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Returning from 5 years ago

Wow was 2011 really 5 years ago now? Anyway, I'm not sure if any of you remember me, but I was active for the Black/White release and then kinda tapered off pldh. You may remember me from my sibling nebulousrl who was active at around the same time.

Since then, I've worked 2 different jobs, gone to college (I'm almost done with my B.A.), and written a newsletter. I got really back into pokemon around May-June-July this year with everything surrounding Sun and Moon so lately I've been yearning to get back into a poke community to discuss it all. Thanks for having me!


  • I vaguely recognise your name. And I recognise nebulousrl as well. Anyway, welcome back! As a welcome back question, what game and what starter are you getting, if you've decided yet?
  • edited November 2016
    Tentatively, I'll answer that with Moon and Rowlet, though I'm seriously considering switching him out for Popplio's gorgeous third evo.

    What about you?
  • Moon for sure, and probably Popplio. I could switch to Rowlet or even Litten, depending on what my IRL group picks. But order of preference definitely goes Popplio>Rowlet>Litten.
  • That's my order of preference, too. But I'm pretty sure I won't switch because I really want to use Steenee, while there aren't really any new Water-types I like more than Primarina.
  • Yeah, I'll have to wait and see if pyukumuku gets a good evolution, and I'm still not sure how I feel about wishiwashi.

    I have high hopes for morelull, but that doesn't really solve my problem since it's both fairy and grass, and I'd have to double up on types either way.

    I guess there's always silvally... lol
  • Sadly I suspect Silvally will only become useable post-game, judging by all the lore and flavour surrounding it.

    I personally quite like Wishiwashi, though I really need to know how its ability works. Not that I'm using one if I pick Popplio.
  • edited November 2016
    Same here. I'm a bit wary of using wishiwashi due to the fear of its ability getting suppressed somehow.

    Ugh I'm sure you're right now that I read its description, §I. That, or it will be available very late in the game. Oh well, I can wait for a second playthrough.
  • Heyyy. I did recognize that username. Welcome back!

    I think we're all on the same page here. Moon version, Popplio starter. Since I love Water-types, I expect that even with Popplio I'll end up with two, so I'm allowing myself that and hoping I don't have any overlap anywhere else. I tried to avoid overlap with XY but ended up using Greninja, Clawizter, and Pangoro, which equals two overlaps (Water 2x, Dark 2x). I figured, these are all Pokemon I really like and my experience would be worse off if I didn't use them, so I went with it.

    Wishiwashi is something I plan to save as a post-game breeding project, since while I think that Pokemon is absolutely spectacular I want to avoid single stage Pokemon or at least having more than one single stage Pokemon. I like having some sort of progression to my team.
  • With just a few days to go, has anyone more or less finalized their team based on what we've seen?
  • I have been avoiding spoilers like the plague so I've only finalized half a team, pretty much.
  • Same here mostly. Just based on what's official right now, I think I'll go for Rowlet, Bewear, A-Vulpix, and Salandit. I'm hoping for a nice water type and maybe ground to help with type coverage
  • Based on what I know so far, I'm definitely using Brionne, Bewear, and Steenee, and I'm strongly inclined but not dead-set on using Ribombee and Mimikyu. But I really want to keep my options open as I play; back in X I was really happy to stumble across things like Floette, Carbink, and Pumpkaboo that I hadn't heard about beforehand.
  • Since I've seen the leaks, I have three tentative teams, one per starter option, just in case I am fickle and change my mind about who I'm picking. Regardless, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have Mimikyu on my team no matter what.

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