Book of Birth

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Day 0
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7

Day 0

In the beginning there was nothing. The earth was without form or composition. All of space was a black abyss. All that was was an egg floating among the chaos and the void. The winds of space ate away at the egg and gave it shape. In time the egg took to life and became the Alpha Omega, Arceus, the creator. Arceus, who bore 1,000 arms, who bore the knowledge of perfection, who bore the emotion to endlessly adore all that it parented, and who bore the willpower to create.

Day 1

And on the first day Arceus said, "Let there be a foundation for which I can forge life, the universe, and everything."

In the image of Arceus was spawned Dialga and time began to flow. Dialga whose blue surface sparkled 1,000 sparkles. Dialga whose blue surface was impenetrable by time and the void. The sheen of time pulsated throughout the completeness of Dialga. Arceus saw itself in the face of time and Arceus said that it was good.

In the image of Arceus was spawned Palkia and space began to flow. Palkia whose purple surface sparkled 1,000 sparkles. Palkia whose purple surface was impermeable by space and the void. The abyss of space was filled with the completeness of Palkia. Arceus saw itself in the face of space and Arceus said that it was good.

In the image of Arceus was spawned Giratina and the void was filled. Giratina whose gray surface was feint and eerie. Giratina whose surface was impervious to time and space. The darkness of the void was given to the completeness of Giratina. Arceus saw itself in the face of the void and Arceus said that it was good.

Looking into the eyes of the first three creations Arceus cried three tears.

From the eyes of Arceus fell Uxie. The embodiment of the Alpha Omega's knowledge. And Dialga, Palkia and Giratina were stricken with thought.

From the eyes of Arceus fell Mesprit. The embodiment of the Alpha Omega's emotion. And Dialga, Palkia and Giratina were stricken with compassion.

From the eyes of Arceus fell Azelf. The embodiment of the Alpha Omega's willpower. And Dialga, Palkia and Giratina were stricken with determination.

Arceus saw the embodiment of itself in its tears and deemed that they were indeed of pureheart.


Day 2

On the second mark of time Arceus was found to be unhappy with all that it had created and so Arceus set out to contrive more.

The Alpha Omega beckoned space and said that it was empty. Arceus looked adorantly at the 1,000 sparkles of Palkia's purple surface imagining that all of space were filled with the globulous sparkles. And so it was, space was lined with guiding beacons of hope, the planets were born.

Arceus would point at one star and say that it was the sun. To ward off the blackness of space the Alpha Omega would fill the star with light. And Palkia felt happy.

Next the Alpha Omega beckoned time and said that it was empty. Arceus looked adorantly at the 1,000 planets of Palkia's space and imagined that one of them were marked by the passage of it's endlessly flowing time. Arceus pointed, naming the moon, saying that it would be new and full.

As it were Cresselia of the new moon was born. It did show the lightness of the dark moon and rang in the hope of rebirth for those passing out of the void.

Arceus would then bore Darkrai of the full moon. It did show the darkness of the light moon and rang in the fear of those passing into the void. And happiness overcame Dialga.

The Alpha Omega did proclaim the sun and moon to be inverse. Marking Dialga's reign of time and Palkia's reign of space. Arceus would, on the 'morrow, set out to create a beautiful planet on which all of its children could rejoice in the awe and wonder of space, time and the void.

Arceus did next beckon Giratina. Arceus looked adorantly at the void and said that in the next day it would birth a planet of life that would end and be born again, in it's absence passing through Giratina's void. And Giratina felt happiness.

In the Alpha Omega's final action of the second day it beckoned the three tears embodying it's pureheart and said that that planet of life would be drenched in knowledge, emotion, and willpower and Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf were happy.


Day 3

On the third mark of time Arceus was filled with the urge to satisfy itself and give it's children a creation to rejoice over. The Alpha Omega set out to construct a beautiful planet.

Arceus reasoned that this planet would be of a powerful foundation. That this planet would bear a core of liquid heat, so that they all could feel its greatness. Arceus pointed to a star nearest the moon of Cresselia and Darkrai and said that it would be earth. The star was drowned in liquid heat and the liquid flowed furiously about. This Arceus would name Heatran. And Heatran was born.

Upon seeing the glorious surges of the planet's foundation the Alpha Omega reasoned that it was not of a permanent foundation. Arceus again pointed at the planet and dried its surface. The planet was now powerful and permanent.

And seeing the calmness of this surface Arceus reasoned that the powerful surges need return but in a cool and less destructive form, for the surface was bland and uninteresting. The Alpha Omega pointed at the hardened surfaces of earth and filled its crevices and valleys and plains with water. The water thrashed about the planet in a rage reminiscient of its core.

Still this planet was not something for Arceus and its children to rejoice over. The surface of the earth was aimless and without mastery. Arceus looked upon the hardened land, seeing as Heatran dug holes into it, where the magmatic core would seep out of. From this unmoving surface was born Groudon. A large creature which could control the lands. Arceus looked at the raging waters and borned Kyogre, which could control the oceans of water.

