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This tool is designed to display and provide links to all Pokémon sprites Ken Sugimori artwork, and wallpapers by TopHat that we currently have saved here at PLDHnet.

Downloadable Archives

Below are links to downloadable archives. It was promised that I would make available, in downloadable format, all that I had collected over the last several years. Well here it is... I'm not making any promises about the sensible organization of the following downloads so yeah...

There are some other great resources out there, if you weren't aware of them: PE2K has a very thorough collection and Butterfree has taken it upon herself to offer archives using different naming mechanics, found at TCoD's Sprites. At any rate, you will find Sugimori archives below (not offered at the previously mentioned sites at the time of writing) and my hope is that somewhere down there is something you may find useful :D

* Bold links indicate new additions or archives which have been recently updated.

NOTE1: Missing only first/second frames for Platinum back sprites as well as shiny versions of those sprites.

NOTE2: Visit Sprite/Art Credits for proper crediting of original sources (if not already mentioned).