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Pokemon Sun & Moon - Progress and Discovery Thread

With the game now out in Australia and New Zealand, and out in less than 30 minutes in Japan, it's time to start this up again! For North America, the game will be live on the eShop at midnight ET, which is 9PM PT. Lucky me.

It's the twentieth anniversary game we've been waiting for since XY was released. It's the seventh generation of Pokemon. It's the first release with a new director since Ruby and Sapphire (and, arguably, partially GSC, where Masuda came in to crash the development and earned a co-director title). This is the big one.

Game Freak really could've taken the safe route here. If there were any year they could've released a very traditional Pokemon title, it was this year. Instead, they've prepared a thoroughly bizarre, hilarious, and just flat out insane offering. Monsters travelling through portals! No more gyms! Ten feet long Exeggutors! A depressed Pikaclone!

Now, as you know, the game was actually leaked a full ten days early. I've kept a relatively thorough archive of these events in the datamine thread. As a result, a good deal - if not essentially everything - has been discovered already. So, like with the generations that preceded the 3DS, we have a comprehensive resource of what is in these games already available. Both from datamining, and also from user experiences. Nonetheless, I still think we can enjoy sharing our findings here. Playing along with others is a blast. Share your progress. Share your teams. Share your thoughts. Share your all caps plot reactions.

I've decided not to merge this thread with the datamine thread because I don't want to compromise anyone's fun. What I (and others) can do is correct the record when possible, using our pool of knowledge. Eventually, slowly the information can be consolidated. I will probably summarize a few of the more innocuous discoveries (e.g., changes to abilities) in a post soon enough.

What I will do for now is share a few basic, essential links to ProjectPokemon's (who, as always, have done a tremendous job) resources:

Wholly comprehensive Pokemon breakdown:
All new moves (including Z-Moves, and how each attack transforms):
All support move Z- effects:
All new abilities:
All new items:
Updated catch rates list:
Encounter tables: &



  • I know I'll be doing regular updates once I get my grubby little mitts on the game. I opted to get a physical copy, and to not go to a midnight release, so I have an hour and a half before I can pick up my game. As I have been looking at the datamine thread, my updates will probably include team updates, any move changes I didn't already know about, TM and other important item locations, story reactions, and just anything else interesting I find.
  • First note: if you want to reset for anything about your starter, save right before talking to Lillie after Tapu Koko appears.
  • I'm going to a midnight release, so I probably won't be able to start playing for another five hours at least. better than the 16 hours I'd have to wait for the store to open normally

    And thanks for the note about starter resetting; I doubt I'd get that 1/8 chance on my first try.
  • You can get a Quick Claw in the Trainer's School, as per usual. You gain access to the online and wireless features once your dex is upgraded into a Rotom dex.

    In Hau'oli city's tourist bureau you can get 10 ultra balls if you have ten caught pokemon. You can also get a Silk Scarf from the lady outside the clothes shop. The move deleter is in Hau'oli's centre.

    TM49, Echoed Voice can be found in Hau'oli, in some grass near the Marina, TM100, Confide, can be found in Hau'oli Cemetary

    Silver Powder behind the house in the Berry Fields.

    Found Crabrawler in a pile of berries, if anyone's looking for it.

    TM31 Brick Break in Verdant Cavern, the site of the first trial. Also, you can't catch pokémon while you're on the trial, and you can't leave.

    And while I was on my bathroom break my SD card threw a small fit and I lost a fair bit of progress. Sigh.
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    :l That'd really make me panic. Are your other saves okay?

    Noted Brick Break at the trial site in a livestream breakdown. A really good move to get so early. 10 free Ultra Balls is great because it means more money for clothes.
  • Back from Gamestop, where I got spoiled about (of all things) Pyukumuku's base Speed stat before thinking to just wait outside. About to open the plastic wrap now.
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    Slowly playing through the beginning now. The game is rather cinematic. I knew that, but it didn't really register until playing myself. Named my Popplio Colateau, or Cola for short. I already really like Hau and Hala.

    I never get out of bed as obligingly and jovially as the player.

    edit: Oh, and it's really weird to play a Pokemon game that boots up immediately! There's no Game Freak logo anymore.
  • Right, stopping for the night. Progress/thoughts so far:

    - Sadly, still not a fan of this walk cycle.
    - Three minutes of unskippable cutscenes every time I reset trying for a female starter. It's almost enough to make me think breeding for one later would be more efficient.
    - Finally got a female Popplio... Impish nature. -_- It's like I'm playing X all over again.
    - Not very impressed with the wild Pokemon on the first route. Wasn't until after clearing the route and moving on with the story that I learned that encounters tables are apparently per grassy patch, not per route.
    - There's already another Water-type available. Geez, they weren't too kind to Popplio, were they?
    - The midnight release is already worth it for letting me catch night-only Pokemon without waiting for a whole day first.
    - Got to the first Pokemon Center. Still no idea when I can start changing clothes.
    - Visited the Festival Plaza. The list of quotes doesn't have my favored greeting, but some of the other options seem pretty fitting anyway.
  • Yeah, my 3DS just does strange things like thinking it can't read my SD card a few times. It's never stuck. Just starting the trial again, having speed through my previous progress.

    I'm currently at Melemele Meadow, and my team is as follows:
    Riko, female Brionne, level 17
    Vic, male Grubbin, level 14?
    Joe, male Crabrawler, level 14

    I'm frustrated slightly because the Crabrawler I had before the game crash was Adamant with Iron Fist, and this one is Mild with Hyper Cutter. :|

    Also, you can send multiple things via the demo at once, not just one thing a day.
  • The first route is kinda massive. On it I caught: Pikipek, Ledyba, Pichu, Grubbin, Caterpie, Metapod, Yungoos, Slowpoke, and the fancy new Hydration Wingull. Took me forever to get Skill Link Pikipek.