The two creatures were ever powerful and overcome with rage and the need to control the entirety of earth's surface. They fought through the light of the sun and soon the darkness fell upon their fury. Arceus and its children watched as the battle for control continued through the night.


Day 4

On the fourth mark of time Arceus was not content with the goings on of this planet. It was in constant battle and did not satisfy time, space, or the void. There was nothing on this planet to rejoice over.

Arceus was given to bring peace to earth. The tears of his pureheart fell onto the grounds of the planet forming three lakes. Each lake rang in the embodiment of Arceus, his thought, compassion, and determination. This only drove the two beasts into a greater rage. The battle of Groudon and Kyogre forced water out into space.

The Alpha Omega feared for time and space. It created a being to watch over time, it created Celebi. A small green being of much intelligence, Celebi would only appear once for every 1,000th passage of time. Celebi was given to the earth. It remained but was also fearful.

It created a being to watch over space, it created Jirachi. A small yellow being of much intelligence, Jirachi would only appear once for every wish that was made. Jirachi was given to the earth. It remained but was fearful.

These two beings and the lakes of its pureheart were still not enough to calm the raging beasts or make the Alpha Omega feel safe, for its creations remained in fear. Unhappy with this Arceus set out to concoct the embodiment's of peace.

In the image of the redness of Groudon Arceus created Latias. Latias would refract the light of the sun of Groudon and make it see the goodness in the world. Her intelligence was greater than Groudon's.

In the image of the blueness of Kyogre Arceus created Latios. Latios would use the image in the seas to make Kyogre see the compassion of the world. His intelligence was greater than Kyogre's.

Latias and Latios would roam the surface of the earth with the greatest speeds ever known, to travel quickly to make the battling heathens see the greatness of the world. Still this was not enough.

As quickly as one could travel another would lose track, for even with their speed could they not cover all of the lands. Arceus made it so the female could bore the children given to it by the male. They could reproduce to cover all of planet with their peace. This was still not enough.

Still Palkia's space was filled with the waters thrown into it by the battling. And peace was hard to befall Groudon and Kyogre. The Alpha Omega reasoned it must create one being. One being which would have the power to appear and control the beasts. One being which would enjoy the consumption of the waters strewn about the skies of the earth.

Arceus then created Rayquaza. A large, green, gleaming, all-powerful, beast which could control the two, which would see the peace brought forth by Latias and Latios, and which would not threaten the protectors of space and time. Rayquaza did calm the storm, see the peace, not threaten the guardians, did wield the embodiments of Arceus's pureheart, and did enjoy the consumption of the water strewn about earth's skies.

The Alpha Omega and it's children rejoiced at the complacency of earth and of its wonderful, balanced, surface. The sun would soon set and leave them all in silence.


Day 5

On the fifth mark of time Arceus and its children were rejoicing over the earth's greatness, yet Arceus felt that while it was complacent and balanced it was not at amity with itself and it was not beautiful or living. Arceus would create beings to bring amity and beauty to the surface. Arceus would create beings that would make the surface of earth sustainable for others.

The Alpha Omega imagined the waters of the planet were flowing and vibrant but not raging. It brought forth a large white being. It was all-knowing and powerful. It was Lugia, master of the skies of the oceans. And Lugia sprung forth and flew above the waves. Lugia's power pushed the raging waves down and it created currents which would softly collide with the shores of the continent of earth. The ocean was beginning to calm. Arceus said that Lugia was good and shown the amity of the ocean.

Calm waters in the ocean were not enough to bring amity to the surface of the angry planet. Arceus imagined that the lands were not furiously cracking or moving. Arceus saw the glistening and trembling lakes of his pureheart but wanted more lakes. Arceus saw the browns, tans, and reds of the land but wanted more colour. With the 1,000 sparkles of it's first children in mind Arceus painted a glorious picture of another winged beast. Arceus could feel the power of this beast as it circled. The Alpha Omega gave it to the skies of the land. The trembling waters of Arceus's three tears were beginning to calm and the earth's hard surfaces cracking began to slow. Arceus said that Ho-Oh was good and shown the amity of the land.

Yet Arceus was not finished with the lands. Arceus imagined many continents. Arceus imagined the continents were separated by the glistening surface of not one but many oceans. The Alpha Omega imagined a legged beast that could pull the land and make many lands which he could give life to and that that life would be vastly different and beautiful on each of the continents.

And the golem Regigigas appeared. It was given to the earth and began to make work of separating the land into many lands. Regigigas was slow to break apart the surface but would soon pick up speed and strength as it worked. Arceus said that Regigigas was good and would show the beauty of life on the earth's surface in due time.

Arceus and its children were again joyful and watched as the new creations worked on the planet's surface.


Day 6

On the sixth mark of time Arceus found it had not fulfilled itself, time, space, or the void in creating a beautiful and living planet. On this day Arceus would take one of its last steps in making the earth beautiful and full of life. Arceus determined the planet would become self- sustaining and abundant with life.

