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Group #6 - Fairy

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There are 50 families that are part of the Fairy egg group.

Family # Members Egg Groups Egg Moves
#10 raichu_sprite pikachu_sprite  Fairy Ground BestowBideChargeDoubleSlapEncoreFake OutFlailLucky ChantPresentReversalThunderPunchTickleVolt Tackle, & Wish.
#14 clefable_sprite clefairy_sprite  Fairy AmnesiaAromatherapyBelly DrumCovetFake TearsMetronomeMimicPresentSplashStored PowerSubstituteTickle, & Wish.
#16 wigglytuff_sprite jigglypuff_sprite  Fairy CaptivateCovetFaint AttackFake TearsGravityLast ResortPerish SongPresentPunishmentSleep Talk, & Wish.
#51 blissey_sprite chansey_sprite  Fairy AromatherapyCounterEndureGravityHeal BellHelping HandLast ResortMetronomeMud BombNatural GiftPresent, & Substitute.
#87 togekiss_sprite togetic_sprite  Fairy Flying ExtrasensoryForesightFuture SightLucky ChantMirror MoveMorning SunNasty PlotPeckPresentPsycho ShiftPsych UpSecret PowerStored Power, & Substitute.
#90 azumarill_sprite marill_sprite  Fairy Water1 Body SlamEncoreFake TearsMuddy WaterRefreshSingSlamSoakTickle, & Water Sport.
#92 jumpluff_sprite skiploom_sprite hoppip_sprite  Fairy Plant AmnesiaAromatherapyConfusionCotton GuardDouble-EdgeEncoreEndureHelping HandPsych UpReflectSeed Bomb, & Worry Seed.
#105 granbull_sprite snubbull_sprite  Fairy Ground Close CombatCrunchDouble-EdgeFaint AttackFire FangFocus PunchHeal BellIce FangMetronomeMimicPresentReflectSmellingSaltSnore, & Thunder Fang.
#142 breloom_sprite shroomish_sprite  Fairy Plant Bullet SeedCharmDrain PunchFake TearsFalse SwipeFocus PunchHelping HandNatural GiftSeed BombSwaggerWake-Up Slap, & Worry Seed.
#148 delcatty_sprite skitty_sprite  Fairy Ground Baton PassCaptivateFake OutFake TearsHelping HandLast ResortMud BombPsych UpSimple BeamSubstituteSucker PunchTickleUproarWish, & Zen Headbutt.
#150 mawile_sprite  Fairy Ground AncientPowerCaptivateFalse SwipeFire FangGuard SwapIce FangMetal BurstPoison FangPsych UpPunishmentSlamSucker PunchSwords DanceThunder Fang, & Tickle.
#154 plusle_sprite  Fairy DischargeLucky ChantSingSubstituteSweet Kiss, & Wish.
#155 minun_sprite  Fairy DischargeLucky ChantSingSubstituteSweet Kiss, & Wish.
#158 roselia_sprite roserade_sprite  Fairy Plant Cotton SporeExtrasensoryGiga DrainGrasswhistleLeaf StormMind ReaderNatural GiftPin MissileRazor LeafSeed BombSleep PowderSpikes, & Synthesis.
#179 castform-rain_sprite castform_sprite castform-snowcloud_sprite castform-sun_sprite  Fairy Amorphous AmnesiaClear SmogDisableFuture SightHexLucky ChantOminous Wind, & Psych Up.
#186 froslass_sprite glalie_sprite snorunt_sprite  Fairy Mineral AvalancheBideBlockDisableFake TearsHexRolloutSpikes, & Weather Ball.
#214 pachirisu_sprite  Fairy Ground BestowBiteChargeCovetDefense CurlFake TearsFlailFlatterFollow MeIron TailRollout, & Tail Whip.
#216 cherrim_sprite cherubi_sprite  Fairy Plant AromatherapyDefense CurlGrasswhistleHealing WishHeal PulseNatural GiftNature PowerRazor LeafRolloutSeed BombSweet ScentTickle, & Weather Ball.
#243 phione_sprite manaphy_sprite  Fairy Water1 None.
#264 audino_sprite  Fairy AmnesiaBestowEncoreHeal BellHealing WishLucky ChantSleep TalkSweet KissWish, & Yawn.
#271 whimsicott_sprite cottonee_sprite  Plant Fairy Beat UpEncoreFake TearsGrasswhistleMementoNatural GiftSwitcherooTickle, & Worry Seed.
#342 florges_sprite flabebe_sprite floette_sprite  Fairy None.
#345 aromatisse_sprite spritzee_sprite  Fairy None.
#346 slurpuff_sprite swirlix_sprite  Fairy None.
#356 dedenne_sprite  Ground Fairy None.