    The new Astonish and Pursuit animations are great.

    For feeding my Pokemon 9 Pokebeans, the barista in Hau'oli City gave me a Rare Candy. For catching a Drifloon for the Beauty in the same Center I was rewarded 10k, which patched up cosmetic, retail damages. It's nice they let you customize both hair and clothing—it's after the Trainer School, though I suspect you've found it now Reds—but I wish shoes were on sales. The male player's kicks are damn ugly.

    I wasn't expecting that one trainer with the Smeargle to have both a Potion and a Full Heal. Def caught me off guard.

    Team so far, on Route 2...
    - Datz A'Cat the A-Meowth @ Lv. 10
    - Skepta the A-Grimer @ Lv. 9
    - Colateau the Popplio @ Lv. 11

    On the hunt for Cutiefly...
  • Current Team:
    - Riko, lvl 19 Brionne
    - Vic, lvl 19 Grubbin
    - Joe, lvl 17 Crabrawler

    Small side note, I love the animations on Pursuit and Astonish.

    You can get a Soothe bell from a Breeder just past Melemele Meadows.

    If you beat all the trainers on Route 3, you can fight an Ace Trainer, who gives you a Red Card for beating him.

    You get your Ride Pager after beating Hala, and Tauros is up first. You also get TM54 False Swipe.

    With Tauros, you can get TM83 Infestation on Route 3, and TM46 Thief in Verdant Cavern. You can also break into Ten Carat Hill, which has TM62 Acrobatics.

    There's afew people around offering money if you can show them pokédex entries. A woman in the Hau'oli Shopping centre wants Drifloon, and will pay 10,000 for it, there's a woman in the centre outside Verdant Cavern who will pay 3000 for Cutiefly, and there's a guy on route 3 who wants Rockruff for 3000.

    I've made it to Akala, so let's end this update here.
  • Current team:
    - Riko, lvl 25 Brionne,
    - Vic, lvl 25 Charjabug
    - Joe, lvl 25 Crabrawler
    - Penny, lvl 21 Fomantis

    Progress: past 2nd trial

    There is a Name Rater in Heahea. Also on Heahea, there's a guy in the Fashion shop wants to see Pyukumuku's dex entry. Don't know what he'll give yet. There's also a TM shop with the protective moves (Reflect, Light Screen, etc)

    There seems to be no way to skip Z move animation if animations are turned on.

    Stoutland Ride at Paniola Ranch, works as item finder. Pretty decent movement speed when not searching for items as well.

    TM10 Hidden Power at Breeding Center, which is only for breeding and not level ups any more. Also a free egg that hatches into an Eevee

    Guy at the start of Route 5 who wants you to beat all the trainers on the route. I don't know what he'll do after that, there's still some trainers for me to beat. Also on route 5, TM41 Torment, and the first battle against Gladion! Says he does little jobs for Team Skull, but it's for the sake of making Type: Null stronger.

    Guy in Route 5 PokéCenter wants to see Feebas. What does he give? Who knows. I'm not going to find out anytime soon. Also a trade offer - your Lillipup for a Bounsweet. Maybe a fixed Adamant one even.

    At Brooklet Hill, during Lana's trial (or part thereof) you get Lapras as a Ride. Beating Lana's Trial earns you both Waterium Z and the Fishing Rod. The Fishing Rod works a bit differently this time. It's a context item, and you can only use it in certain spots, above submerged rocks. You can also fish up items. I've found a big pearl and a Heart Scale.

    TM88, Sleep Talk, just off the left of route 6, past some grass.

    Speaking of sleep, my turn to get some. I'll continue all this when I wake up.
  • Just woke up around an hour ago; I'm actually at the Trainer School now. I still have to double back to catch Grubbin, but even after that, so far I haven't found anything except Popplio that I really want to use long-term; the rest of my team right now is just things I'm training to evolution. Nice to know I'm pretty close to changing up my attire. ^^

    Fixed teammates:
    - Honoka, lv 11 Popplio

    - Yoruta, lv 8 Ledyba
    - Claire, lv 8 A-Rattata
    - Lambert, lv 7 A-Grimer
    - Coco Jumbo, lv 7 Yungoos
    - Narancia, lv 7 Munchlax
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    The Route 3 Center's barista noted I fed my 'mons 10 Pokebeans now, and rewarded me yet another Rare Candy.

    There's a Revive inside one of the Delibird's mouths/packages inside the Berry Master's hut. Bottom right corner, second from the right.

    Totem A-Raticate had a Pecha Berry! Poison tactics were delayed again. Hala, on the other hand, didn't seem to have any status healing items, but that fight was tougher than I thought. Pursuit + Power-Up Punch for the first "major" boss was a fun challenge to work around.

    When I beat Hala, Ilima actually noted that I didn't use a Z-Move, which was interesting. Really digging the little details like that. Love how so many people mention my leading 'mon when addressing me.

    Before you leave Melemele you have an opportunity to head to Ilima's manor to follow him up on his battle offer after the grand trial. It's the big house on the opposite end of Hau'oli, right at the corner of the road that leads back down to the Marina. This is how you get an Everstone without plucking it off Roggenrola.

    Anyways, I'm wrapped up with Melemele and ready to leave it.

    - Couldntthinkofanameyetsoimgladthenameraterissoon the Cutiefly @ Lv. 16
    - Datz A'Cat the A-Meowth @ Lv. 16
    - Skepta the A-Grimer @ Lv. 15
    - Colateau the Brionne @ Lv. 17

    edit: A shopping mall opens in Hau'oli after the grand trial. There's a bougie clothing store inside and to the right (black building) called the Gracidea. Guess what you get for talking to the clerk?

    On the next floor, from left to right:
    - Cutscene with an A-Grimer, which unlocks a small sidequest, do it for TM48 Round
    - Kalos-style restaurant for money, the "Battle Buffet"
    - Elemental Hyper Beams + Starters' Pledges tutors
    - All the ____ Orb items
  • Haven't attempted the challenge yet, but updating anyway from the Route 2 Pokemon Center.

    - Kinda disappointed with the first clothes shop. Not much variety of style, and not many blue items to go with the tank top I bought. Also disappointed that the pink hair doesn't really go well with my character, at least right now. Went for dark brown instead.
    - Quite a few seemingly arbitrary NPCs seem to give you items; so far I think I've gotten an X Attack, an X Defend, and at least two Revives just from chatting with people.
    - Team Skull is just a delight, as expected. ^^
    - Smeargle trainer surprised me by using up his Full Heal to cure confusion, which I'd only inflicted anyway to maybe have a safe turn to switch in something else. That said, this was also the first fight where one of my Pokemon fainted.
    - Can't get Misdreavus until nighttime. I've come to like Misdreavus a lot more over the past few years, so this is mildly disappointing. At least I managed to catch a day-only Drifloon for that person in the one Pokemon Center.
    - Route 2 has been pretty kind to me. Makuhita, Cutiefly, Drowzee, Smeargle, Growlithe, and apparently there's an ingame trade in the Pokemon Center, Machop for your Spearow (which is also on Route 2).
    - Went for the trade. Brave, lv 9 male Machop, carrying an X Attack.

    Fixed teammates:
    - Honoka, lv 13 Popplio

    Probationary teammates:
    - Tapyrus, lv 10 Drowzee
    - Cutiefly once I catch one

    - Yoruta, lv 12 Ledyba
    - Claire, lv 11 A-Rattata
    - Yazmeen, lv 10 Makuhita
  • Progress: Completed all three Akala Trials, still need to do the Grand Trial.

    - Riko, lvl 32 Brionne
    - Vic, lvl 31 Charjabug
    - Joe, lvl 31 Crabrawler
    - Penny, lvl 30 Fomantis (female)
    - Stmi, lvl 29 Salandit (female)

    Okay, I can't leave Akala freely right now, so it sucks that I missed those extra things on Melemele. Oh well.

    At Royal Avenue now, and the PokéCenter has the weather TMs. Also, apparently the Battle Royal is based on battles the Tapu's had between them

    Found the Thrifty Megamart, with such items as Pyukumuku body pillows, Toucannon Huggers, and Exeggutor Ballpoint Pens, an item I would actually want. The original Thrfty Megamart was originally on another island. Things you canactually buy at the mart include the Strange Souvenir

    Compulsory Battle Royal against Hau, Gladion, and 'The Royal' (Kukui)! You only get pokémon, which sucks because I had my weakest out. No idea if you get anything if you win the introductory battle. Hau used his starter, Kukui had Rockruff, and Gladion had Type: Null, if someone wants to see if they can win and get anything.

    Found a BP shop. It has everything you'd expect. Ability Capsules are cheaper I think? They cost 100BP, not 200.

    TM39 Rock Tomb found at Wela Volcano Park. Having now beaten Kiawe's trial, I now also have Charizard as a Ride. Works just like a regular fly, not a Lati fly.

    TM73 Thunder Wave is found on a small island in the water next to the Volcano Park

    Another Trainer on Route 8 who won't fight unles I beat every other trainer. Clearing that, the fight is a Z-move enhanced one. She gives TM58 Sky Drop for beating her. Also on route 8, a Aether Foundation member wants the dex info on Stufful. That's worth 5000 to them. By the way, the guy who wanted to see Pyukumuku's dex gives you 10,000

    AH! COLRESS OUTTA NOWHERE. He gave me TM43 Flame Charge? I don't trust him... But I now also have access to PokéPelago. Although that may have happen when I got Charizard Ride.

    Okay, found Wimpod on Route . It's on the overwold, and will run from you as you approach. The trick is to surf around and approach it from the sea to trap it so it can't run into the sea. If you fail, enter and exit the pokécentre.

    Alright, sweet. Wimp Out is NOT a random switch, but a chosen switch. That's more useful.

    TM59 Brutal Swing can be found in the upper section of Route 5. Speaking of cleaning up route 5, the guy who wants you to fight everyone in the route will fight you with a Slowpoke with a Z-Move. He gives you TM96 Nature Power.

    In Lush Jungle, you can get TM86 Grass Knot. In the northernmost area, there's a hole you need to crawl through to find it.

    Beating Mallow's trial earns you TM67 Smart Strike from Kukui.

    Diglett's tunnel has another one of those 'beat everyone' trainers. Beating him get you a Max Revive

    I'll end this update on the latest city. Konikoni city has a TM shop, a Clothes Shop, the Incense shop, a massage parlor, and a haircut place.
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    Status: finished the trial, finished the grand trial, and wrapping up as many loose ends as I can think of before heading to the harbor and the next island.

    - Route 1: After getting to ride Tauros, I was able to reach grass patches containing Bonsly. Apparently Munchlax can also be found here, but I didn't find any.
    - Route 3: Found Rufflet as a shadow encounter, found Mankey in the tall grass.
    - Ten Carat Hill: Found Machop, Roggenrola, Carbink, Sableye, Rockruff, and Spinda. Sableye was interesting: it showed up when Carbink called for reinforcements, and proceeded to KO Carbink itself. Pokedex entry basically confirmed my headcanon that Sableye hunt Carbink to feed on their gems. Also made mention of Gabite, but I didn't encounter any.
    - Visiting the cemetery again (at night? after beating the grand trial? not sure what the trigger was) got me a cutscene with a Machamp carrying a person, who gave me TM56 Fling.
    - Fought Ilima at his house. I really hope the game isn't trying to set him up as a love interest or anything.