Arceus deemed seasons would exist wherein they were born of and afflicted by the weather. The Alpha Omega determined the ocean to be the primary source for creating weather and the seasons, with the help of more beings. Lugia was beckoned and asked to imagine 3 beings for it's control to accomplish the weather and the seasons.

Lugia did first imagine unbearable cold moving amongst the peaks of Groudon's mountains. Arceus shed a tear of ice and named it Articuno, Articuno whose flapping wings shed snow. Articuno who appears before the doomed amongst the snowcapped mountains. This blue beast of the skies would appear and bring with it the cold of winter. Arceus did say Articuno was brilliant and gave it to the earth. Lugia smiled in happiness.

Lugia did next imagine freightening sound and surges of power filling the atmosphere and colliding with Groudon's lands. Arceus shed a thunderous and explosive tear which was named Zapdos. Zapdos whose wings would flap and throw bolts of lightning toward the ground. This yellow beast would appear prior the change from winter to spring and summer to fall. Arceus did say Zapdos was brilliant and gave it to the earth. Lugia smiled in joy.

Lugia did last imagine the scourging heat of Ho-Oh's presence moving swiftly through the skies and melting Articuno's snowcapped mountains. The Alpha Omega shed a molten tear reminiscient of Ho-Oh's powerful presence and named it Moltres. Moltres whose wings would flap, dropping hot flames onto the lands of Groudon. This orange beast would appear signifying the peak of spring and beginning of summer. Arceus did say Moltres was brilliant and gave it to the earth. Lugia smiled ecstatically.

These three would assist in the creation of the seasons and bring change in weather during them. Articuno, the bringer of the cold and the frosts that slowly turn fall to winter. Moltres, the bringer of heat and the sun of summer. Zapdos, the mediator, who comes to turn winter to spring and summer to fall. On the first season it was winter.

Arceus deemed the lands would be wealthy with earth's elements but the Alpha Omega felt these elements should be watched from the skies. Following Lugia, Arceus would then beckon Ho-Oh and ask it to imagine 3 beings for its control to accomplish the task of spreading the elements about the surface of earth. Ho-Oh watched as the power of these three new monsters light up the skies of earth.

Ho-Oh did first imagine the sparkling tears of Arceus's pureheart, the three lakes. Arceus shed a tear of water and named it Suicune, Suicune whose speed and strength would bring about the North Winds. Suicune who sped across the globe to purify the tainted waters of earth's lands. This beast's back was glorious and blue and streaming behind Suicune peacefully. Here the North Winds were born. Arceus did say Suicune was briliant and gave it to the earth as a drop of water. Ho-Oh smiled in happiness.

Ho-Oh did next imagine the lightning lighting up Lugia's skies. Arceus shed a tear of electricity and named it Raikou, Raikou whose speed and power would channel the earth's electricity. Raikou whose roar would shake and shudder the grounds as if lightning had just hit. This beast's back was wonderful and purple and held still behind Raikou but seemed to float. It appeared as a thundercloud would. Arceus did say Raikou was brilliant and gave it to the earth as a thunderbolt. Ho-Oh smiled respectfully.

Ho-Oh did last imagine the brilliant glowing magma flowing out of Heatran's volcanoes. Arceus shed a tear of magma and named it Entei, Entei whose unforgiving power forced it quickly about the earth. Entei whose roar would bring forth the magma of the nearest volcano and send it flying out of the ground. This beast's back was grey as the smoke of consuming fire, as it moved from Entei it disappeared as more would crawl out from it's singed brown hair. Arceus did say Entei was brilliant and gave it to the earth as a ball of magma sending Entei to burst from the soul of Heatran. Ho-Oh smiled greatfully.

These three would protect the coming creatures of the earth from its own elements. Suicune, the purifier of water and bringer of the North Winds. Raikou, the power of channeling electricity and absorbtion of land strikes. Entei, the power to erupt volcanoes and controller of fire on land.

The skies and oceans were nearly alive while the land was only just beginning to take shape. Arceus had seen the amazing green of Celebi. It imagined a brilliant tapestry of many colors as well. Fields upon fields upon fields of beautiful greens, blues, reds, yellows, purples, and more. Flowers. Plants which could create and purify the air of earth. Arceus shed a tear and named it Shaymin. Shaymin who would born fields of lush flowers and keep the air clean. The Alpha Omega gave Shaymin to the earth and immediately it began to show brilliant green and the colors Arceus had imagined.

Space, time, and the void were almost satisfied but Arceus was not. It saw Shaymin making flowers, the numerous kinds flowers which could reproduce on their own. Arceus saw Heatran which could reproduce on it's own. The Alpha Omega saw Latias and Latios which could reproduce on their own. From the species of flowers and all of it's children Arceus imagined another being that could create many species that could born their own babies. This being that could change shape. This being that would hold within it the DNA of all of Arceus's children. The most intelligent of all of his children. The Alpha Omega shed a tear and named it Mew.

Mew was sent to the earth where it would begin the process of creating all other Pokémon. Arceus and it's children then watched as the land grew in color and life. As the skies moved. As the roars of powerful beasts shook the land and crashed into the atmosphere.


Day 7

Day 7 is forthcoming.


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