't. Know. Let's take a moment to dispell something I see a lot of that pertains to this topic; using dates as a way of estimating the update's release. The difference in time between Platinum's release in Japan and MPR's Platinum update does not transfer over to North America. Just because its taken longer to find release here than it did in Japan does not imply that we won't get an update. That said, with each passing Monday I become a little less optimistic...
Pokémon Scramble and the new Mystery Dungeon games for Wii all use the same Pokémon graphics as MPR. Think that means we'll get the Platinum update?
No. We can't even be sure that those games will be released stateside. I'd bet that if/when we get release dates for those games we'll already have some knowledge regarding the Platinum MPR update (don't misconstrue that as a hint about anything! It isn't.).
You are missing some pictures for Club Look-See members!/There are 37 Club Look-See members, not 21!
I am completely aware of both of those facts. If I haven't met the person on the Ranch how can I have their picture? I'm still using Ranch to meet the members, lol, and this is true as of July 30, 2009. I'm also aware that not all members are listed... But how could I list the member and their respective data if I haven't met them? The information presented there is based off of my playthrough, which has its own pluses and minuses. A plus would be extrememly thorough coverage, a minus would be time it takes to complete it. I'm not sitting around all day, everyday, playing MPR and I'm not lifting info from another site.
Your Battle Frontier section is really good but you should have team ideas/can you help me with my team?
Well, thank you for the compliment and for using the section, however I am not in the business of giving out team suggestions/rates/etc. You could always get advice from our members by starting a topic here. The community is small but I promise there are some extremely knowledgeable members lurking about. They love rating teams too!
I can't use your website. The menus and PokéDex are broken.
No they aren't. You don't have JavaScript turned on AND you are ignoring the big red messages plastered all over the top of your pages! ARGGH! Visit here for support. No more emails, please! (DexSearch now being default should remedy the JavaScript dropdown issues)
[name] Pokémon has the same move listed for the same level twice in your PokéDex!
I know. Apparently there was an error in the script I wrote when moving all of that data to our database. If you find that, its actually saying this move is learned by default and at x level. I'm slowly working my way through the 30,000+ rows to correct this...
I came here from GameFAQs because there was a link for an EventDex posted in a FAQ there. Where is it?
We did have the biggest and most complete EventDex on the internet, as of 2007. However the site crashed that winter and that section was not restored. It will be, when I can get around to it :D Until then, sorry!
I want to use a different style you have for your site but how?
Lol, this hasn't been asked frequently, or even twice, but it was too funny to leave hidden away. It says, on the styles page, that you must register to use any of the styles! AHH!