    Looking over my Pokedex and filling in the holes with known evolutions, I've still got a three-mon gap between Sudowoodo and Munchlax, a two-mon gap between Braviary and Mankey, one-mon between Primeape and Oricorio, and four-mon between Golduck and Machop. Not sure what they could be or where I'm likely to find them, though, and I think I might just head for the next island instead of looking.

    Fixed teammates:
    - Honoka, lv 18 Brionne

    Probationary teammates:
    - Hanako, lv 16 Misdreavus
    - Megafly, lv 15 Cutiefly
    - Tapyrus, lv 14 Drowzee
    - Inmee, lv 14 A-Diglett

    Edit: I went back to Melemele Meadow to see if I had missed any items from my first visit. It turned out I had, and I found a photo spot while I was there, but I also found an entrance to a place called Seaward Cave. I didn't encounter anything but Zubat and A-Diglett, and I think I'll need some other ride Pokemon to explore more of the place, but I still found a Never-Melt Ice and an Expert Belt in there.
  • Progress: Finished Akala, on Ula'Ula, almost at the first trial (Electric)

    - Riko, lvl 35 Primarina
    - Vic, lvl 35 Charjabug
    - Joe, lvl 34 Crabrawler
    - Penny, lvl 34 Lurantis
    - Stmi, lvl 35 Salazzle
    - Hokulele, lvl 28 Minior (Light Blue)

    Small thing, but I don't think I've ever cared as much about the characters in other pokémon games as I do in this one. It helps that it's not 'we're doing our own thing and occassionally our paths cross', Hau, Lillie, Kukui and I all feel like we're a proper travelling group. I love it.

    In the Konikoni city Pokécentre there's another Aether Foundation guy who wants to see a Dex entry. He says Oranguru, but maybe that's Passimian in Sun? Anyway, that's worth 5000. There's also a preschooler who wants to trade a Poliwhirl for your Zubat.

    In the North of Konikoni, you can find a woman in front of three Pikachu. Talk to her to get Pikanium Z.

    There is a Zygarde Core in Olivia's Room in her shop in Konikoni. Also at her shop, you can buy a fossil. I had the choice between Plume and Armor, don't know if it's always the same. You can also buy some jewelry there. The fossil reviving place is back on Route 8.

    TM28 Leech Life found in Memorial Hill. Of note: 80 power.

    Olivia's ace is lvl 27, so prepare accordingly.

    At the Grand Hano Resort, you can get 20,000 for chucking Pyukumuku back in the sea. Inside, there's the Meloetta/Keldeo tutor. Also a small event where you battle some golfers pestering a Machamp to be their caddy. You get TM45 Attract after the battle. In the top left corner, you can battle a Veteran for a Metronome.

    Had my first encounter with UB01. It fled when I got its health down, don't know if you can KO it.

    On the topic of strange ally encounters vis a vis Carbink/Sableye, I'm pretty sure if you fish up a Corsola, you can encounter Mareanie in the same fashion. There's a few things that allude to this. For example, on the beach by Kukui's lab, there's two Corsola. Their owner mentions that Mareanie love to eat Corsola branches. She also gives you a Wide Lens.

    TM shop in Malie city Pokécentre. There's a lady in Sushi High Rollers who wants to trade you a Pancham for your Happiny. Guy in the clothes shop wants to see Togedemaru. In the Library, chat with a woman from Johto about Fly and Page Rider, and she'll give you TM76 Fly (!). Oak is also there, and wants to see A-Persian. There's a lady in the community center who will ask you four weather based questions and reward you with a set of the weather rocks.

    To the north of Malie you can battle a Janitor with an A-Muk, followed by his son with A-Grimer. You get a Twisted Spoon for your troubles. There's a chap in a red shirt who will teach you other styles of throwing pokéballs here as well. Oak is here again, and gives you a Friend Ball.

    Route 11 has TM74 Gyro Ball, but I'm not meant to be going along there yet. on Route 10 there's a lady who's lost her 8 Stufful, and wants you to send them back to her. Do this and you get Nevermelt Ice and 15,000.

    At Hokulani Observatory, Oak will give you a Moon Ball, and you can find a Level Ball nearby as well. There's a guy who wants you to beat every trainer on the mountain before he'll fight you. Don't know what he gives you yet. Will work on that tomorrow.
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    You can head back to Melemele with the Charizard Ride after Kiawe's trial. And yeah, that's when the Pelago opened.

    I won the Battle Royale and didn't get anything. I just opened with Viktor and used Scald on Hau's Torracat.

    Sableye appearing when Carbink's in distress is brilliant but is that the only way to encounter Sableye? That'd make it difficult to chain for Prankster. Ah well, I can wait til Bank for it.

    I like the touch of the game asking if I'd like to remove held item when boxing a Pokemon with one.

    Some findings:
    - Ranch Center's barista commented on me feeding 20 Pokebeans, gave another Rare Candy
    - Scope Lens after interacting with the Tauros in the top left corner of the Ranch (actual ranch, not the town)
    - Amulet Coin was behind the red truck at the Ranch, just before the entrance to Rt. 5, if anyone missed that
    - TM57 Charge Beam on Route 5, across the Center but around an obstacle
    - TM55 Scald at Brooklet Hill, turn right after the second Wishiwashi encounter instead of following it and Lana downstream - this was a great help in the Totem Wishiwashi fight
    - Game Freak's HQ is at Heahea City, past the area Stoutland is first blocking, it's the furthest right building (2F); returning after you beat the game lets you fight Battle Director Morimoto and earn the Oval Charm, and Shiny Charm for Alolan Dex completion from Ohmori's stand-in
    - There's a Water Stone underwater past the Wimpod area on Route 8, none of the new Pokemon require it

    I'm about to start up for the day, left it at Lush Jungle right after the Totem Lurantis fight. Totem Lurantis calls Trumbeak to cover its Bug-type weakness, then a Sunny Day Castform. It was a doozy for my mostly Bug and Water team. What I ended up relying on was the Gastly I use for catching Pokemon and its Hypnosis/Curse, and a lot of switcheroo.

    - Viktor the [new 'mon from Brooklet Hill] @ Lv. 24
    - Nizmina the Ribombee @ Lv. 25
    - Cherrybun the Fomantis @ Lv. 25
    - Colateau the Brionne @ Lv. 25
  • I'm rather behind you guys, so there's not really much left for me to discover, it seems.

    Status: Finished Mallow's, Lana's and Kiawe's trials. Now I'm getting levels for some of my hangers-on and new members, and looking around for Pokemon I haven't caught yet.

    - I saw a Hypno inside the Thrifty Megamart. I talked to it and gave it 1000 yen, and after a short dialogue I was given TM44 Rest.
    - Missed the Scald TM, but I'd already decided I would be visiting that area again later to help train up Bounsweet when I caught one. Seems I also missed Thunder Wave, though.
    - Met some new Pokemon I actually wasn't aware of!
    -- Trumbeak looked so different from Pikipek that I was genuinely surprised to find out it was its evolution.
    -- Dewpider just blindsided me in a random trainer battle. Apparently it has an evolution, so I guess I'll look for it at some point.
    -- I also learned from catching them that Salandit and Wimpod have evos. And Comfey and Wishiwashi don't. And Passimian is apparently a second-stage evolution, except when I tried breeding one the egg hatched into another Passimian. So I guess Pokedex grouping doesn't necessarily indicate evolutionary connection?
    - Lana's trial was fun; neat-looking and atmospheric. I think I largely beat the Totem Wishiwashi by having Megafly spam Struggle Bug to kill its Special Attack; that plus it using Soak on the first turn meant I was taking little damage, though its second helper cured its paralysis and the fight was somewhat more annoying then. I like Lana as a character, too; I'm not sure if I should be reading her as a low-key perv or a low-key troll, but either way she was a delight.
    - Kiawe's trial... Okay, at first I was confused and thought I needed to pay attention to the actual dances, not the end poses, but once I figured that out the rest of it went pretty smoothly. The last two dances were hilarious, especially since I'd never seen Salazzle before... but that fight was just nightmarish. I lost half my team trying to work out any strategy at all, since I'd been expecting an entirely different Totem Pokemon based on what I knew of Kiawe, and I'm not even sure how I did manage to win in the end; all I remember is Hanako was the one to victory pose.
    - Mallow's trial was pretty simple, and I liked the cutscene of Totem Lurantis showing up. The fight itself was... not quite what I had planned; after my new Salandit went down I spent Megafly on a sacrifice play to paralyze Trumbeak, and after that my strategy consisted mainly of having Stufful spam Baby-Doll Eyes to kill both of their Attack stats (aided in this regard by a lucky burn from a revived Salandit's Ember), and throwing her a Super Potion every couple turns or so. Once they were sufficiently blunted I brought in Honoka and Hanako to try and bring them down with (respectively) Hidden Power (Ice) and Hex.

    So far I'm enjoying the trials; they're more interesting than Gyms and the Totem battles are much tougher than most Gym Leaders I can think of. That said, this mechanic of random wild Pokemon calling for reinforcements is really getting on my nerves. Particularly so after earlier, when my attempt to capture a Tentacool resulted in five of my party being ground down from full health and the sole survivor requiring an Antidote because the one I was trying to catch would call another Tentacool if it was alone at the end of any turn.

    On an unrelated note, I did the ingame trade for a Bounsweet, but decided not to use it because I wanted it to be my own Bounsweet. When I finally did find one, it was also an Adamant nature with Leaf Guard... but I wanted one with Oblivious instead, and the first one I caught with Oblivious had a Jolly nature. I'm using the latter anyway because of ability preference, but is Adamant the better nature?

    Fixed teammates:
    - Honoka, lv 26 Brionne
    - Pamela, lv 21 Stufful
    - Ellie, lv 20 Steenee

    Probationary teammates:
    - Hanako, lv 26 Misdreavus
    - Megafly, lv 22 Cutiefly
    - Keria, lv 24 Salandit

    Current training rotationals:
    - Inmee, lv 23 A-Diglett
    - Shinobu, lv 23 Morelull
    - Lambert, lv 18 A-Grimer
    - Roombug, lv 18 Wimpod
    - Steph, lv 17 Oricorio
    - Selere, lv 17 Fomantis
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    I had a long list of notes that I accidentally deleted so... dammit. I'll try and jot down what I remember from it and use my "new!" item indicators to help.

    Like with Ilima, it's possible to fight Captains Lana, Mallow, and Kiawe. I did the following after completing Akala's grand trial and meeting UB-01. All use Pokemon at the same levels as Olivia (26/26/27).

    i) Head to the northmost house in Konikoni, then head to the back room. There should be a pair of twins here that challenge you to battle, and after you beat them Lana will come and challenge you herself. She gives you the Muscle Band. Watch out for her ace Pokemon, it's Dewpider's evolution. What the game doesn't tell you is that its unique ability Water Bubble also doubles the power of Water-type moves. Yeah.

    ii) Mallow is also in Konikoni Town, she lives above the restaurant and can be found in her room. She'll ask you to meet her in Lush Jungle. I'm not sure what the point is of the other stuff other than to flesh her out. This fight is easy.

    iii) Kiawe's home at the ranch, look for the bed that smells of sweat. He wasn't there when I went looking for him though, so I'm not sure where to find his battle. It's in the trainer table, though, and the levels are the same so it must be unlocked at the same time.

