Immaculate Death of a 12 Year Pet Project

I had personally detested the thought of even recognizing the legitimacy of the senseless attacks that we have faced over the last ~10 months.

It has been a struggle to continuously overcome DDoS attacks and more that have targeted this website.

I remain baffled as to the why. At this point I do not have the time or ability to recover from this most recent destruction of something I've dedicated well over 10,000 hours to for no reason other than because I enjoyed sharing my love of these games with others.

Ultimately I would like to think that I will eventually get all of this back in some form in the future. For now, however, it is not possible.

In the end I know I should be bigger and more graceful in signing off but honestly, whoever all is behind this can't possibly understand the time, love, and energy into making this place what it was over the past 12 years. It doesn't take much to accumulate the machines required to run a botnet, target a website with bullshit scripts, etc.

So, I'm signing off ungracefully instead because honestly fuck everything about this and the last 10 months of attacks.

Whoever you are... FUCK YOU. I can't imagine you've made anything useful but inspired anger. A far cry from what this website was.

To our visitors and members, thank you so much for everything over the years. I've truly appreciated all of what came from this little experiment and will always carry it with me.

For now, goodbye.

<3 nza