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Gengar Serial available, LF Fancy Viv

So, I -think- I have a spare Gengar serial code available. Remember these are region locked and time sensitive... I say think because I got three, and experimented with using the third one to get a second Gengar on a game and couldn't, as somewhat expected.

Anyway, if it works I'd appreciate a Fancy Vivillon to anyone willing...


  • I do have a spare Fancy Vivillon, but I can't redeem a NA serial code. Is there anything stopping you redeeming it yourself and just trading the Gengar? Because otherwise the only thing I really need is a Meloetta, and that doesn't seem like a fair trade.
  • SI@ you still haven't gotten Meloetta's dex entry? I saw your original request some time ago but I didn't offer lending you mine because I was fed up with my wifi. I thought you would have one by now.

    Anyways, I can help with that, assuming you only need it for the dex entry and not for keeps.

    Also, I'm assuming the thing stopping nza from redeeming the code and trading you the Gengar is that you can only redeem one code per game. Not sure of that myself though.
  • Oh. That makes sense. The reason I haven't been trying so hard to get Meloetta anymore is I discovered that it wasn't needed to get the Shiny Charm, so now I'm really looking for one to keep. I'll happily borrow one, but it's not a huge priority right now.
  • @§Iaanme, @Blitzen - Yea, one code per game: 2 games, 3 codes. I think she gave me three by accident.

    I do not have a spare Meloetta. Tons of other interesting events from old times though: I have both Zigzagoon from box (the ExtremeSpeed one) and the Ruby one that fixed the berry glitch that's shiny... As an example. Idk. If you've got a spare Fancy Viv I'd trade anything I have more than one of (hence not offering Meloetta).

    I could list all the events and whatever else I could offer up, if you're up for it (it would be a... thing to post the list so yea).

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