    - You can head back to report to Burnet that you beat Olivia and she'll give you the Reveal Glass for the oni trio
    - Eviolite is behind the bench next to the lady that gives the Pikachunium
    - Farfetch'd Stick is given by an employee guarding the northern exit on 1F (Entrance)
    - A Gentleman gives you a Strange Souvenir and explains its purpose at the Malie Community Center
    - The Veteran trainer who wants you to beat everyone on Mt. Hokulani is actually SI put into the game, and he gives TM95 Snarl
    - Another "beat all the trainers" deal on Rt. 12, this one gives TM77 Psych Up despite using a Bug-type team
    - Listen to the scientist with the Magnemite's story at the Geothermal Power Plant to get TM63 Embargo
    - Togedemaru can also be caught just outside the plant, take that back to the guy in the clothing store to receive 10K
    - On Rt. 13, one of the trailers has a Punk Guy NPC in it, accept his battle request to receive TM12 Taunt
    - TM30 Shadow Ball is on Rt. 14, surf to the ruined building
    - I also have TM72 Volt Switch and the Grassy Seed terrain extender but I have no idea where I got them..

    - One of the Aether Foundation employees was one of the reformed Plasma grunts that lived in Driftveil in B2W2
    - WHAT @ Kukui and Burnet
    - Molyane or however that's spelt had a Full Heal as well
    - Save before entering Malie Garden the second time
    - At Tapu Village the barista noted I had fed my Pokemon 51 beans and gave me another Rare Candy
    - Also at Tapu Village I believe is a trade offer of your Haunter for his Graveler

    I love Burnet's redesign. Not sure about Colress'. I totally agree with you about the trials and totem fights. Trials are more interesting and even more fun (Kiawe's is hilarious), and the totem fights are serious. The one I just did was actually the easiest, though I think they went easy on me by not having that Pokemon use a special move when it has *tremendous* Sp. Attack. I also read Lana is a mix of a perv and a troll, so I thought she was a pretty fun character too. I actually, somehow, completely missed Bounsweet, despite staying in Lush Jungle for a decent amount of time to get Oranguru and Comfey. I'd say Jolly and Adamant are both good natures for it, Adamant a bit better because 80 isn't the most competitive speed point, but at the same time, this is a pretty slow generation.

    I managed to KO the Ultra Beast! I figured out its weakness the first turn (Water) and quickly switched to Brionne for a Z-Scald. It gave about ~600xp to both Pokemon and fainted normally. Cutscene didn't seem any different, I imagine you just saw it disappear or whatever.

    Regarding Passimian, the other Pokemon should be Oranguru. Miltank and Tauros are also on the same page together.

    Right now I'm at Tapu Village, about to start Ula'ula's second trial. Not done for the night since I want to evolve Fomantis while I can, so I might edit this or post again. My team right now.

    Slumlum the Komala @ Lv. 32
    Cherrybun the Fomantis @ Lv. 32 (soon!)
    Minior the Minior @ Lv. 32
    Viktor the Araquanid @ Lv. 32
    Nizmina the Ribombee @ Lv. 33
    Colateau the Brionne @ Lv. 33

    I love Ribombee so much.

    edit: Lurantis get! I tapped the Refresh button during the victory sequence and Lurantis was completely clean. It looked at me confuse and then did its happy pose.

    edit2: Beat the trial. It was fun, and the music was nice. Totem was all about speed and power, but again not as difficult as the first four. Surprisingly low on the trickery, this one, all things considered. It was holding a Lum Berry. Make sure to watch the background when talking to the captain outside.

    Went back and did the trade with the Hiker in the Tapu Village Pokemon Center. Now I have the fully Geodude family filled up with little effort. Nice. I'm not sure why trainers in Alola are giving their Pokemon Z-Crystals when those are an infinite resource the player has to unlock before reaching those trades.

    edit3: Yet another returning character has appeared. They provided the Sharpedo Jet Poke Ride. When I saw the list of Battle Tree opponents in the text dump, I was taken aback by one name in particular. It's this one. Now that I've seen the redesign... screw it, I'm down. I guess it's implied they've retired in Alola? They appear to have aged a decent amount too.
  • Wow I'm pretty behind you all, so I'll mostly just post my team updates.

    Just got to Paniola Town, and I'm liking the western vibe.

    Dartrix @ lvl 21
    Pikachu @ lvl 20
    I'm really itching for my third one right now. Did I miss Salandit yet?

    Also! Got a shiny carbink in Ten Carat Hill last night, which was pretty cool. The star denoting its shininess shows up on its pokedex entry ☆
  • Progress: Finished all of Ula'Ula, the story related stuff after, and am now on Poni Island.

    - Riko, lvl 44 Primarina
    - Joe, lvl 43 Crabrawler
    - Penny, lvl 44 Lurantis
    - Stmi, lvl 44 Salazzle
    - Hokulele, lvl 43 Minior
    - Sanic, lvl 43 Togedemaru

    - Vic, lvl 36 Charjabug

    I haven't had a lot of trouble with the Totems so far. I think only the 2nd Ula'Ula totem gave me any trouble. I blitzed Raticate with Brick Break, Wishiwashi went down fairly easily with Spark and Razor Leaf/Leafage, Salazzle was doused with Hydro Vortex and something else I think? Lurantis with Inferno Overdrive, and I don't remember what I did with the first Ula'Ula trial, despite doing it earlier today. Probably another Inferno Overdrive, or possibly well placed Ancient Powers from Hokulele (who doesn't have the Rockium Z because he's running Acrobatics). The second totem on Ula'Ula gave me the most trouble, as mentioned below.

