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Recent Movies

Going to see Fury tomorrow.

Saw Gone Girl prior to that. It was decent. Good twist but I wasn't shocked. Mostly I was shocked by how crazy she was. And how much she reminded me of my ex...

Your experiences of late would be?


  • Well, the last new movie I saw was Frozen, which was a while ago, but I was planning on going to see Maleficent tomorrow.
  • The last movie I saw was Maleficent.

    I moved to Maryland recently and I don't know anyone up here, so I have nobody to actually watch movies with and I refuse to go to a theater by myself.

    Though I'll probably break down and actually watch Big Hero 6 during the midnight release, mostly to spite my friends in later timezones.
  • Well, I saw Maleficent today. I certainly wouldn't consider it the best movie I've ever seen, but I liked it well enough. Felt like there were some missed opportunities, though.

    It also had a trailer for Big Hero 6; that was actually the first I'd heard of the movie, I think, but I really want to see it now. I don't remember when it airs, though, so I probably won't see it at launch.
  • It comes to theaters on Nov 7.
    I know a lot about it because people keep talking about it.
  • ...that's a Friday. Why is everything in this semester happening on the one day I actually have to physically attend classes?

    Maybe I'll just wait for Thanksgiving or something.
  • Most things tend to be released on Friday.
    It's generally a good day for these kinds of things.
  • I thought these things used to come out on Thursdays or Tuesdays or something. Oh well.
  • @superfluous - Yea, seeing movies alone may be weird. At first. I remember the first time I went and did it alone. Unless I'm dating someone and seeing a movie is the thing we're doing, I only see them alone now. Its kind of great. Just my opinion though.

    May see Maleficient, definitely up for Big Hero 6 though.

    Nobody cares but Fury wasn't terrible. It wasn't great either. Meh.

    Tuesdays are new music.

    Thursday, iirc, are new movies to own. Or are Thursdays new games? Or are those also Tuesday? Agh!!

    Fridays are definitely new movies. Because Friday evenings are the beginning of the weekend and you shouldn't be in class *Stares at Reds*
  • Hey, there was only one timeslot for taking Chem Lab, and I need that for my degree (such as it is). >_>
    To be fair, the class itself ends in the early afternoon, but since I commute mainly by walking I don't feel like doing anything else for the day once I get home.

    I'm not especially keen on watching movies right when they're new, anyway; I usually find it more enjoyable to wait for a while so it's less crowded when I go. That way I'm more likely to be uncontested for seats I like.

    As for watching movies alone, I don't have a problem with doing it. My problem is mostly a lack of interest; there aren't a whole lot of movies I'm particularly interested in seeing in the first place, and most of the ones I am interested in are ones that someone else in my family wants to see as well, so it's more convenient to just go together. I think Maleficent was the first time I went to see a movie by myself, and it didn't really feel any different.
  • I saw Gone Girl too; I have this gift/curse where I always know how a movie is going to play out, but this was one of the rare ones that stumped me. If she reminds you of your ex, make sure she stays an ex >_>

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