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Fifth Generation Abilities

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NameFlavortextField Use
Analytic Power is increased if the Pokémon would attack last. None
Big Pecks The Pokémon's defense stat cannot be reduced. None
Contrary Stat changes are reversed. None
Cursed Body When attacked, the move used may become disabled. None
Defeatist When HP is below 50% of maximum, Attack power decreases. None
Defiant As other stats are decreased, Attack increases. None
Flare Boost Power is increased when afflicted with the Burn status condition. None
Friend Guard Damage taken by allies may be reduced. (Assumed) None
Harvest A held berry can be reused. (Assumed) None
Healer Rids teammates of Status Conditions. None
Heavy Metal The Pokémon weighs twice as much as normal. None
Illusion Takes the appearance of an ally when it enters battle. None
Imposter Upon entering battle the Pokémon uses Transform None
Infiltrator The effects of Barrier and Light Screen. None
Iron Barbs Inflicts damage on the opponent when Physical contact is made. None
Justified Attack is boosted when hit by a Dark-type move. None
Light Metal The Pokémon weighs half as much as normal. None
Magic Bounce The Pokémon reflects non-damaging moves back at their user. None
Moody One stat is reduced in favor of another stat. None
Moxie The Pokémon's attack stat is boosted when its opponent is knocked out. None
Multiscale The higher the HP, the less the damage taken from foes. None
Mummy When an opponent uses a Physical attack, its ability also becomes Mummy. None
Overcoat The Pokémon does not take damage from primary Weather effects. None
Pickpocket The Pokémon steals an opponent's item when contact is made. None
Poison Touch An opponent is afflicted with the Poison status condition upon contact. None
Prankster When a non-damaging move is used its priority is increased. None
Rattled Types of certain opponents make the Pokémon self-conscious, it raises its Speed. None
Regenerator When the Pokémon is switched out of battle, some of its HP is restored. None
Sand Force Boosts the Attack of the Pokémon's Ground, Rock and Steel type moves in a SandStorm. None
Sand Rush Boosts the Pokémon's Speed in a SandStorm. None
Sap Sipper Attack power is boosted if the Pokémon is hit by a Grass-type attack. None
Sheer Force Attack power of moves is boosted but their secondary effects do not occur. None
Telepathy Attacks from allies are avoided. None
TeraVolt Moves ignore the effects of abilities. None
Toxic Boost Power is increased when afflicted with the Poison status condition. None
TurboBlaze Moves ignore the effects of abilities. None
Unnerve Opponents are unable to eat their held berries. None
Victory Star Increases the accuracy of the Pokémon and its partners. None
Weak Armor When hit by a Physical attack the Pokémon's Attack is decreased and Speed is increased. None
Wonder Skin Is unaffected by opponents' moves that alter stats. (Assumed) None
Zen Mode Changes Daruma Forme in a pinch. None