    All right, I have a whole bunch of notes, let's see what ones are now redundant.

    That entrence for Seaward Cave is well hidden. Once you get through to Kala'e Bay with Lapras, you can find TM05 Roar to the south.

    Back to Hokulani Observatory, going down the mountain, at the end of the first grass section you can get TM72 Volt Switch. Also, that Grassy Seed I believe was from the Malie Gardens.

    At the Geothermal powerplant, Oak will give you a Lure Ball. You can't get to the rest of the powerplant. Again. At least for now.

    Route 15 there's another beat all trainers person. She gives you a PP Max You can find TM93 Wild Charge on an island with an Ace Trainer.

    The Ghost Trial has given me the most trouble so far. The Totem summoned a Haunter, and Hypnosis and Sucker Punch were a major issue. Got there eventually though. You also get Sharpedo Jet not too long after this trial.

    With Sharpedo Jet, back on Melemele you can get TM80 Rock Slide in the sea of Route 1. On the side closer to Hau'oli city, you can also break a rock to go into the back of Ten Carat Hill and get TM64 Explosion.

    Route 16 Pokécentre, there's an Aether Foundation member who wants to see Mimikyu. 20,000 for it. TM81 X-Scissor can be found if you crawl under Sina and Dexio's prefab lab with the three Spinda in front of it. This building is also where you can use the Cells and Cores you've been collecting to do things with Zygarde - making a new one, breaking an old one down into cells, and so on.

    Ula'Ula Meadow has one of those boss trainers. One of his pokémon was a Hariyama with a Flame Orb, but Sparkling Aria mitigated that problem. Beating him earns you a Flame Orb of your own.

    Lake of the Sunne has TM03 Psyshock in it, but nothing else right now

    Route 17 you can get TM84 Poison Jab on the left route of the jump ledges.

    In the Skull Mansion in Po town, TM36 Sludge Bomb can be found on the second floor, north-west bedroom. I think it's been buffed as well. There's a great discussion in the middle west bedroom on the second floor as well.

    The Kahuna of Ula'Ula's ace is lvl 39, so you can see if you're in that level range or not.

    At Aether Paradise, if you head all the way left and south, you can pick up TM06 Toxic.

    Finally I've made it to Poni Island. In the Huntail boat, you can get a Magmarizer and a Electirizer, as well as a free Aerodactyl. In the Steelix boat, you can get a Lucky Punch, and a woman who wants to see an A-Raichu. Just outside you can pick up TM91 Flash Cannon. There's a woman outside who wants a Granbull and will give you a Steenee. In the pokécenter, there are tutors for Draco Meteor and Dragon Ascent. There's also a TM Shop for the big power moves.

    Back in Malie, there's a Mimikyu and a girl. The girl will give you a Reaper Cloth.

    Right, now sleep.
  • know, somehow it's been completely slipping my mind that I could be using Z-Moves. And it just now occurred to me that the game was probably balanced around the assumption that I would be using them, so not using them and not using the Exp. Share might be unintentionally making the game way harder for myself. And wanting to use NFE Pokemon probably won't help in the future, either I guess I need to rethink my approach a bit.

    I was in that jungle looking for Bounsweet for a long time. Knowing that on earlier routes some Pokemon can only be encountered in certain patches of grass, I tried moving around periodically, but shortly after being surprised by a wild Pinsir I got fed up and consulted Serebii to make sure I was actually in the right location, since the map's labeling system was a bit ambiguous here and I was determined to not advance in the story until I had my Bounsweet. It turned out they could only be found in one of the four "zones" of the jungle, but they have a decent encounter rate there.

    Funny story about my Wimpod: I threw a Quick Ball on turn 1 and got a critical capture; it broke out anyway. I paralyzed it, weakened it, and tried a Net Ball since I was pretty sure it was at least one of Water and Bug; it broke out of that too. Third try was a Great Ball and another critical capture, and this one stuck.
  • I spent a while trying to catch Comfey in the jungle, and periodically I spent time trying to fish up Corsola. Here's a tip for that: find a rippling spot on a route where they can appear, save, and fish there. Once you find one, use an adrenaline orb, and wait for it to call for help. There's a pokémon you can only get that way. Another pokémon that I think might only be an ally is Kangaskhan, who is called by Cubone.

    All of my team except Hokulele are using Z-Crystals. Primarinium, Fighting, Grass, Fire, Steel, respectively. That steel one is useful because the only Steel move Togedemaru learns is Gyro Ball, which is not great on her.
  • Progress: Reseting for Lunala on Poni Island.

    - Riko, lvl 52 Primarina
    - Vic, lvl 51 Vikavolt
    - Joe, lvl 52 Crabrawler
    - Penny, lvl 52 Lurantis
    - Stmi, lvl 52 Salazzle
    - Hokulele, lvl 51 Minior

    Okay, two functions of the bottom screen I didn't know about. Tap Rotom between the eyes to jump straight to the dex. Tap him right at the bottom of the screen to get a traditional town map thing.

    Dancer on the beach in the Poni Wilds is another one of those boss trainers. She'll give you a Focus Sash. There's also another Wimpod here.

    Caught me my first shiny of the Gen! Shiny Granbull.

    Got a Strength Ride, don't want to spoil it for those who don't already know. Gonna go back and use it in a few places. First up, Ten Carat Hill. There's the Flying type Z-Crystal there. Next, Lush Jungle. Leads to TM53 Energy Ball on Route 8. The Ruins of Life also has some blocks, but you get nothing from it right now. Were there other places? I may need to be reminded.

