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#493 Arceus Sprites

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Basic Animated Trozei MD2: Art MD2: Sprite Ranger2 Conquest
arceus_icon arceus_icon_action arceus_conquest_icon

HGSS Overworlds

Left Left2 Front Front2 Right Right2 Back Back2
arceus_hgss_overworld_left arceus_hgss_overworld_left2 arceus_hgss_overworld_front arceus_hgss_overworld_front2 arceus_hgss_overworld_right arceus_hgss_overworld_right2 arceus_hgss_overworld_back arceus_hgss_overworld_backf2
Shiny HGSS Overworlds
arceus_hgss_overworld_shiny_left arceus_hgss_overworld_shiny_left2 arceus_hgss_overworld_shiny_front arceus_hgss_overworld_shiny_front2 arceus_hgss_overworld_shiny_right arceus_hgss_overworld_shiny_rightf2 arceus_hgss_overworld_shiny_back arceus_hgss_overworld_shiny_backf2

Fourth Generation Sprites

Back Diamond/Pearl Diamond/Pearl Action Platinum Platinum Action HeartGold/SoulSilver HeartGold/SoulSilver Action
arceus_diamondpearl_back arceus_diamondpearl arceus_diamondpearl_action arceus_platinum arceus_platinum_action
arceus_diamondpearl_back_shiny arceus_diamondpearl_shiny arceus_diamondpearl_action_shiny arceus_platinum_shiny arceus_platinum_action_shiny

Fifth Generation Sprites

Back Black/White Animated Conquest
arceus_blackwhite_back arceus_blackwhite arceus_blackwhite_animated_front arceus_conquest_sprite
arceus_blackwhite_back_shiny arceus_blackwhite_shiny

Ken Sugimori Art for #493 - Arceus

DreamWorld Art for #493 - Arceus

TopHat's Wallpapers for #493 - Arceus

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Full Image: