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RDS1's Super-Fun Topic of Most New

On Serebii it claims that Pokemon Sun and Moon will be shown off more at E3, as well as some kind of "Pokemon Special" on the 16th. Should be interesting.


  • Good to know we're definitely getting more than just Zelda U information at E3 then. They were implying that was all they would be focusing on, but I knew it couldn't be true.

    Maybe we'll get info on the snazzy looking bracelets the player characters are wearing. I think they're just variations on a mega bracelet, but some people are less convinced, especially because the gems in it are octohedral shaped.
  • Watching the footage again, I realize I've been wondering it for a while, but I wonder why the "choose your trainer" bit seems to be a separate window with close, minimize, and fullscreen buttons.

    And the professor claims that Alola is "full of nothing but rare Pokemon"; that's almost certainly hyperbole, but if it's true, I wonder what they're considering to be "rare" Pokemon.
  • Nothing but Chimecho and Farfetch'd. That's my bet.
  • For some reason I think of Glameow as being hard to find, too.
  • Well, much like any isolated island, it'll be full of one-of-a-kind species of birds
  • Maybe they'll finally give us a kiwi pokémon. I'd prefer it if we had a New Zealand based region first, but I'll take it.
  • That kiwi-fruit-evolving-into-kiwi-bird idea?
  • Sure, if we have to. I'd prefer just the bird, since I somewhat resent that it seems most people just call the fruit a kiwi, while here it's pretty much always kiwifruit and kiwi on its own for the bird.
  • Well, it's probably not going to be called a kiwi anyway if they actually make it.
  • How about a kiwi fruit Pokemon and a seperate kiwi bird Pokemon? That happen to live in the same area. It'd be a form of protective mimicry
  • Now that I'll accept.
  • That'd be interesting and unexpected. It'd be neat to see, unless neither of them can evolve or something.
  • Maybe the kiwi could be a two stage, while the kiwifruit could be a one stage.
  • I think that would be the most likely case.

    I wonder what other tropical Pokemon we'll see. Maybe finally a hummingbird and a dolphin.
  • Probably Tropius, I guess?
  • Maybe Tropius can get a Mega. Or a full evo. Level it up while it's holding some new Banana item.
  • That would be great. Maybe it could become Grass/Dragon
  • I mean I guess that wouldn't make it any weaker to Ice than it is already...
  • Funnily enough, Grass/Dragon is worse defensively than Grass/Flying. Dragon covers one of Grass's weaknesses, but adds two more, and all of its other resistances overlap with Grass's anyway; Flying also only covers one of Grass' weaknesses and adds two more, but one of Grass's resistances covers one of the new Flying weaknesses, and Flying adds a new resistance and an immunity.
  • Of course, the major advantage of Tropius getting a full evo would be letting Eviolite affect it, so maybe that could do interesting things for it? It could probably become some sort of Defog support. If it also got Defog in anyway except through DPPt.
  • Huh I never thought of it that way. I only considered the ice weakness. I guess dragon isn't so intimidating anymore
  • Well, even if Fairy-type wasn't a thing, I'd think the extra resistances from Flying would still make it better than Dragon for this.
  • I think Grass/Dragon would also be more appealing if we didn't already have Mega Sceptile filling that niché. I mean, I'd like to see some more, but it's not an urgent need.
  • Maybe we'll get one anyway. Just not Tropius-related. Who knows, maybe the pseudo-legendary could be one.
  • I can see that happening. Maybe Serperior will get a Mega and become Grass/Dragon as well.
  • I do wonder if any other starters will get megas. I'd like if for the symmetry but at the same time it seems a bit silly
  • If they do, I feel like maybe the Johto and Sinnoh lot would get them next. Either that or they'd all get them.

    I want to see multiple Mega options for some more mons actually, like Charizard or Mewtwo. I fully stand by my idea of a Mega Castform for each weather type.
  • I hope they don't all get them; that would spend twelve of the new Mega Evolutions on Pokemon you probably won't be able to get without importing. Unless you actually can get Johto, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos starters ingame, which to me feels like it would cheapen the experience.

    Considering how divisive the whole multiple-Megas thing is, I feel like trying to make more of them, regardless of who or why, is just inviting another s***storm.
  • I mean, you can get at least one of each starter set in ORAS after you've finished the game, so it's not like there's no precedent.
  • Yeah, but having a lot of Mega Evolutions you can't get until the postgame was a problem with XY as well.

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