    Fish at the rippling spot at Seafolk Village (outside the Steelix boat) for a chance at a new pokémon.

    TM79 Frost Breath can be found on Ancient Poni Path, via Poni Breaker Coast.

    Wild Poni Canyon you can FINALLY evolve Charjabug. Also, Grand Trial. Aim to be around 48 for the battle. Once you can start exploring, past the second cave there's a hole you can crawl through to eventually reach TM99 Dazzling Gleam. A bit later on, you can find TM02 Dragon Claw.

    Right now, I'm reseting for a Modest Lunala, so the storyline is just about all wrapped up now. Aim for 50ish as you finish Wild Poni Canyon.
  • Progress: I am Alola's first champion. Post game stuff in a separate post.

    - Riko, lvl 58 Primarina
    - Vic, lvl 56 Vikavolt
    - Joe, lvl 57 Crabrawler evo
    - Penny, lvl 56 Lurantis
    - Stmi, lvl 58 Salazzle
    - Hokulele, lvl 56 Minior

    Leveling up Crabrawler at Mt Lanakila will evolve it. Get to Mt Lanakila and you can get yourself a shiny TM13 Ice Beam. Unsurprisingly, it's also the location of the Ice Rock. Also Icium-Z.

    In the Pokécenter on the way up is the Move Relearner. Except she doesn't just relearn. She can also teach them moves they learn at later levels. No wonder she's encountered so late.

    E4 around 55, Champion's ace at 58. Straight after this (well, after some scenes) you go into fighting Tapu Koko. No chance to save, restock, change team, just a team heal. I went for the KO in the hopes that that will let me refight him a bit later on.
  • edited November 2016
    Salandit is only found at the Wela Volcano Park, which is the location of the fourth trial. It's kinda hard to miss actually, it's pretty common there.

    I'm pretty sure those are the only locations that required Strength. They're the only ones I know about, anyways.

    SI's covered most of what I would share, so just a few things this time:
    - Ice Stone for A-Vulpix/A-Sandshrew is next to the Po Town manor, just enter then exit through the door on the left, it's under the gazebo
    - Try sitting on the throne in the last room of Po Town manor when the owner is gone
    - You can interact with the chest next to the throne/chair for another Z-Crystal, not sure if it's a spoiler to say which one yet
    - After the Po Town sequence, save before entering the Aether House
    - At the Wailord hut in Seafolk Village, every single meal option costs the same and merely has different dialogue, what this place essentially is is an easy way to buy Heart Scales (500 a piece)
    - Dusk Stone (used by no new Pokemon) can be found near the fishing spot to the immediate left at Poni Wilds
    - Sleep in the bed basking in the light at Hapu's house for a little surprise
    - Prism Scale for Milotic is on the island you visit when you reach Poni, it's around the bend past the shelter

    Currently trying to see if I can fish up that new Pokemon at Seafolk Village. It's definitely taking a while. What SI said about the rippling spot seems to be what triggers the second rates table for the three new fishable Pokemon, which otherwise have very low encounter rates. I'll need to go back and do the other two (which go from 1 or 5% to 20%) after this one (1% to 10%). I wish I knew this beforehand, I wasted a decent amount of time trying to get one of the new Pokemon by Konikoni Town, and ended up with nothing for it.

    Anyways, my current team:

    Slumlum the Komala @ Lv. 41
    Cherrybun the Lurantis @ Lv. 41
    Minior the Minior @ Lv. 41
    Viktor the Araquanid @ Lv. 41
    Nizmina the Ribombee @ Lv. 41
    Colateau the Primarina @ Lv. 42

    I haven't used EXP All and only use Z-Moves with Primarina or Araquanid. The levels spiked up a bit after the last major event though, from 40/41 to 43 to 45, so maybe I'll cave and use the EXP All now for a bit. We'll see what happens.

    Blast it, I encountered the Pokemon and crit killed it. That took like 30 minutes......

    edit: Got it!
  • IIRC I encountered what I assumed to be Strength rocks in Seaward Cave and Diglett's Tunnel as well.

    Apparently experience scales according to your levels, so maybe Exp. Share isn't as broken this time? I'm gonna try leaving it on for a while and seeing how it goes.

    Otherwise no new news from me today because real-life deadlines are encroaching on my free time :(
  • Yup, another strength block in Diglett's Tunnel. It takes you to the lighthouse in Konikoni, and TM61 Will-o-Wisp.

    Oh grr. I could have gone to the desert so much sooner. You just need to have cleared the Ghost trial. Should have checked that sooner.

    The desert in super annoying to get through. The trick is following the number of stacked stones. The proper order is told by a guy just outside the desert. 2, 1, 4, 3. Let's see if I can condense it.
    - North then East and you'll find an amnesiac man who needs to see a certain pokémon to regain his memory. Lun... something in Moon, and I'll bet Sol... something in Sun. Now, that's not the legends. I tried showing him Lunala. It's Solrock or Lunatone. I don't know where to find them though. Maybe we can't get them until Janurary?
    - North, East, North, East and you'll find Psychium-Z. Back West and North and you'll get to Ruins of Abundance. ou take South instead of North, you can get TM85 Dream Eater.

    If you start heading towards the Ruins of Hope from Hapu's house, you'll have a pretty tough battle to earn Mega Evolution. Be around level 61 if you don't want to suffer as much as I did.

    TM97 Dark Pulse at Poni Coast. Honestly, I'm not being very thorough here, I'm just trying to get to the Battle Tree right now. Mina wants to battle you if you beat all the trainers on Poni Gauntlet. I can't be bothered doing this right now.

    Be prepared for a level 65+ battle as soon as you get to the Battle Tree.

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