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Happy 10th year anniversary to Diamond and Pearl (JPN)

While it isn't a US 10 year, and EU is even later, this amazing set up games was released (JPN time) today.

I'm not sure about you guys, but these are probably the games I hold dearest. While my childhood was filled with Red, Silver, and Sapphire, Diamond and Pearl were really the games that created the love for the game that I now still have.

While PLDH's boards are essentially dead, I still felt like I should post something. If it wasn't for Diamond and Pearl, I wouldn't know any of you, I probably wouldn't still be playing the games, and PLDH would never have existed.

For me personally, I was one of the last of my friends to still play the games enough to even consider battling. Growing up, everyone played but as the generations went on (I especially noticed a dip come GenIII) it became more of a struggle to do what I enjoyed doing with this games - battling. Back when there was no wifi, when I wasn't an adult to drive myself to tournaments, when you needed link cables and to be right next to someone. The old days, if you will. It became a struggle, after two years of always being the best battler of my friends, it became apparent that they stopped trying. While everyone would play, all but me would stop at the completion of the Champion/E4.

I remember winning a tournament during the Fire Red/Leaf Green meta, I thought it was my last. I recall going on Gamefaqs and eventually finding out about Net Battle. For those of you who don't recall, this was the first battle sim and allowed you to play competitively with anyone. It was fantastic. This kept my flame burning ever so slowly.

The Diamond and Pearl announcement happened and then everything changed. Once it was announced that Diamond and Pearl would be on the DS, and also have the ability to use wireless internet and trade and battle with anyone, the internet went ablaze. I remember clicking on a topic talking about creating a real life Pokemon League, some of you may even remember the topic. Battling groups also became huge, and the Dark Hunters formed. I remember being part of that initial topic, and only stopped by due to Kudo (as I had met him prior in past threads). I chose to be a founding member of DH simply due to having a friend there already.

As it's written in the history of the website, the DarkHunters merged with the initial Pokemon League and created PLDH; a place I now call home on the internet.

Diamond and Pearl did so much for me that I'm surprised I never realized it until later. It gave me a set of friends who I could share the game I love with. I remember great battles with Kudo, nza, and MD. Writing war stories, trading and being excited to get something new. In-house tournaments and pick up games. These games rekindled my passion simply because they took out the biggest obstacle - distance.

I find myself going back to replay these games the most, the nostalgia is strong, the region is beautiful and the music sets the atmosphere perfectly. These games have their flaws but they set in motion a new standard for future pokemon games. Simple things like the physical/special split, time of day encounters, male/female forms are ever present going forward and help make the worlds created by gamefeak feel more real. Diamond and Pearl changed the story telling as well, and showed that it is okay for them to go on a more dark story path.

Diamond and Pearl to me, are one of those rare events in your life in which you can look back and reflect that it truly was a point of change. Thank you for the 10 years of great memories, and the friends to which I still talk to consistently and even have spent time with in person (Kudo, Glitch). Here's to SuMo and the continuation of fantastic Pokemon games that pull you in and don't let go, and lastly, thank you Will (nza) for keeping the ship sailing after all of these years, you took the Dark Hunters (and thus, PLDH) and allowed it to continue well past every other group that started when we did.

I'm quite aware this is just rambling, but I just felt the need to say something. Not proofing either as I have to get back to the actual work I'm doing. Deal with it :]

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